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Aurora Push Jpush (v3) server PHP version integration (V3 version only calls the Push API)

Options $data [' options '] = array("Sendno" =>time (), "time_to_live" = $m _time,//The number of seconds to save offline the default is one day "apns_production" =>false,//boolean type designation APNs Notification delivery Environment: 0 development environment, 1 production environment. or pass false and True); $param = Json_encode ($data); $res = $this->push_curl ($param, $header); if ($res) {//Get return value-----------$res else{//did not get r

Baidu real-time push api interface application example, api example _ PHP Tutorial

Baidu real-time push api application example, api example. Baidu real-time push api interface application example. for a website with good api quality, you can view the real-time push f

PHP Aurora push (PUSH-API-V3)

PHP Aurora push (PUSH-API-V3) Error_reporting (E_all^e_notice); Class apipostaction{ Private $_appkeys = ' f722b1337ded8******** '; Private $_mastersecret = ' bd267a37c3034fd6******* '; function Request_post ($url = "", $param = "", $header = "") { if (Empty ($url) |

Remote Notification push backend code (PHP and Java)

host = "gateway.sandbox.push.apple.com";String host = "gateway.push.apple.com";int port = 2195;String Certificatepath = "C:/PUSHTEST.P12";//*.P12 file location generated earlier for the Java Background Connection APNs serviceString Certificatepassword = "123456";//p12 file password.Pushmanager.initializeconnection (host, Port, Certificatepath, Certificatepassword, sslconnectionhelper.keystore_ TYPE_PKCS12);Send pushDevice client = Pushmanager.getdevice ("IPhone");SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("

PHP Fetion notification weather forecast _ API version-PHP source code

PHP Fetion notification weather forecast _ API version /*************************************** ************************************/ /******************* PHP Apsara notification weather forecast _ API version ************* ******

IOS development Notification (Notification) QuickStart and push notification implementation tutorials

Helloremotenotification project, if the above steps are correct, you should print out device Token, as follows There may also be errors such as 6. Create a. pem fileConvert an existing. cer file to a. pem fileConvert existing. p12 files to. pem file (password required)Finally, merge the above 2. pem files into 1. pem files (you need to enter a new password) APS_DEVELOPMENT.CER->HELLOREMOTENOTIFICATION.PEM (renamed as HELLOREMOTENOTIFICATIONCERT.PEM below)Helloremotenotificatio

Implementation of simple push notification (push Notification) on iOS

implementation of simple push notification (push Notification) on iOS According to this very good tutorial (http://www.raywenderlich.com/3443/apple-push-notification-services-tutorial-part-12), combine your own practice, write do

Write and implement the push notification IOS client and the push Server

"}} In this way, the notification can be pushed. If everything is pushed successfully, the user's device can receive the notification. Use Java PUSH Service The above describes the PUSH Service program implemented by PHP, and the basic process of writing in other languages

Write a Push Notification for the iPhone application and send a Notification to the server.

obtained certificate step to the xcode project Resources directory: We can see that the file name is consistent with the above pathForResource parameter. Then run the program to receive the push notification on the device. If it is written in java, you can use a third-party library, see: Http://code.google.com/p/javapns/ Write a simple notification sending code:

"Experience" clears the AppIcon Push quantity (Badgenumber), but the way to keep push notifications in the system notification bar

not take effect. A silent push is first made (i.e. no soundname and alert). It doesn't matter if the original app's badge is 0. For local push0 is not operation. Back in Applicationiconbadgenumber =-1 * * Clearepisodenotification.applicationiconbadgenumber = [UIApplication Shared Application].applicationiconbadgenumber; [[UIApplication sharedapplication] schedulelocalnotification:clearepisodenotification]; Clearepisodenotification.ap

Android push notification (Android client information push) (androidpn-server and androidpn-client)

. The IP address of the computer is and the IP address of the mobile phone is In this case, you need to change the value to xmpphost =, you can use it on your mobile phone. 3. If it is a real machine test that is not in the same LAN, we need to set this value to the IP address of the server. The specific configuration is shown in: My computer ip address is Main server running interface: Push

IPhone PUSH Service-Apple push notification service

Reprinted IPhone Push Service-Apple push notification service(1) You need to create App ID without. * In the program portal (that means one cert for one app)(2) generate a Certificate Signing Request from your Mac's keychain and save to disk(3) Upload the certificatesigningrequest. certsigningrequest to the program Portal(4) Wait for the generation of CERT (about

How to write an apple push Notification Server

PHP for development. Our examples are compatible with PHP 5. Basic Structure Connect to apns using a unique SSL license You need to send messages cyclically Build a payload for each message Disconnect from apns The process of remote notification data is one-way. The provider packs data that includes the client program device to

ios-Push Notification detailed

iOS device and if everything goes well, you can see a modal alert request permission from the user to the push notification.Send push NotificationsSend from parse websiteParse allows you to send push notifications from the parse website, both API and SDK. To find the Parse app and select the

"IOS push notification": from creation to setup to running

following sample code simply submits this requirement to parse for processing. parse creates a modal alarm to display the push content. -(void)application:(UIApplication*)application didReceiveRemoteNotification:(NSDictionary*)userInfo{ [PFPushhandlePush:userInfo]; } Now, you can start running on your iOS device. If everything goes well, you can see a modal alarm request license from the user to the

Apple Push Notification Service usage summary.

code to the Appdelegate [plain] view plain copy print?- (void) application: (uiapplication*) application didreceiveremotenotification: (nsdictionary*) userinfo { if (application.applicationState==UIApplicationStateActive) { // programs are subject to push notifications during Operation nslog ("%@", [[userinfoobjectforkey:@ "APS"] objectforkey:@ "alert"]); }else{ //Program for push notifications }}

WIN8 Push Notification Small note

http://blog.csdn.net/nacl025/article/details/8998552http://blog.csdn.net/nacl025/article/details/9037247Open a push channel (if it does not already exist), or connect to an existing push channel. If your app created a push channel in a previous app instance, there might be a push channel. If the

Missing Push Notification Entitlement problem, pushentitlement

Missing Push Notification Entitlement problem, pushentitlement Recently, packaging and uploading encountered a problem: Description: Missing Push Notification Entitlement-Your app provided des an API for Apple's Push

How to build an apple push notification provider server (Tutorial)

the iPhone OS codeThat is neededImplement and handle the alerts on the device but only provides a higherLevel guide for the provider server side. As a provider, you need to communicate with the apple pushNotification Service (apns) to send the messages that are then pushedThe phone. This is necessary so that the device only needs to maintain 1Connection to the apns, helping to reduce battery usage. This tutorial will go into code-level detail about how we built ourPush

Baidu real-time push api application example, api example

Baidu real-time push api application example, api example For websites with good website quality, you can see the real-time push function under the Baidu webmaster platform/data submission/sitemap column. Currently, this tool is open to users, the api of Baidu's real-time

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