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Collocation and use of WINSCP and putty

Putty and WINSCP are the router prerequisites for managing OPENWRT firmware. The advantage of WINSCP is that it supports multiple languages, manages files in the Linux system under a graphical interface, and stores multiple session settings to

Build PPTP service using AWS EC2

What can cloud technology do? Speaking of what we need for half a day, today we are playing with the implementation of building PPTP services through Amazon AWS EC2 to scientifically access the internet. I have previously introduced the AIM

Configuration of the Windows system Stunnel client

Stunnel official Windows version, to the following address download:Https://www.stunnel.org/downloads.htmlSelect " stunnel-X.XX-installer.exe " and install to a "writable" location, because Windows Vista/7/8 if installed in the system C:\Program

Use telnet or SSH to log on to the router's Linux terminal in Windows and brush the router firmware

Linux System terminal using Telnet protocol to login router under Windows (for example, the router for the DD-WRT firmware.) ) 1.Telnet is a feature that Windows 7 is equipped with, just default is not turned on, enter: Start-Control

Use telnet or SSH in Windows to log on to the Linux terminal of the vro and write the firmware of the vro.

1. log on to the Linux system terminal of the router using Telnet protocol in Windows (Take the router of the DD-WRT firmware as an example .) 1. Telnet is a feature provided in Windows 7, but it is not enabled by default. Go to Start-control

Linux remote login and key configuration

2017-10-181, Linux remote login tools are: Putty Xshell SECURECRT, etc.1.1, tool putyy, first to download from the Internet, if the search from Baidu download, just a simple landing tool, features are not comprehensive, need to download from the

Linux Network Management

Objective Only a bald head can become stronger. Review Front: After reading this Linux basic operation will be Linux User and Rights Management look, you're going to use it. Linux Process Management This article

Tortoisegit + GitHub getting started

Preface It is speechless that many people around the research program design will not use the version control system, so I will write this tutorial. The main audience of this tutorial is Windows users who have never used version control systems or

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