putty session timeout

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Solution to SSH session connection timeout

Method 1,If it is blank, it indicates that it is not set. It is equal to the default value 0. Generally, it should not time out. If it is greater than 0, it can be set to 0 in files such as/etc/profile.Use the command to directly modify the

PHP uses Memcache to store session other "reprint"

PHP uses Memcache to store sessionCategory: PHP time: March 30, 2015Many times a complete system may run on multiple servers, if the server needs to share the session, then the default PHP files to save the session is powerless. At this point we can

CentOS6 system server security settings (entry level)

Most hosts attacked on the network are targeted by hackers who use scanning tools for a wide range of scans. Therefore, in order to avoid being scanned, all ports, such as Web, FTP, and SSH, should be disabled. It is worth mentioning that I strongly

SWO single bus output based on arm cortex-m and Eclipse

Recently on the MCU on the Eclipse website saw Erich Styger wrote an article about through the SWD tracking interface SWO get ARM cortex-m related information, the article structure is clear, explain thoroughly, I deeply inspired, deliberately

VRP System--5

Configuring users to log on to the switch via HTTP Web managedBecause ENSP can't emulate HTTP login, it's just a little bit simpler.The configuration tasks for the entire HTTP login method are as follows:1. Upload and Load Web page files: Before

[Fool Edition] The development environment configuration steps for Redis under Windows

Redis runs by default under UNIX, Windows cannot run the official version directly. Here are a few solutions,a) Windows Migration Edition . Fast startup speed, preferred recommended .a) 2.6.12 is a stable version, I used 64-bit version of the

Resolving the SSH timeout disconnect problem

When you connect Linux with putty or SECURECRT, you will always automatically disconnect after a period of time, although for security reasons, but very uncomfortable to use, you can try the following methods to avoid this disconnect.a). Uncomment

Using Vagrant on Windows to create a LaravelHomestead collaborative cross-platform development environment

Creating a LaravelHomestead collaborative cross-platform development environment using Vagrant on Windows Everyone is familiar with VMware or VirtualBox, and the benefits of virtualization are naturally deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. now

SSH reverse active connection and scripting encryption

recently, in the deployment of the relevant DNS system services for the company's customers, for resource scheduling services, but the customer export lack of public IP address, can not easily manage this server, began to think of using teamviewer

How to Keep Alive SSH Sessions

How to Keep Alive SSH SessionsMany NAT firewalls time out idle sessions after a certain period of time to keep their trunks clean. Sometimes the interval between session drops is a hours, but on many commodity firewalls, connections was killed after

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