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Implementation of thread pool based on pthread

In the recent process of doing a project, you need to use a thread pool to implement asynchronous processing of tasks. That is, the thread pool contains the pre-created thread, and the client submits the task to the thread pool, and the thread in

POSIX threading (i): Threading model, Pthread series functions, and simple multithreaded server-side programs

POSIX Threading (i): Threading model, Pthread series functions, and simple multithreaded server-side programsOne, the thread has 3 kinds of models, namely N:1 user threading model, 1:1 core threading model and N:M hybrid threading model, POSIX

Codeblocks compilation Pthread raises an error

Just contact Codeblocks in the fedora9 under the configuration of the environment, copied the book a piece of thread application code. Encounter two confusing problems. Not resolved.1. Start compiling, prompting pthread_create undefined (use: res =

[Original] the ins and outs of MFC programming

MFC Program DesignThe ins and outsQuestion: I have been thinking about writing this thing some days ago. I started my blog with a name (but it is called ), so I didn't care about it anymore, in fact, it is just the tip of the iceberg. I still have

MFC Program Running Mechanism

I still don't know where the MAIN function of MFC is? How to run it? It's really not brilliant.I have been familiar with JJHOU's in-depth introduction to MFC. Haha, this article is intended for friends who have never read that book but want to learn

Linux multithreaded programming and Linux 2.6 under the NPTL

These days due to the work needs, pondering a bit of Linux under the multithreading of the relevant information. The most common multithreaded support library under Linux is the Pthread library, which is an integral part of the GLIBC library.

Implementation of Linux Threads

Http://, three threads are clarified from the OS design principle : Kernel thread, lightweight process, user threadKernel threadsA kernel thread is a clone of the kernel, and a single clone can handle a

Naughty MFC (2)

The last book says that the WinMain and window handlers are replaced by the corresponding class actions and macro operations, respectively. This time we'll take a look at how the MFC program works after the replacement.First put the class

MFC encapsulates the flow of Windows applications

MFC encapsulates the win API. Everyone knows. But how many people know about the real process of MFC applications? Here are some of my analysis of the MFC startup code. In TCHAR.H, there are 2 small pieces of define. Through my simplification, we

How to run MFC

When we are writing programs or reading books of the MFC class, we will always see the book asking us to add a certain function somewhere and respond to any message. So why should we add it here? Why can't I add a message response function elsewhere?

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