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How do you put the PS4 disc in? How to solve the problem that the PS4 can't put into the disc?

Method 1, unplug the power, wait a moment after reboot PS4 sometimes because of the sudden loss of power, there will be some small problems, we just have to restart or power off once it can be used properly oh.Method 2, manually tighten the drive door screws Some players said that the problem is the real problem is that the CD-ROM drive due to the inability to properly huff and puff disc caused by the host to carry out the operation This is mainly

Linux under PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Prompt detailed

Many people in the use of Linux, the prompt is not too much attention, can use a good prompt can be more intuitive to see, for their own judgmentLinux has PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Four class prompt, these four variables are environment variables, as to what environment variables in the system, you can use the command "env" to viewPS1 Command PromptPS1 has those configuration, or PS1, that can be configured with a command prompt:\d: represents the date, formatt

BASH Shell: take control of PS1, ps2, PS3, PS4 and prompt_command

ArticleDirectory 1. PS1-default interaction prompt 2. PS2-continuation interactive prompt 3. PS3-Prompt used by "select" Inside shell script 4. PS4-used by "set-X" to prefix tracing output 5. prompt_command Http:// Http://

How to play PS4 game on Mac?

Sony announced that it will start to push firmware updates to the PS4 gaming console tomorrow, which supports remote play (streaming), allowing users to implement streaming on their computers. This version of the firmware has actually been tested for one months, but previously only the Windows system support, the Mac's streaming function has not appeared. Streaming can allow PS4 to send audio and v

Hackers successfully loaded Linux on PS4: and then play hi.

According to foreign media reports, a master named Osirisx in the online release of video, and said he gave PS4 installed Linux system, successfully ran the Steam OS platform game "fortress."Hackers successfully loaded Linux on PS4Sony and Microsoft introduced the Ps4/xbox one with a PC-like hardware architecture, which makes it possible for the host to run a Linux system. Osirisx said in the video that he

PS4 razor GPU

This is useless from the beginning, and it does not help any kind of questions. Although I understand RT, Tex, and buffer, I feel that it is useless to catch bugs. Therefore, it has always been like a wizards that rely on intuition and use scientific methods to test. In fact, it is to let PS return some values for testing. One day, things changed, and one day I learned from a colleague that the replay button. In fact, it has always hindered me from reading the buffer. The shader should look

December 23, 2014 00:42:54--PS4

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E3:PS4/PC Shamu 3 Crowdfunding $2 million in 9 hours

The E3 Nintendo has no new handheld (the legendary XDs. hehe) and the pocket of the message, was sprayed very seriously, Sony's FF7 re-Seihan and Shamu 3 is the highlight.and Shamu 3 of the crowdfunding speed is said to record, the player's feelings of victory. The author saw that there were also dozens of players in the country who sponsored the knife. It is said that 2 million dollars is not enough for this development, and this time crowdfunding is to test the feelings of players to increase

Super Love Money app is what super Love money safe reliable?

Is it safe and reliable to love money? Super-love the loan items are derived from the parent company-Shenzhen Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "sea giant Letter Tatsu"). Sea giant Letter Tatsu is a collection of financial, wealth management, Internet financial services and other business in one integrated innovative financial services company, founded in 2013, the country has more than 50 branches, more than 2000 employees

Python built-in functions (63) -- super, python built-in 63 super

Python built-in functions (63) -- super, python built-in 63 super English document: super([Type[,Object-or-type]) Return a proxy object that delegates method callto a parent or sibling classType. This is useful for accessing inherited methods that have been overridden in a class. The search order is same as that usedgetattr()Could t thatTypeItself is skipped. The

Super Station domain assistant-Online Super Backorder _ Domain name backorder software _ Domain name Batch query tool

hundreds of thousands of.In addition, due to the current abuse of software, any grassroots may have a variety of various types of interface of the squatting software, so that even a very common domain name will be hundreds of people to rob. Through the super-backorder website survey and data statistics, in the super-backorder open squatting, from all over the same domain name of the domain assistant of the

Consolidate java -- super and super ()

Consolidate java -- super and super ()Introduction: There are common employees and managers in a company. There are many similarities between them, but there are also some differences, such as salary problems. ordinary employees only have regular salaries, the manager has a certain percentage of bonuses after completing the performance. In this case, we can define two classes: Employee and Manager. Obviousl

What does super Ben mean? The difference between a super book and a Notebook

According to the survey of IT research institutions found that the current notebook computer is in the generation cycle, the latest gradually for everyone familiar with the super or red, with the replacement of notebook computers, Ultrabook notebook computer will usher in new opportunities for development. What is super Ben? What a lot of computer enthusiasts may also know, after all, the

Keyword (1): super and this: super

Keyword (1): super and this: super I have been learning Java for a long time. I have read many books and blogs, and I am also eager to write my own learning experience. This is also a newbie: keyword in Java. Taking the keyword as the first blog post is also considered again and again: 1. My Foundation is also weak. 2. Step 3 from step 3. Some blog posts are also flawed. Not much nonsense:Super usage: 1. Ca

Java super keyword, super keyword

Java super keyword, super keyword Super Keyword: In java, super is used to reference the components of the base class. Program code: class FatherClass{ public int value; public void f(){ value = 100; System.out.println("FatherClass.value:"+value); }}class ChildClass extends FatherClass{ privat

Super experience with WIN8 Super button

Know the Super button The interface and function of the Super button Notice the right side of the image below! The Super button contains "search, share, start, device, Settings," which enables you to quickly implement some special features, such as switching to the Start screen in the desktop state. ▲ The Super

Java Study Notes 13 (Object-Oriented 6: super), learning notes super

Java Study Notes 13 (Object-Oriented 6: super), learning notes super When creating a subclass object, the constructor of the parent class is executed first, becauseThe first line of all constructor methods has the default implicit super ();Statement Note: The first line of the parent class constructor also has an implicit sup

Consolidating Java (iv)----super and Super ()

public void Manager (int no,string name, double salary,double reward) {this . no = no; this. Salary = salary; this. Name = name; this. Reward = Reward; }}The manager class inherits the employee class, so it inherits the employee's member variable, but the manager itself does not have the No,salary and name attributes, and the three properties of the employee are private and cannot be called by any class other than itself. Even if it's a subc

Java Learning (12), object-oriented programming (4) Inheritance, concepts and super keywords, object-oriented programming super

Java Learning (12), object-oriented programming (4) Inheritance, concepts and super keywords, object-oriented programming super Inheritance Concept: ① The idea behind inheritance is to build new classes based on existing classes; ② When an existing class is inherited, its methods and attributes are reused. You can also add new methods and attributes to customize the new class to meet the requirements; ③ Whe

JAVA Learning (7): Method overloading and method rewriting, this keyword and super keyword, and super keyword

JAVA Learning (7): Method overloading and method rewriting, this keyword and super keyword, and super keywordMethod overloading and method rewriting, this keyword, and super keyword 1. Method Overloading Overload allows classes with the same name but different numbers and types of parameters to be passed to the method. Note: First, the parameter list of the over

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