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Log on to the remote server using SSH on Mac OSX

In Windows, Putty is often used to log on to a remote Linux host, during which PPK files are used. There is no putty in Mac OSX, but you can directly use the SSH command. This Command needs to be executed at terminal. Before using SSH, You need to

Adafruit Raspberry Pi Tutorial Lesson five: Using the control cable

Adafruit Raspberry Pi Tutorial Lesson five: Using the control cableTime 2014-05-09 01:11:20 geek Fan Original http://www.geekfan.net/9095/ Theme Raspberry Pi MacOS Linux This article is translated from adafruit.com by Geek fan-boyd Wang. Welcome to

Mac OS X Commands +10 Common command-line tools

Many friends are scratching their heads at the command-line operations under OSX, most of which are expected to start touching computers in the Windows ERA. DOS-based should be seen to understand, and played Linux should be pro. This post hope to

Use helloworld for vulnerabilities on IPAD

Prepared by: txstcRecently, I have read some articles about ROP (Return-Oriented-Program. This method is mainly used to break through the shellcode Writing Method of NX and has long been known as return-to-lib. In the past two years, the research on

Configure a luxury Windows development environment

List some useful, free Windows development related tools ConEmu + ClinkIt is indispensable to do development and Cmd.exe in Windows. If you often go to Linux and Windows, then CMD is absolutely rotten to the wall. The good news, however, is that

Mac password-Free login server

Since Mac OS is very similar to UNIX-based operating system terminals and Linux, it is not possible to remotely log on to a Linux server without the use of Windows-like putty and CRT tools, requiring a simple 3-step password-free SSH remote.1:

Install wine on CentOS

Wine (& ldquo; WineIsNotanEmulator & rdquo;) is a compatible layer that can run Windows applications on multiple POSIX-compliant operating systems (such as Linux, MacOSX, and BSD. Wine (WineIsNotanEmulator) [that is, Wine is not a simulator] is Wine

Nmake vs msbuild

Nmake and msbuild are both command line automatic compilation systems with similar functions. Now VS 2005 has adopted the msbuild system.The nmake format is straightforward and the file is simple:Proxy. OBJ: .. \ proxy. C .. \ putty. h .. \ Network.

Using the solarized color scheme in MAC OS X terminal

Believe that long-term immersion in the terminal and the code of the small partners have their own favorite color scheme. Used to be a simple, readable terminal.app color scheme, the MacBook Pro with Retina display found this color time to look a

Install wine on CentOS

Install wine on CentOS Wine (short for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") Is a POSIX-compliant operating system (such as Linux, Mac OSX, and BSD) the compatibility layer for running Windows applications. Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) [that Is, Wine Is Not

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