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Web Design Example: PSD should also be reasonable layered structure clear

Article Description: be good to psd-good designers, start from the details. With the map: recently designed to help friends waterfall flow Taobao station beautiful lattice ^__^.As a designer, you should show the perfect side of the design

Be kind to PSD-Good Designers, starting from details

Document directory If the image cutter is dead, the cause of death is probably a terrible PSD. Reasonable hierarchy and clear structure Reducing the size and removing hemorrhoids is the key Clear boundary, no blur Excellent annotation layer,

Sketch Quick Export PSD file

Sketch Quick Export PSD filePerhaps the first tutorial in the world to talk about this thing. Sketch quick export to psd file. Know, watercress, Fb,quroa ... Not for the moment.The storyline is like this. Recently, gifted Fox used sketch to do a

Convert PSD into HTML

In general, the completion of the design of the Web page is actually: PSD into html+css template page, in general, we will get the art of PSD, different people will have different practices: Turn on fireworks to export the picture cut to

The correct way to translate PSD template designs into HTML templates

In fact, the standard network production completed the actual work is: PSD to HTML, under normal circumstances, we will get the art of PSD, this time differentPeople will have different ways of doing it:1. Turn on fireworks to export the picture cut

Designing page pages with PSD

1, analyze This page, in mind or draft to establish the layout of the page plate (such as section area, location and size)3, cut the corresponding picture, export, merge pictures (general use PS cutting Designer to provide PSD diagram)6. Detail

PS Multi-form part copy between "Dumb method"

PS Cut page, sometimes you might encounter situations like this: design improvements, however, we want to have the same slices.In this hypothesis, it can be used directly for cutting slices. We can save a lot of time, and also divided into

Photoshop Layer Management Tips

Like Goole and Baidu, Photoshop is now into everyone's life. Whether you're a novice or a professional, you can use Photoshop to create images that you like. But for the PS novice, it is easy to encounter PS crash (click here to learn to prevent PS

PS, product design process, 4-part ideas-PS tutorial

I want to share with you my thoughts on product design over the past two years. I have always followed the same design process in terms of product design, but in my opinion, it may indeed be close to the ideal state. I divide these skills into four

You should know the 14 strokes of product design

After I published my work on Dribbble, I received a lot of positive feedback and questions, which prompted me to write this article and talk to you about my two years experience and thinking about product design. I'm ashamed to say that I have used

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