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Detailed description of PHP Yii Framework extension installation and use

This article describes how to install and use extensions in the PHP Yii Framework. it lists some core extensions in Yii, you can refer to the software packages that can be used and re-released at any time in Yii applications. For example, the

Translation [PHP extension development and Embedded] Chapter 5th-Your first extension

Your first extension The build of each PHP extension requires at least two files: a configuration file that tells the compile time which files to build and what external libraries are needed, and at least one source file that performs the actual

Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension mime

  Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME,Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Before mime is introduced, RFC 822 can only send basic ASCII code text information. It is very difficult to implement the content of an email, such as binary files,

Source code analysis and Installation Process Analysis of Mozilla Firefox extension insider tutorial (XPInstall, XPCOM, RDF, xpi, chrome, manifest)

ArticleDirectory 2.1 extensions) 2.2 chrome 2.3 xulrunner 2.4 XPCOM 2.5 XP install 3.1 Firefox extension Structure 3.2 extended Installation Process 3.3 Analysis of the XP install Module 3.4 analysis of the rdf

Analysis of C # extension method,

Analysis of C # extension method, In the process of project development using object-oriented language, many will use the "inheritance" feature, but not all scenarios are suitable for the "inheritance" feature, some basic principles of the design

Mime multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension

Transferred from Wiki Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME,Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Is an internet standard that extends the email standard to support mail messages in multiple formats such as non-ASCII characters and binary

OEA-entity extension property system-design solution Manual

This design document was written in March to attend the company's R & D summit. I was confident, but I was not shortlisted. Now I think it is useless, so I will post it and look forward to communicating with park friends. The document is a little

VC ++ File Extension

Some resources such as bitmaps and menus are often used in applications. files with the RC extension in VC are called resource files, which contain all the windows resources used in applications, it should be noted that RC files can be edited and

One Linux command per day--linux file type and extension

The Linux file type and the name of the Linux file represent the meanings of two different concepts. We created it through generic applications such as File.txt file.tar.gz. Although these files are to be opened in different programs, they are

The file type and file extension in Linux system

The Linux file type and the file name of the Linux file represent two different concepts. We create things like file.txt and file.tar.gz through a generic application, which, although used in a different program, is mostly a regular file (also known

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