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A summary of the difference between pseudo-class and pseudo-elements in CSS,CSS3

In the process of learning CSS, it is particularly easy to confuse the two concepts: pseudo-class and pseudo-elements。 The definitions of the two are as follows: CSS pseudo-classes are used to add special effects to certain selectors. CSS

Learning and using: before AND: after pseudo elements, after pseudo

Learning and using: before AND: after pseudo elements, after pseudo If you have been paying close attention to various web design blogs, you may have noticed that: before AND: after pseudo elements have received considerable attention in front-end

"CSS3" details pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes

1. Pseudo-ClassThe pseudo-class selection element is based on the state in which the current element is present, or the attributes that the element currently has, not the static flags of the element's ID, class, attributes, and so on. Because the

CSS Dynamic pseudo-class selector temperature 3

Dynamic Pseudo class SelectorPseudo-Class selector: Everyone familiar with: ": Link" ": Visited" ": Hover" ": Active"The pseudo-class selector of CSS3 is divided into six types:(1) dynamic Pseudo-class selector(2) target pseudo-class selector(3)

CSS dynamic pseudo-class selector

CSS dynamic pseudo-class selector Pseudo-class selector: familiar to everyone: [: link] [: visited] [: hover] [: active]The pseudo-class selector of CSS3 is divided into six types:(1) Dynamic pseudo-class selector(2) Target pseudo-class selector(3)

The difference between pseudo-class and pseudo-element

Definition of the standard:CSS introduces the concept of pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements in order to implement formatting based on information outside of the document tree.Pseudo-classes are:: First-child,:

About before in CSS and: using analysis of after pseudo-elements

This article mainly introduces the before in CSS and: after pseudo-elements use in detail, including the use of some non-textual content of the insert operation, the need for friends can refer to the following If you've been keeping a close eye on

Differences between commands, pseudo operations, pseudo commands, and macro commands

Statements in assembly language programs can be composed of commands, pseudo commands, and macro commands. Command: Each Command corresponds to a CPU operation. A pseudo-command is also called a pseudo-operation. It is an operation processed by the

Enable PHP pseudo-static mode, php pseudo-static _ PHP Tutorial

Enable the pseudo-static mode of PHP and the pseudo-static mode of php. When the pseudo-static mode of PHP is enabled, php pseudo-STATic has been developing php. during the development process, I have heard of the "pseudo-static" statement. But I

A description of the difference between pseudo-and pseudo-elements in CSS

This article mainly introduces the details of the pseudo-class and pseudo-elements in the CSS and the difference between the two, in fact, CSS3 in the specification of a simple rough method, that is, pseudo-class with a colon before the

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