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NetApp configures NetApp controllers to synchronize with Linux NTP servers

Linux NTP server-side configuration:1) Setting the/etc/ntp.conf configuration file[Email protected] etc]# vi/etc/ntp.conf# For more information on this file, see the "the Man pages"# ntp.conf (5), NTP_ACC (5), Ntp_auth (5), Ntp_clock (5), Ntp_misc (5), Ntp_mon (5).Driftfile/var/lib/ntp/drift# Permit time synchronization with We time source, but does not# permit the source to a query or modify the service on

Time synchronization between multiple CentOS servers (NTP time synchronization)

When a program runs on multiple servers, the clock on these servers is sometimes the same. However, when the server runs for a certain period of time, the clock on each server may be different, in this case, all servers need to automatically calibrate their respective clocks. NTP is a convenient clock service, which ca

Servers send packets to external devices through the NTP service

does not have other services related to foreign IP addresses, which is suspicious. I tried to stop the NTP service first, and the network adapter outgoing traffic immediately dropped to a normal level. The problem is found. The cause is unknown. I tried to ask other people and found that there are many attacks recently, collectively referred to as "NTP reflection amplification attack". Its principle is: 1.

Aix6.1 synchronize clock configurations of remote NTP servers

: 0.003906 (SEC)Auth delay: 0.000122 (SEC)System flags: bclient PLL monitor filegenSystem uptime: 578 (SEC)Clock stability: 1988.000000 (SEC)Clock frequency: 15904.000000 (SEC)Peer: (configured) (sys peer)Stratum: 11, version: 3Our mode: client, his mode: ServerSubsystem group PID statusXntpd TCPIP 6029448 active You can use the ntpdate clock source ip command to synchronize the clock in real time This article is from the "morning song muniu" blog, please be sure to kee

Linux-based public NTP server

NTP server: Network time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol used to synchronize the timing of a computer, which allows the computer to synchronize its servers or clock sources (such as quartz clocks, GPS, etc.) It provides high-precision time correction (less than 1 milliseconds on LAN versus standard, dozens of MS on WAN) and can be referred to as a cryptographic ackn

Deploy NTP servers for time synchronization

/ntp.confRestrict 1Restrict mask # allow access to network segmentsServer # Local Clock addressFudge Stratum Local is 10th floor6. Restart ntpd Service[Email protected] ~]#/etc/init.d/ntpd restartClose ntpd: [Failed]Starting ntpd: [OK]7. Test:Before testing, to detect whether the firewall, SELinux are off!!! Service side:[[Email protected] ~]# Date . May 24 Tuesday 15:54:55 CST[email protecte

Common NTP server for public network

Centos:0.centos.pool.ntp.org1.centos.pool.ntp.org2.centos.pool.ntp.orgAvailable in Fudan210.72.145.44 National Defensive Center ServerNTP servers in the Asian (0) (3)Hong (1) (2) (2) (0) (3) (5) (4) (3)ph

Create Maven servers in the enterprise and use Android Studio to publish public projects

Create Maven servers in the enterprise and use Android Studio to publish public projects Because Android Studio uses the Gradle build tool, the dependent library is introduced as a module (with a complete copy of the library) in the processing of library dependencies ), the ADT of Eclipse directly links libraries as external project dependencies, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The b

Bulk upload of public keys to Linux servers

All along, through the Ssh-copy-id in the manual upload public key, think if there are thousands of servers need to upload public key, this method is OK. Try to implement the next batch upload public key to the server, introduce me to try a method.1: First try a machine from Python script, Python scripts are as follows

Batch upload public keys to Linux servers

Batch upload public keys to Linux servers For a long time, ssh-copy-id has been used to manually upload the public key. This method is enough if thousands of servers need to upload the public key. I tried to upload the public key

After multiple tomcat servers are used for load balancing, the tomcat port is not open to the public, so the tomcat server Load balancer can be accessed precisely.

After multiple tomcat servers are used for load balancing, the tomcat port is not open to the public, so the tomcat server Load balancer can be accessed precisely. Background: Use Nginx and two Tomcat servers to achieve load balancing, disable tomcat ports (8080 and 8090) in the firewall, and open only port 80 to the outside. Nginx configuration: upstream tomca

Using Ssh-copy-id to replicate public keys to multiple servers

available.Sshpass-p ' lsu_201401 ' ssh-copy-id [email protected]After solving the above two problems, the next thing is simple, you can log the remote host domain name or IP address in a file, such as recorded in the Remote-hosts file, run the following script will be able to bulk copy the public key to the remote host.For host in $ (cat remote-hosts) do sshpass-p ' Your_password ' ssh-copy-id-o stricthostkeychecking=no [email protected ]${host}do

How Linux servers view public IP information

Reference: in the solution of network problems, you need to view the local export public IP information, so on the network search and request operations to reach the people, the following two methods are obtained: Curl In the Linux system, enter the above command, you can view the local connection of the public network information, if

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