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A high-precision clock synchronization method for LAN based on PTP Protocol (RPM)

Original Address IntroductionIn distributed systems, a global time is often needed to determine the sequence of events in the system, to coordinate the transmission of various messages, and to control and monitor the state of the system. It is necessary to unify the local time of each part in the system and clock synchronization. With the widespread application of distributed simulation system and te

Android USB Connections Explained:mtp, PTP, and USB Mass Storage

Android USB Connections Explained:mtp, PTP, and USB Mass StorageOlder Android devices support USB mass storage for transferring files back and forth with a computer. Modern Android devices use the MTP or PTP protocols-you can choose which one prefer.To select a USB connection protocol, open the Settings app, tap Storage, tap the menu button, and tap USB computer Connect Ion. You'll also see the protocol you


Ptp: Image transmission protocol abbreviation, all called: Picture Transfer Protocol; PTP is one of the earliest standards developed by Kodak and Microsoft, which conforms to this standard, which can be better shared by systems and applications after accessing the Windows XP system, especially in the network transmission

ACTIVEMQ two modes ptp and pub/sub< turn >

requests by creating a temporary theme. Reliability (Reliability) When all messages must be received, the persistent subscription pattern is used. The non-persistent subscription mode is used when the lost message can be tolerated. In summary, the API interface of both has been written out in detail, as a Java qualified developers, even if not back to these, but also need to understand the thorough remember. You can then look at the comparison be

ACTIVEMQ two modes of PTP and Pub/sub

(Reliability) When all messages must be received, the persistent subscription pattern is used. The non-persistent subscription mode is used when the lost message can be tolerated. In summary, the API interface of both has been written out in detail, as a Java qualified developers, even if not back to these, but also need to understand the thorough remember. You can then look at the comparison between the two ways: the two types of message

(Original) receive and send jms ptp messages

architecture emerged, so JMS came out. Here, we use Programming to Implement message transmission in the PTP model. Of course, either model is inseparable from the message server. Because the server is based on the weblogic12c server, and the version of 12 has changed significantly compared with the previous version, to create a queue, you must first create a JMS module. Step 1: Create persistent storage:


. Device B acts as an NTP time server, which means that device a synchronizes its clock with device B's clock. The time required for a one-way transmission between device A and device B for NTP messages is 1 seconds. The system clock synchronization process is as follows: Device A sends an NTP message to device B, which has a timestamp of when it left device a, and the timestamp is 10:00:00am (T1). When this NTP message arrives at device B, device B

For Android image transmission, Android image transmission, and XML image transmission, Android uses base64 encoding to transmit images using XML

Android client uploads images to the server and uses XML to transmit base64-encoded ImagesI use the httpclient of Android to send post requests. I also want to use the post method to send data. However, the data is saved during base64 decoding on the server, I did not find the cause, so I did not write it out. The reason why a POST request is sent is that the amount of data that can be transmitted at a time is large because the size of the image after base64 encoding is large. If you use get or

"Video Transmission" two, OPENCV combined with socket for video transmission (TCP protocol)

Blog Origin : The author of the whim, do collect 4 USB Camera Screen Small experiment, but encountered in the computer can only open at the same time at most 3 such headaches (personal analysis is the problem of the computer), so out of this way, in the client hanging 1, the server hangs 3 cameras, Using the socket for video transmission, this article is using the TCP protocol. The author's humble opinion, welcome to put forward criticism. Description

Samsung S5 How to Bluetooth transmission photos? S5 Bluetooth transmission photo diagram

Let's turn on the Bluetooth feature in the following steps 1. On the phone I first found "application".2. Then in the open interface we click the "Set" button to enter.3. Then we click on the network connection in the image below to see a "Bluetooth" in the Open network.4. We first turn on the "Bluetooth" switch to the right and "OK".5. Well, if it turns green, it's open: Step two, select the photos you want to transfer 1. We are also the same in the phone's "app" click on it.2. Then fin

WIN10 system Bluetooth Transmission file function How to use WIN10 Bluetooth transmission file graphics and text tutorial

1, we press the win+r on the keyboard, and then enter the Fsquirt in the operation; The effect is shown in the following illustration 2, then in the open access after we click on the Bluetooth file to receive and send the option to click "Send Files" or "Receive files" can be set up Bluetooth transmission files; 3, select the equipment to be sent; 4, then select the file, click the "Browse" button to select the file to upload an

Synchronous Transmission/asynchronous transmission

In the process of network communication, both parties need to exchange data, which requires high collaboration. In order to correctly interpret the signal, the receiver must know exactly when the signal should be received and processed, so timing is crucial. In computer networks, timing is called bit synchronization. Synchronization requires the receiver to receive data according to the start time, end time, and speed of each bit sent by the sender. Otherwise, an error occurs. Usually synchronou

Two mainstream stream transmission types and the characteristics of Stream Transmission

Streaming Transmission is widely defined. It is a general term for the technology that transfers media (such as videos and audios) over the network. Its specific meaning is to transmit video programs to PCs over the Internet. There are two methods to implement stream transmission: realtime streaming and progressive streaming ). (Baidu encyclopedia) Currently, audio/video (A/V) and other multimedia informati

Comparison between Coaxial Transmission and transmission

What is the length of Coaxial Transmission compared with that of twisted pair wires? 1. Coaxial Transmission Line is a high-quality broadband shielded Transmission Line [Excellent]: low transmission attenuation. [Broadband]: the current product level in China has already reached 0 ~ 20Gz; twisted pair

Overview of network transmission protocols-lecture 1: Overview of transmission protocols

Network transmission protocol or communication protocol for shortProtocol) refers to the common language for computer communication. Currently, the most popular computer communication is network communication. Therefore, the "Transfer Protocol" generally refers to the transmission protocol for computer communication, such as TCP/IP and NetBEUI. However, the transfer protocol also exists in other computer fo

The difference between USB interrupt transmission and isochronous transmission

Never understood the difference between USB ISO transmission and interrupt transmission.Later carefully read the next USB2.0 spec only then understand.Interrupt transmission and ISO transmission are all equal-time transmissions, which are sent once at an interval.The difference is that interrupt transmission is to ensu

Next-generation IP network transmission protocol-traffic control transmission protocol sctp

-->   核心提示:-->With the development of the IP network to the multi-service network, especially the development of VoIP in recent years, it is inevitable to transmit signaling messages in the IP network. But in the IP network cannot provide high-quality transmission services like mtp3 and ATM, so the ITU-T proposed an improved version of sscop-sscopmce in Multi-link and non-connection environment ), it is used to transmit signaling messages in an IP-bas

AIDL (2): Transmission of complex objects, aidl transmission of Objects

AIDL (2): Transmission of complex objects, aidl transmission of ObjectsIPC transmits complex objects through AIDL 1. Define data transmission objects Person. aidl file: In the Person. java file: (1) Implement the parcelable Interface (2) provide a static final attribute named CREATOR Package com. liujun. aidl; Import android. OS. Parcel; Import android. OS. P

Data Guard log transmission optimization ------ network transmission optimization practices

Data Guard log transmission optimization ------ network transmission optimization practices (I) adequate network bandwidth is the basis for log transmission optimization experience value budget formula: bandwidth demand = log generation/0.7X8 Note: oracle logs are generated in large bytes (8 bits), while the network bandwidth is small bit (1 bits) th

HTTP-based breakpoint transmission and HTTP breakpoint Transmission

HTTP-based breakpoint transmission and HTTP breakpoint Transmission A file downloading function similar to thunder is required in recent projects. This type of requirement may be common and may be helpful to those in need. Requirements: 1. Support for breakpoint Transmission 2. Simultaneous download of multiple files 3. Because it is an internal trial by the cust

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