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Detailed description of the wince configuration file (II)-CEC File

Detailed explanation of the CEC FileAfter previous studies, we have mastered the CE generation process and several phases of compilation, this time, let's take a look at the management methods of component packages provided by platform builder and how to manage our own components.There is a "catalog" window on the right side of platform Builder (PB), which lists all the components available for use. We can see that there is a lot of content, now the q

Analysis of the CEC file in BSP

Author: wogoyixikexie @ gliet 2008.12.02 I have been wondering what the smdk2440.cec file is and what role it plays. It seems that if a new driver needs to be used, a lot of information has been collected in the past, and he hasn't seen how it relates to the development driver, but you can be sure, the development of BSP must be related to him. See the Pb help document below. Take a look and explain it slowly. Platform builder User's Guide>Catalog Ove

PCM (Pulse-code modulation) Pulse coding modulation, pcm Pulse Coding modulation

PCM (Pulse-code modulation) Pulse coding modulation, pcm Pulse Coding modulation In audio processing, we often hear PCM data. What is PCM Data?PCM data is a digital signal after the analog signal passes through PCM. PCM is the process of converting the audio signal from analog signal (time continuous, value continuous) to digital signal (time discrete, value dis


Hdmi cec is one of the specifications of the HDMI connector. CEC is the specification of consumer electronics control, which can be translated as "consumer electronics product control" in Chinese 」. According to mingsiyi, The hdmi cec is an AV link provided by the industrial specifications. It is connected to multiple AV devices through the HDMI interface, you ca

Mobile phone, tablet, wearable new wind Direction: Rohm high-precision optical pulse sensor

-precision optical pulse sensor. From electrical signals to physiological signals, a new value space for smart hardware is being opened.Unique optical pulse-BO sensorRohm Roma Semiconductor is a well-known global semiconductor manufacturer, since its inception in Japan in 1958 after half a century of development has become a global system IC and leading semiconductor manufacturers, products involved in IC,

"Design and development" typical asynchronous circuit design-Pulse synchronization (2)

First, prefaceA simple pulse synchronizer has been described in the previous article, which allows for synchronization in simple scenarios, as well as a number of application limitations or drawbacks, such as:(1) It is sensitive to the DST_CLK relation of SRC_CLK domain, and may not adapt when the SRC_CLK and DST_CLK clock frequency differ greatly;(2) because there is no complete handshake mechanism, when the interval between multiple src_pulse is sho

The composition characteristics of Hunan pulse bag Filter

Introduction of Hunan Pulse bag FilterHunan Pulse bag filter Manufacturers According to the characteristics of the dust gas to choose different models, different design structure of the pulse bag dust collector, the filter bag with the same material to meet the filtration needs. Dust with the gas in the negative pressure state into the filter chamber, the large p

[Serialization] An example of FPGA-based series-sequential Pulse Generator

[Serialization] FPGA OpenGL series instances Sequence Pulse Generator Based on OpenGL I. Principles In a digital circuit, a circuit that can output pulse waveforms in turn in a certain order of time is called a sequential pulse generator. In digital systems, it is often used to control certain devices to perform operations or operations in the order specifi

The composition of pulsed watt-hour meter and the working principle of pulse device

The Pulse watt-hour meter provides the functions of collecting power, load monitoring, data transmission and so on for comprehensive automatic substation and remote automatic monitoring.The Pulse watt-hour meter is mainly composed of two parts, the electric energy measurement component and the pulse device. The electric energy measurement part is the inductive wa

Reproduced Linux Backdoor finishing collection (pulse recommended)

Webshell or back door or something, you can use the hidden folders and files.Method OneFor example, create a name at the beginning of the band. Webshell or folders, by default, will not be displayed, the browser when access to add a few access to the line. (View method:ls-a)Touch. webshell.php create a file named. webshell.phpmkdir. backdoor/create a folder named. BackdoorThe ultimate approachIn the case of the administrator drinking too much or brain can not turn around, is absolutely not foun

Pulse manufacturing Network, creating a new era of "Internet + manufacturing"

with the rapid development of technology, the domestic manufacturing threshold has been reduced. variousCost ofRise, but also to promote globalManufacturingfromChina's outwardBigMigration,cause China's manufacturing industry to fall into excess capacitydilemma. in order to meet the severe challenges faced by Chinese traditional manufacturing industry, pulse manufacturing network has emerged. after deep investigation and analysis of domestic and intern

Cloud Pulse launch form Recognition API interface can be self-access

For today's market for a large number of ticket information input requirements, the recent Xiamen Yun-Pulse Technology Co., Ltd. to launch a ticket recognition related products and services, but also in the Cloud Pulse OCR SDK developer platform on-line Form Recognition API interface, for the vast number of developers and integrators self-access.In order to reduce the development cost of the financial syste

[Fourier transform and its application study notes] 24. Cascade, Pulse response

to the impulse function. (Any linear system was given by integration against a kernel (impulse response).)The derivation process is as follows:$\begin{align*}V (x)= (\delta * v) (x) \ \=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\delta (x-y) v (y) dy \qquad (\delta\ shift\ property)\end{align*}$So the linear system has the following representation$\begin{align*}Lv (x)=l\left (\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}\delta (x-y) v (y) dy \right) \ \=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}l_x\delta (x-y) v (y) dy\end{align*}$Make $h (x, y) = L_x\de

About 22.5KHZ analog pulse signal (60V) duty ratio test, duty ratio accuracy 0.1%

Two methods:1, collect the signal complete waveform, carries on the calculation:Is it possible to select an analog capture card with a 250ks/s sampling rate to display the required waveform?No! We have not considered measuring accuracy 0.1%!Because the analog signal is continuous, the period of the signal is 1/(22.5K) =44.4us, duty cycle accuracy of 0.1%, the signal resolution of at least 44.4us/1000=44.4ns, the sampling rate than 1/44.4ns=22.5ms/ s to be large to measure to meet the accuracy re

How to use the wait and pulse methods of C # Monitor

"Reprint" http://blog.csdn.net/qqsttt/article/details/24777553Monitor's wait and pulse methods are more complex in the use of synchronous locks in the thread, but they are somewhat more difficult to understand, but they are also very rich in connotation andSubtle! Through them you can implement synchronization objects such as Autoresetevent,manualresetevent, while also in the efficiency and memoryThe use of a quality improvement!When I look at the mon

How to use the Pulse drill app?

Pulse Drill is a mobile phone social software, users through the software can quickly understand the different business circle of friends, but also the whole point of the game to get a red envelope yo, how to play pulse drilling? How to use pulse drill? Below the breeze small make up to everybody concrete introduction. 1, open

Pulse width measurement

1 /*********************************2 code function: Pulse Width measurement3 using functions:4 Pulsein (PIN number, pulse response level, maximum response time (microseconds));5 creation time: 2016*10*086 Author Email: [Email protected]7 ********************************/8 intKeypin =2;9 voidSetup ()Ten { One Pinmode (keypin,input); ASerial.begin (9600); - } - voidLoop () the { -UnsignedLongDuration = Pulse

IOS implements Pulse Radar and dynamic addition and deletion elements By Swift and iosswift

IOS implements Pulse Radar and dynamic addition and deletion elements By Swift and iosswiftBefore getting startedAfter Swift is updated with version Xcode6 Beta4, it can basically be used as a production tool. Although there are some places that are "lagging behind" compared with ObjC, it is also harmless. Here we use Xcode6 Beta4 + iOS SDK 8.0 for development. If we use ObjC, we only need to replace some syntax and call methods. Final effect:This eff

Using iOS8 wkwebview Browser module, pulse animation Layer-B

Kinwebbrowser is a browser module that can be embedded in an app.It is written using the iOS 8 Wkwebview API and is compatible with UIWebView on iOS 7.Test environment: Xcode 6.0 IOS 7.0Pulsinghalo-Pulse animation layerA lightweight pulse animation layer that is simple to implement.Brickview-Simple dynamic grid layout waterfall Stream viewBrickview is a simple dynamic grid layout waterfall Stream view, simi

Stm32 Register Edition Learning note 06 Input capture (ETR pulse count)

STM32 external pulse ETR pin:tim1-->pa12; timer2-->pa0;timer3-->pd2; TIMER4-->PE0 ...1.TIM2 PA0 Count Configuration steps① turn on TIM2 clock, configure PA0 inputAPB1 Peripheral Reset Register (RCC_APB1RSTR)APB2 Peripheral Clock Enable register (RCC_APB2ENR)Set 1 to open. Clear 0 closed.eg:rcc->apb1enr|=1rcc->apb2enr|=1//enable Porta clockConfiguring I/O ports: See Stm32 Register Edition Learning Note the configuration of the Gpio port.eg:gpioa->crl=0

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