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How to pull up the purple-ps to pull out the photos soft non-mainstream purple

How to pull the purple, do not ask now we will take a look at the PS picture Soft non-mainstream Purple effect of the tutorial bar, okay crap I do not say much if you like this type of production tutorials can come in to learn oh. Final effect 8, a new layer, stamped layer, execution: filter > Blur > Gaussian blu

Compassion Purple field, but also questioned the Purple Field service attitude

As one of the owners of this injury, I also want to talk about their own point of view. From the point of view of the origin of things, purple field is unfairly treated, because some people simply a few words, some perfunctory reasons, can let purple field such a large network business, almost close to the brink of bankruptcy, to tell the truth, I read the report of the above things, really very angry. The

QQ Speed Purple diamond noble exclusive ring/purple butterfly Ryukyu Scepter good? How do I get it?

How do I get it? The player participates in the QQ rook to shine the purple diamond activity to have the opportunity to obtain. This thing currently can not be used to buy, of course, can not rule out the possibility of money to buy later Oh, now to get we need players to participate in QQ speed shining purple diamond activities have the opportunity to get Oh, the following to see it.

What are the purple dyes in my world? How are they made with purple dyes?

The Purple Dye (Purple Dye) is a secondary Dye obtained by synthesizing a unit of Rose Red and a unit of lapis.Attribute:Type: wool dyesDurability: 5Stackable: Yes (64)Purpose:Purple wool can be synthesized from wool. It can be used on sheep, and 1 ~ can be generated when scissors are used ~ 3 purple wool. In this way, more dyeing wool can be produced with a dye.

A case study of web design Color application: Purple Department

Purple is a relatively rare color in nature. Symbolizes the feminine, represents the nobility and the luxurious, the elegance and the charm, also symbolizes the mystery and the solemn, the sacred and the romantic. On the other hand, there are loneliness and other means. Purple in the Western world of religion is a representative of the color of nobility, the archbishop wearing the robe was

Mysterious and rich colors in design: purple

Translated from: Color in Design:purple Chinese: colors in the design: Purple Original Author: Jennifer Farley Please respect the copyright, reprint please indicate the source! Last article we looked at the happy Yellow , now turn to yellow complementary color-purple. The unpleasant thing is, purple is easy to see the top, but the good words can be very ey

Photoshop removes the purple-side stain from a digital camera photo

The enemy of the digital camera "purple edge" is too annoying, a good picture of it must be in the most conspicuous place occupies a position, an eyesore! Don't worry, we sacrifice a magic-photoshop, away the nasty purple edge. There is no purple side of the film, borrow more than a fool's film. The purple edge of th

Purple bird Amazon data cube free Amazon keyword tool

Amazon keyword Mining amazon product analysis Amazon The words of competing products Analysis Purple bird Data www.ziniao.comAmazon keyword mining Amazon product analysis Amazon competitive word analysis purple bird dataPurple Bird Amazon data cubeIt is well known that the choice and analysis of Amazon keywords plays a vital role in the operation of Amazon's seller account. In reality, the choice is greater

Photoshop adds a pale blue purple to the scene characters.

Blue Purple is a relatively single color, when the color palette can be converted to a more neutral color, and then use the curve and other color tools to the picture dark and high light part of the increase of blue purple can be. Original Final effect 1, open the material picture, press CTRL + J to copy a layer of background layer, into the channel panel, select the green chann

Blue, blue and purple pages color scheme

Many sites use blue and green color color, the most representative of blue objects than the sea and the sky, can bring people fresh, open, cool feeling. Today we will talk about the blue, Blue Purple website color scheme, high contrast blue will create a neat, brisk impression; low contrast blue will give people an urban modernist impression. The combination of blue and green and white is also ubiquitous in everyday life. It as a cold color of the rep

PS teaches you to remove the purple edges of digital photos

What are the purple edges of digital photos? The purple edge of the digital camera refers to the digital camera in the process of capture due to the contrast between the object, the high light and low light parts of the spot at the junction of the phenomenon is the digital camera purple (or other colors). The reason of the p

Photoshop design to make a beautiful and realistic purple butterfly orchid-PS tutorial

The flowers seem complicated. In fact, the production method is very basic. First, we need to split the flower part into a single individual, and then one by one from the color, detail, rendering highlights. After the general completion, fine-tune the details and colors. Final effect 1. create a 1024*768 pixel document, select the gradient tool, and set the color to 1. the radial gradient shown from the center to the corner is used as the background. 2. make the flowers first. the breakdown dia

PS making soft dark Purple wedding film

Purple is a very bright color, only purple pictures will be more monotonous, the screen will be too colourful. It is best to use dark purple and blue purple when using color. How to use the right picture will also be very soft. Original Final effect 1, open the original material, create a

Photoshop creates a sweet purple exterior wedding Film

The characters in the picture are purple, can be paired with a lot of colors, the most fused is to use the same color purple. You can use the Palette tool to turn the background parts to blue purple or purple, and then strengthen the light, dark part and the color of the characters. Original Final effect

Photoshop to the park beauty Photo plus light green Purple Tutorial

A tint picture is not necessarily the whole picture is a tint, can be based on the color composition of the picture, the local lighting, such as the following picture only to the upper half of a slightly brighter, and render high light. Original Final effect 1, open the material picture, press CTRL + J to copy a layer of background layer. Enter the channel panel and replace the blue channel with a green channel (method: Select the green Channel Press CTRL + A all, pr

Photoshop to pull out the scene pure beauty light blue Purple Course

Blue Purple is a more dreamy color, there are many ways to color. The most important to the picture slightly brighter, the dark need to reduce the light a little, so there will be a dream of the feeling, and then the overall Polish, bring up the blue purple main color can be. Original Final effect 1, open the material picture, create an optional color adjustment layer, yellow, g

Photoshop adds popular pink-purple tips to interior portrait photos

Pink Purple is now very popular, and many wedding films and magazines use this color. There are many color matching methods, you can choose the appropriate method according to the colour composition of the material picture, when dealing with it, the dark part should be turned into blue and purple, and the high light part will turn to bluish or lilac. Original Final effect 1, ope

When the network encounters the reality, the Purple field event brings us what kind of ponder

and chilling. One: The conflict between reality and network. Even when the internet is popular in every corner of the reality, the network and the reality of the contest, or appear to be very light. When the network and reality touch, the network is so fragile. The occurrence of the Purple field event, is a network of interests and the interests of the actual impact of an example, it is clear that we still have a lot of people do not recognize the im

Using PS Channel replacement to create a light-tone beautiful purple-red location photos

Magenta is also a two-color picture, with channel replacement is the fastest. However, before the channel replacement need to simply analyze the picture of the proportion of warm and cold, if the proportion is not very uniform, you need to use a palette tool to increase the corresponding color. Original Final effect 1, open the material picture, first analysis color composition. The material basically is green mainly, the warm proportion is few, the channel replaces

PS for the location of the wedding film Romantic purple tune tutorial

Although the material is a bit dreamy, but the hue is darker, the dream part is not obvious enough. When dealing with the background can be adjusted to brighten, and then appropriate soft treatment, enhance the intensity of fantasy. Later, plus your favorite color can be. Although the original original material is a bit dreamy, but the hue is darker, the dream part is not obvious enough. When dealing with the background can be adjusted to brighten, and then appropriate soft treatment, enhance t

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