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Jpush-react-native Push function (Android article)

GitHub Original AddressAurora Push official supported React Native PluginInstallationNPM Install jpush-react-native--saveNPM install jcore-react-native--save # jpush-

React Native's Aurora push jpush-react-native hand Configuration

Handleremotenotification:userinfo]; [[Nsnotificationcenter Defaultcenter] postnotificationname:kjpfdidreceiveremotenotification Object:userInfo]; } completionhandler (); The system requires that this method be executed}  These steps git above, but the next is the chicken soup!!!Open the Push notifications! in Xcode2)3)And then in the JS code through the following listening callback to get notifications, it is best to listen to the project entry

(Android) React-native-splash-screen Practice-solve the problem of starting white screen after react-native packaged well

1. InstallationNPM I react-native-splash-screen--save orYarn Add React-native-splash-screen--save2. Automatic configurationReact-native link React-native-splash-screen or RNPM link

Android React-Native series (1) Zero-Infrastructure React-Native Development Environment

Android React-Native series (1) Zero-Infrastructure React-Native Development Environment I have heard of the well-known React-Native for a long time. (We don't know much about it here,

React native refresh mechanism----notification

In the project, do not know whether you have encountered such a problem, for example, there are two pages, a, B. A page has a button click to jump to the B page, now there is a requirement is that I did something in the B page, and then click the Fallback button to go back to the a page, a page of the data also need to be refreshed. Well, if you are a friend of Android developers will know that there are many ways to solve such requirements, such as t

react-native--on Mac configuration react native Android development environment Drainage PIT summary

Configure React Native Android Development Environment Summary 1, uninstall Android Studio, execute the following command on the terminal (terminal): Rm-rf/applications/android\ Studio.app RM-RF ~/library/preferences/androidstudio* RM ~/library/preferences/c

React-native Development (i) Android environment deployment, Hello react-native

Premise: A small web front end, completely not Android with iOS development, first contact, there are a lot of questions that do not understand. Please forgive me.Environment: Win7Results:First, the SDK installationHint: The installation must pass the agent, otherwise will be very slow yo ~ ~Install version 2.0 of Android Studio installationInstall the following SDK in studioAdd an environment variable (the

Android Push principle (Android push Notification) detailed _android

Android Push principle Since the recent project involved Android push, I saw something about Android push, and we know that the Android push

Android push notification (Android client information push) (androidpn-server and androidpn-client)

| Font size subscription As mentioned in the previous blog, information push is implemented in Android. One of the more mature solutions is implemented using XMPP protocol. The androidpn project is an open-source project that uses the XMPP protocol to push information. Here we will introduce how to use it. Features of apndroid

Android React Native uses Native modules

Android React Native uses Native modules Sometimes our App needs to access the platform API, And the React Native may not have the corresponding module packaging; or you need to reuse some Java code instead of implementing it a

Android Implementation Click on the notification bar, first start the application and then open the target activity, the aurora push and other push can also refer to

I have integrated the Aurora push in the project, push the notification bar point open need to determine which interface to refer to this article, thank the author's selfless.Situation BriefIn the process of developing an Android app, there is a need to launch a service in the app that runs in a standalone process, kee

React-Native series Android-Principles of communication between Native and Javascript (III)

React-Native series Android-Principles of communication between Native and Javascript (III) The previous two blogs have analyzed in detailNativeAndJavascriptThe communication process can meet the needs of most scenarios.NativeAndJavascriptBut there is still a sound situation. For exampleJavascriptReal-time retrieval o

Android moved to React-native's Windows Android environment to build a crawl and a history of tears

Objective Recently, there are new projects, so long have not written a blog, and then all use leisure time to learn react-native. Because the employment environment of Android and iOS brings unprecedented impact to mobile development, so many partners have to find another way, and now the more popular Hybird and

On React Native for Android architecture

of its performance, the DOM in React does not guarantee that immediate impact on the real dom,react will wait until the event loop is over. Using the diff algorithm, compare the current new DOM tree with the previous DOM tree, and calculate the smallest steps to update the real DOM.The introduction of Android react ma

Android use carrier pigeon push notification bar does not show push notifications?

The same as usual with the use of homing pigeon push, but this time did not respond. After viewing the log discovery did receive a push-over message, with one such line:W/DALVIKVM (23255): vfy:unable To resolve virtual method 1345:landroid/support/v4/app/notificationcompat$builder;. Build () Landroid/app/notification;It seems that the C call to the

Android React Native uses Native UI Components

Android React Native uses Native UI Components Android React Native has encapsulated several common Native components, such as ScrollView an

Android Push Notification for Information Push

This article describes how to use the AndroidPn project to implement push. In the previous article, we mentioned how to implement the push solution in Android. One of the more mature solutions is to use the XMPP protocol. The AndroidPn project is an open-source project that uses the XMPP protocol to push information.

Android native embedded React native detailed _android

1. The first integrated project directory I'm using it directly in the format of React-native Init project, which means that my Android project directory is in a directory with Node_modules. After we init the project, the project initialization is completed, at this time we can use the command react-

ANDROID push notification for information push usage and the IP address of the phone is, this time need to change this value to xmpphost= or power The IP address of the brain, it can be used on the phone.3. If the test is not on the same LAN, we need to set this value to the IP address of the server.The specific configuration is as follows:My Computer IP is: server runs the main interface:The push information is shown in the following interface:The te

React Native Android Application layer in combat

"Craftsman Joshui Http://blog.csdn.net/yanbober without permission to reprint, please respect the author's labor results." Private Messages Contact Me "1 BackgroundIn the blink of a year, the last small goal of this year (React Native) seems to leave any trail to next year, React Native want to say love you not easy. W

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