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PostgreSQL Quick start: Use of psql tool _ MySQL

I. INTRODUCTION to psql is a PostgreSQL command line interactive client tool, similar to the command line tool sqlplus: 1 in Oracle allows you to interactively type SQL or commands, then they are sent to the PostgreSQL server, and then the SQL or

Tips for using psql tools

Psql powerful, skills how to use only follow-up slowly supplemented, see a tool first see how to use Help$ psql #连接到数据库服务器, in which you can enter the appropriate SQL statement or PSQL command, psql command starts with \$ \l #列出所有的数据库$ \d #查看表的结构$

Go Backup and recovery of PostgreSQL pg_dump&psql data

Tag: User CTI SSI create cancels VAR use SSE byteTransferred from: [OPTION] ... [DBNAME] The database name is last, not specified by default is the database specified by the system variable

Backup and recovery of PostgreSQL pg_dump&psql data

Usage:Pg_dump [OPTION] ... [DBNAME] DatabaseLast name, do not specify the default is the database specified by the system variable pgdatabase.General Options: (generic option)-F,--file=filename output file or directory nameFile name saved after

Psql Some of the operation commands to learn

D:\Program files\postgresql\9.3\scriptsThis is the default buffer position of the psql;Psql's command: D:\Program files\postgresql\9.3\scripts\runpsql.bat--Query buffer\e [file] [line] Edit query buffer (or file) using external editor\EF [FUNCNAME

Psql's command.

\?-------------------------------------General\copyright display the use and release license terms for PostgreSQL\g [file] or; Execute the query (and write the results to a file or | pipeline)\gset [PREFIX] executes the query and saves the result to

POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing

POSTGRES-XL Cluster construction and testing CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 CentOS6.5 First, host planning Cnode1 (GTM) cnode2 (Gtm_proxy,coordinator,datanode) cnode3

Adding a new role in PostgreSQL (role)

After the PostgreSQL installation is complete, the user, role, and database named Postgres are created by default. You will be prompted with an error when running Psql with your own user.[Email protected]:~"Bob" does not existIf you want to use your

Relationship between PostgreSQL tablespace, database, mode, table, user/role

first, experiment shows the relationship between roles and users in PostgreSQL, there are two confusing concepts: Role/Use User. These two concepts are confusing because for PostgreSQL, they are two identical objects. The only difference is: 1. I

Step-by-Step PostgreSQL (III): network access configuration, user and role management, and tablespace

The previous articles briefly introduced the manual installation and startup of PG. For example: blog. csdn. netiiheroarticledetails8254115 (installation FAQ) Step by Step PostgreSQL: Implement PostgreSQL self-starting step by step PostgreSQL: Learn

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