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In-depth analysis of website domain name selection and domain name Investment

Webmasters encounter many problems in website construction. Where is the space used? Does CMS select PHP or. Net? How to promote the website after building, but I think the most important thing is the choice of domain names! As we all know, a domain

How to become a top-level domain registrar and how to provide domain name registration

This is said domain name registrar is not a domain name distributor or agent, first say things happen background, in the second half of 2015 for a job, (this article may have a little verbose, do not like to ignore), the first day of work, completed

Aliyun dual 11 Domain name and construction site introduction

One of the most anticipated days of the year is this day, not one. One of the most regretful missing days of the year, also this day, no one. I believe you have guessed, this day is-- 11.11 This important day this year,

Guangzhou Asian Games Countdown circumstance. COM domain name is watched

Guangzhou Asian Games officially held only more than 250 days, the construction of the Asian Games has entered the final stage, in order to allow the Guangzhou Asian Games to become the largest Asian Games in the history of one of the biggest games,

The consequences of China's Internet domain name management

The development of the Internet so that the potential of the individual has been greatly played, so that the world's knowledge and information sharing to achieve the immediacy, and promote the development of the whole world, our country is currently

Scry Chinese name first: No domain--open the intelligent contract era based on the data economy of block chain __ block chain

Sherlock Raven block chain column reporter Content Pre-read Scry Chinese name starting: scry No domain, Japanese words, means: no boundary of the ultimate space, with the spirit of the Geek and soul also means business philosophy. There are

Xingdong: Playing Blog Life

Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Mr. Fan Lianzao once said in earnest: "China to have 100 square hing East is good!" "August 7 morning, in the distance of Zhongguancun is not far from a small Business Plaza-Blog Network office, the reporter

Set up a full set of processes and detailed explanations of the site

http://blog.csdn.net/guih168/article/details/6327814 If Google's topic, 80% of the results are ads-they will tell you, "Hey, I (or a company) here can build a website, fool-style yo, Come and run to me! "Novice generally feel that building a website

Beginner Tutorial: Set up a full process and detailed explanation of the site

Transferred from: http://yihui.name/cn/2009/06/how-to-build-a-website-as-a-dummy/If you're a Google topic, 80% of the results are ads-they'll tell you, "Hey, I (or a company) can build a website here, fool-style yo, come to me!" "Novice generally

Dark Horse day05 session& reset the life cycle of the Jsessionid

HttpSession: In the server, create a unique memory space for the browser in which to save session-related information.4.1session is used as a domain: he is one of the four domain objects in the Java EE, scoped to the entire session.4.2session life

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