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Puppet Reporting System dashboard and Puppet+nginx

步的时间这里没有打开而是在下面的文件配置的Modify the default synchronization timevim/etc/puppet/puppet.conf [agent] runinterval =300 #单位为秒/etc/init.d/puppet startNginx+passenger:Puppet uses Ruby-based webrickhttp to handle HTTPS requests by default, but the built-in webserver purpose of these languages is only for the convenience of debugging code, and its performance is very poor, while using common web The server software can

Puppet Master Nginx Expansion boost performance (Puppet Automation series 4)

Puppet uses the SSL (HTTPS) protocol for communication, and by default, the puppet server uses a ruby-based Webrick http server. Because the Webrick HTTP server is not very robust in handling the performance of the agent side, it is necessary to extend the puppet to build Nginx or other strong Web servers to handle the client's HTTPS requests.Issues that need to

Expand puppet-create a puppet ca Cluster

rsync to synchronize ca. standby directories Restart the HTTPd service References Create a puppet ca cluster on different ports of the same host to create a virtual host configuration sed s/8141/8142/ 8141_puppetmaster_worker.conf >8142_puppetmaster_worker.confsed s/8141/18142/ 8141_puppetmaster_worker.conf >18142_puppetmaster_worker.confCreate a VM directory rsync -avxH /etc/puppet/

HDFs Rack-aware function principle (rack awareness)

Transferred from: HTTP://WWW.JIANSHU.COM/P/372D25352D3AHDFs Namenode is responsible for everything related to File block replication, which periodically receives heartbeat and blockreport information from Datanode, and the placement of the HDFs file block copy is critical to the overall reliability and performance of the system.A simple but non-optimized copy placement strategy is to put copies in different racks, or even different IDC. This prevents errors caused by the entire

Puppet Master/Agent installation on rhel7

================================================= ========================================================== ========================================================== =======================================/etc/puppet/modules (no modules installed) /usr/share/puppet/modules (no modules installed) [[email protected] Puppet] #

Hadoop Rack Awareness-enhancing cluster robustness, how to configure Hadoop rack awareness

We know that the Hadoop cluster is fault-tolerant, distributed and so on, why it has these characteristics, the following is one of the principles. Distributed clusters typically contain a very large number of machines, and due to the limitations of the rack slots and switch ports, the larger distributed clusters typically span several racks, and the machines on multiple racks form a distributed cluster. The network speed between the machines in the

Dense rack dense cabinet file Rack bottom Chart cabinet

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/72/71/wKioL1XkA-3yxoFEAAJ67kt74b0326.jpg "title=" 817100721 copy. jpg "alt=" wkiol1xka-3yxofeaaj67kt74b0326.jpg "/>Dense rack dense cabinet file Rack bottom Chart cabinetDense Frame Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of dense racks, dense cabinets, file racks, Basemap cabinets, basemap dense frame, basemap dense ark, dense basemap frame, dense

Puppet extension 7-Integration of puppet code and Version Control System

Tags: puppet version control SVN version control puppet code controlI. Introduction By installing and deploying the puppet C/S model, the puppet server can manage the entire lifecycle of all controlled hosts: from initialization to software upgrade, from configuration file creation to test deployment, from system maint

Puppet initialization installation and configuration (puppet Automation Series 1)

First, the server planningThe following are the latest versions of Yum installed directly.Server operating system is centos6.2Puppetmaster1 puppstmaster1.jq.comPuppetmaster2 puppetmaster2.jq.comPuppet1 ag1.jq.comPuppet2 ag2.jq.comPUPPETCA1 puppetca1.jq.comPUPPETCA2 puppetca2.jq.comFacter.x86_64 1:2.3.0-1.el6Puppet.noarch 0:3.7.3-1.el6Second, software Installation2.1 Installing the Epel PackageAll servers Install

Puppet load balancing: nginx + passenger

As the 3.x Series no longer supports mongrel, nginx + passenger is used for load balancing. Previously, nginx + mongrel and puppet version were released in the 2.7 series, so they can still be used; Environment Description: Operating System: centos 5.8 64-bit Puppet version: 3.1 Series 1, upgrade Ruby to 1.8.7, install rubygems # rpm-uvh http://rbel.frameos.org/rbel5 # Yum install-y Ruby rubygems ruby-devel

Basic Learning tutorials on rack middleware in Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

Rack is a framework between the Ruby server and the rack application, Rails,sinatra is built on rack and belongs to the rack application. Rack provides a standard interface for interacting with the server. The standard rack progr

Introduction to Puppet: 1. installation and configuration, and puppet Configuration Management

Introduction to Puppet: 1. installation and configuration, and puppet Configuration Management Puppet is a configuration management tool. This article describes how to install and set Puppet.What is Puppet? Puppet is a configuration management tool produced by puppetlabs. T

Puppet Introduction and Mastery of the puppet work principle (Principle article)

For the mastery of puppet, understanding the work principle of Puppet is a necessary stage, only after understanding the work principle of Puppet to better apply Puppet, let us together to understand the working principle of learning Puppet:When it comes to how puppet works,

#puppet # Issues with the new puppet

Tips: Check the puppet version: Puppet--version The version I installed is 3.7.4 Recently, because of the installation of Saltstack, do not know why the salt command is very slow (high CPU utilization), and temporarily found no solution (suspicion is a bug), so roll back to the world of puppet Reference to this information, the installation of puppet:https://doc

"Learn Puppet with Me" 1.3 Puppet 3.7 using PUPPETDB to do the Data Warehouse

1. Environmental preparednessOs:centos 6.4Turn off SELinux and iptablesDeployment Puppet: 1.0 Puppet 3.7 Department Install puppet Source: http://yum.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs-release-el-6.noarch.rpmComplete Puppetmaster/agent deployment, certificate signing ...PUPPETDB is a data warehouse that can query nodes, facter, report, catalog, resources and other informa

"Learn Puppet with me" 1.5 Puppet 3.7 using Hiera to define the configuration

1. Environmental preparednessOs:centos 6.4Turn off SELinux and iptablesDeployment Puppet: 1.0 Puppet 3.7 Department Install puppet Source: http://yum.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs-release-el-6.noarch.rpmComplete Puppetmaster/agent deployment, certificate signing ...Hiera is a lookup tool for Key/value configuration data that can be used to configure special node conf

Puppet's architecture 3.7

Puppet configures systems in two main stages: Compile a catalog Apply the catalog The agent/Master Architecture Puppet usually runs in an agent/Master architecture, where a puppet master server controls important configuration info and managed agent nodes request only their own configuration catalogs.Basics In this architecture, managed nodes runPuppet agentAp

Puppet centralized Configuration Management System

Puppet centralized Configuration Management System Puppet is a configuration management tool. It is typical that puppet is a C/S structure. Of course, there can be a lot of C here, so it can be said that it is a star structure. all puppet clients communicate with puppet on t

Selection of 6-puppet updating mode for puppet basic articles

selection of 6-puppet updating mode for puppet basic articles 0 Basic Learning Puppet Automated Configuration Management Series documents Puppet update mode based on C/s architecture generally has two kinds, one is the agent end set synchronization time active to puppetmaster end pull configuration, the other is thro

32 rack resources to get you started

Rack What the heck is rack and why is it getting so much press lately? Well, from it's tag-line: "rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks ." But what does that mean? Prior to rack if you wanted to interface with mongrel or thin you had to write your own custom wrapper

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