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ABP PUT, delete request error 405.0-method not allowed because invalid method (HTTP verb) was used to raise client error No

Please check if it is a cross-domain configuration issue, please refer to the blog:http://www.cnblogs.com/donaldtdz/p/7882225.htmlFirst, the problem descriptionABP Angular front-end deployment, query, add no problem, but update and delete will

WebApi a PUT, delete request occurs 405-the HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.

At development time, the new WEBAPI project needs to use the RESTful specification, when request has post\put\delete\get and so on requestIn this case, you need to include "WebDAV" /> "false" / > "webdavmodule" />

The status code and prompt information returned by the server to the user is usually the following (the HTTP verb corresponding to the status code in square brackets)

$ OK-[GET]: The server successfully returns the data requested by the user, the operation is idempotent (idempotent). 201 CREATED-[Post/put/patch]: User new or modified data succeeded. 202 Accepted-[*]: Indicates that a request has entered

General past Time

Http://baike.baidu.com/link?url=JsjQ3vZ1LanQINNvcFC6TkPLyQfKqzxH7MhzShkKMsd2eTdq2VmIamLst8GZDWNO-M_WYhiIObt1UDkws7VMh_General Past-time editing The general past indicates the action or condition that occurred at some time in the past, habitual,


Http://www.oschina.net/translate/put-or-posthttp://my.oschina.net/u/1263964/blog/268932Both of these methods can update resources at a glance, but there are essential differences betweenSpecific definition can Baidu, I do not post here, Light said

ASP. NET MVC httpverbs.delete/put Routes not firing

Original address: Https://weblog.west-wind.com/posts/2015/Apr/09/ASPNET-MVC-HttpVerbsDeletePut-Routes-not-firing?utm_source =tuicool&utm_medium=referralDomestic: Http://www.tuicool.com/articles/Zv2EbmYA few times in the last weeks I ' ve run to a

Http StatuCode description and httpstatucode description

Http StatuCode description and httpstatucode description Http description: Http 200:-The file is normally accessed. Http 302: Temporary redirection HTTP Error List HTTP 400-invalid request HTTP 401.1-unauthorized: Logon Failed HTTP

HTTP module and handler in ASP. NET [favorites]

【Abstract] You may have realized that with HTTP processing programs and modules, ASP. NET has provided powerful energy to developers. Insert your own component into the ASP. NET Request Processing pipeline and enjoy its advantages.   Introduction

Asp. NET HTTP modules and handlers

Asp.net| Program Introduction At the beginning of the internet age, the needs of clients are very limited;. htm files can meet their needs. However, over time, the expansion of client requirements extends beyond the functionality contained in. htm

Understand the difference between post and put, by the way, the restful

Both of these methods can update resources at a glance, but there are essential differences betweenSpecific definition can Baidu, I do not post here, Light said my own understandingThe first explanation is idempotent, idempotent is a term of

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