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thinkphp image watermark and text watermark

1.Thinkphp image ProcessingIn the TP frame, we often use the image upload, I recently wrote a lot about the picture upload article, thinkphp picture upload +validate form verification + picture Trojan detection + thumbnail generation, and so on,

New definition of photo watermark: Design of watermark camera material

Article Description: experience sharing: The key points of watermark camera material design. Watermark Camera (Professional Edition) has been released for nearly half a year, the watermark has more than 130. In the design process of

Image Watermark Function

The method used here is to add a watermark During User Access (without damaging the original image, but affecting server performance ). (1) Use the general processing program bookcover. asxh Using system;Using system. Web;Using system. drawing;Using

The key points of watermark camera material design

New definition of photo "watermark" What is a watermark? The traditional watermark is usually the copyright information, the author information or the anti-theft map information in the picture, the producer and the application are usually

PHP imagecopy () and Imagecopymerge () image add Watermark _php Tutorial

Image watermark in PHP There are many ways to achieve, he these features are based on the GD library in PHP, if there is no opening of the GD library is not allowed to use the watermark function. The Imagecopymerge () function is used to copy and

PHP imagecopy () and Imagecopymerge () image add watermark

The Imagecopymerge () function copies and merges part of an image, returns TRUE successfully, or returns FALSE. GD Library support for PHP under Windows Find php.ini, open content, find: ; Extension=php_gd2.dll Put the front semicolon ";" Remove,

PHP image Processing Class (watermark, transparency, zoom, sharpen, rotate, flip, cut, invert)

Very powerful PHP image processing class, you can customize the image watermark, transparency, image scaling, image sharpening, picture rotation, picture flipping, picture cutting, picture inverse color. The specific code is as follows: /***

AspJpeg Add watermark Complete Method _asp Foundation

AspJpeg is a persits-produced shareware, the probationary period is 30 days, you can download here: Http://www.persits.com/aspjpeg.exe. The latest version number is 1.3. AspJpeg is a very powerful image processing component, with which you can

PHP instance ———— making watermark image

At present, QQ space and Sina Weibo and other social software, shared images are mostly added watermark. After adding a watermark, the photos become unique, as if they were adding a personal signature. Can be very good to prevent people from

How to add watermark to Taobao pictures batch? Magic Batch Plus watermark method diagram

The little woman opened a new shop at the end of December, in the experience to talk about the benefits of a very deep, especially remember to see a post mentioned: in Taobao open shop to sell things, first of all to the figure sell (not the exact

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