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Psql command Line Quick reference

The command syntax for Psql is:psql [Options] [dbname [username]]The Psql command-line options and their meanings are listed in table 1-1. Use the following command to see a complete list of options for Psql:$ psql--helpTable 1-1 psql command-line

PostgreSQL Quick start: Use of psql tool _ MySQL

I. INTRODUCTION to psql is a PostgreSQL command line interactive client tool, similar to the command line tool sqlplus: 1 in Oracle allows you to interactively type SQL or commands, then they are sent to the PostgreSQL server, and then the SQL or

Tips for using psql tools

Psql powerful, skills how to use only follow-up slowly supplemented, see a tool first see how to use Help$ psql #连接到数据库服务器, in which you can enter the appropriate SQL statement or PSQL command, psql command starts with \$ \l #列出所有的数据库$ \d #查看表的结构$

Common Psql commands

Common Psql commands Source: \ D[ Table] List tables in the database or (if declared) tables TableIf the table name is declared with a wildcard ("*"), it lists the column/field

Psql's command.

\?-------------------------------------General\copyright display the use and release license terms for PostgreSQL\g [file] or; Execute the query (and write the results to a file or | pipeline)\gset [PREFIX] executes the query and saves the result to

Psql Some of the operation commands to learn

D:\Program files\postgresql\9.3\scriptsThis is the default buffer position of the psql;Psql's command: D:\Program files\postgresql\9.3\scripts\runpsql.bat--Query buffer\e [file] [line] Edit query buffer (or file) using external editor\EF [FUNCNAME

PostgreSQL Tutorial (18): Client command (2) _postgresql

Seven, Pg_dump: Pg_dump is a tool for backing up the PostgreSQL database. It can even make a full, consistent backup when the database is being used concurrently, without blocking access to the database by other users. The dump format generated by

Detailed description of SQLite command line program

1. sqlite3: a command line interface of the SQLite Database Address: The SQLite library contains a command line named sqlite3, which allows you to manually enter and execute SQL commands for the SQLite database.

PostgreSQL Novice must learn Getting Started command summary _postgresql

1, command line login database There are two ways to execute the psql command directly under the system shell, but to enter the PSQL environment first and then connect to the database. Examples are given below: (1) Direct login Execute command:

Sqlite3 command line simple tutorial

The SQLite library contains a command line named sqlite3, which allows you to manually enter and execute SQL commands for the SQLite database. This document provides a brief description of sqlite3. Start To start the sqlite3 program, you only need

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