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The final related stuff in Java

Final is a keyword in Java, previously thought C + + does not have this keyword, just checked, unexpectedly! Then Also Yes! It seems that the usage is similar.Roughly divided into so many, by this thing modified the east, so far, can not be

Thread-based conceptual stuff

1. What is a thread* Thread is a path for program execution, one process can contain multiple threads* Multi-threaded concurrent execution can improve the efficiency of the program, can complete a number of tasks at the same time* 2. Multi-Threaded

Talk about the C # multithreading stuff-Threading Basics

When I first approached the concept of "threading", I thought it was difficult to understand, read a lot of books and took a long time to realize its true meaning. Now I have a beginner's mentality, I understand the "multithreading" described to

23. It's time to learn C # object-oriented stuff,

23. It's time to learn C # object-oriented stuff, In our previous code, we have been exposed to class and class methods of C. Our code is mainly placed in the Main method of the Program class. We have also created our own methods. We also use

Share a good stuff, dynamic include file (Dynamic file into des)

As early as 03 years ago, I saw dynamic include on the blue ideal. Article At that time, I thought it was very good, but it was inconvenient to use it and the effect of include was not good. Later, I saw the ghost version on a website, but it

Talk about the project management stuff.

In our development team, every person with a project has become a good employee.It is no coincidence that leading others will understand how to be led, saying that "employees who have not been bosses are not good employees." Five years ago, when I

Oracle guided library that stuff.

October 14 to the electronic deployment of the system, with exp, IMP Guide Library command to achieve the successful implementation of the Oracle database export, import, in this, but also published an article Oracle database Export Import, explain

MEAN, get some stuff out of MONGO DB, show JSON in restful style

I've been working on this lately.The JavaScript style is ripe, I feel sure soon, but there is a feeling in my heart, Django and mean this structure, make big not.Because this structure of MVC feels less rigorous than spring, is it my bias? The level

The Java stuff on the POJ machine.

Recently I ' ve been working on problems in POJ, which are really tough with JAVA.Okay,things to is paid attention to include:First, your class name should is "Main" rather than any of the other name is the differenciate it from others.Second, after

In JS, all the stuff is actually the object

object is the basic unit of JavaScript, in JS, all things are actually objects, and the function is very powerful, it is not only unique style, function is different.I. References (reference)The concept of reference is one of the basics of JS, which

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