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SharePoint Server PWA (Project web App) is turned into read-only mode

A colleague today responded to a situation in which the integrated Project Web APP (hereafter referred to as PWA) in SharePoint 2016 became read-only read-only mode!Today, I would like to share my troubleshooting process for everyone's reference. The whole process I used a total of five methods, the result of the last one to take effect, but these five methods are in accordance with our inertial logic think

PWA (Progressive Web App) Getting Started series: (ii) related preparation

support, it is recommended to use a pure Android OS, or it can be done on some international versions of the ROM system. Installing a network serverBecause some of the technologies of PWA need to be running on HTTPS, or localhost (, it is not possible to run the HTML file directly, so it is necessary to install a local server.InstallationLocal server Adoption Web Server for Chrome , click to download. TestWhen the install

Progressive Web application (PWA) Getting Started tutorial (bottom)

In the previous article we made some basic introductions to progressive Web applications (PWA).Progressive web App (PWA) Getting Started tutorial (top)In this section, we'll show you what the principle of PWA is and how it began to work.First step: Use HTTPSAn incremental We

PWA Web App Model

The first blog in 2018, has recently been to squeeze the library, I hope the New Year ...Brief introductionPWA is a new web front-end technology launched by Google, the full name of Progressive Web App, which Google introduced in 2015 and launched in June 2016, is a combination of a series of modern web technologies, Implement a user experience that is similar to native apps in Web applications.PWA does not describe a technology, but a collection of t

[IO PWA] keynote:launching a Progressive Web App on

Mainly about Material design (effects/colors/flashy stuff) Components (web Components/polymer) Offline/notifications (Service worker/idb/firebase) Progressive Web App: HTTPS Add to Home screen Splash screen Service worker notifications, BG Sync Offline Service Worker: Send Reminders Sessiong starting/updated/rate Fully offline experience

WeChat mini-app tutorial-mini-app configuration, WeChat mini-app tutorial

Mini-program Tutorial: Mini-program configuration, mini-program tutorial Applet-Configuration The following is a systematic arrangement of small program configuration materials, hoping to help developers. We use the app. json file to perform global configuration for the applet, and determine the path and window performance of the page file, set the network timeou

WeChat mini-app tutorial (article 1), mini-app tutorial Article 1

Small Program tutorial (article 1), small program tutorial Article 1 Directory Overview of the first Applet Article 2 how to register and access applets and build a Development Environment Article 3 architecture and Implementation Mechanism of applets, channel service and session management Article 4 basic framework of Applet development and its restrictions and Optimization Article 5 example, test and rele

WeChat mini-app, super-loaded instance tutorial, mini-app instance tutorial

Examples of small programs, super-loaded instances, and small program instances Preface Before you start developing the application number, take a look at the official "mini-programs" tutorial! (The following content is from the official "applet" Development Guide) This document will take you step by step to create a small program, and you can experience the actual effect of the small program on your phone. The homepage of this applet displays the wel

Dah-da bus app how to refund the app refund Tutorial list

For the users of the Ta-ta bus software to detailed analysis of the share of the refund of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, first open the app, click on the lower right corner of "my", and then click on "My Order"; 2, select your order, enter the order details, click the bottom left corner "refund"; 3, then select the tic

Superboard app How to use Superboard app tutorial share

To give you superboard software users to detailed analysis of the use of this software to share the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, first open Superboard APP, the mobile phone across, select the brush color, brush thickness, you can write on the screen to express the word or painting, and then click on the right screen pattern on it; 2, you can also

WeChat mini-app tutorial (article 4), mini-app tutorial Article 4

Mini-program tutorial (article 4), mini-program tutorial Article 4 Basic Framework of Applet development and its restrictions and Optimization Basic Development Framework (MINA Framework) └ ── Project-folder /·································· project directory Pages-pages /···································· · page Directory │ Choose-index /··································· index page │ Index ── index.

Love anime mobile app How to cache? Love Anime app Caching tutorial

Love animation software, and then find our favorite categories, such as we click on "animation" after find "video home" such as we find animation click; Into the video playback interface, we find the animation can be cached (if the payment can not be cached); Click the video interface to make it a horizontal screen playback, in the horizontal screen interface has a cache button, click on the cache; Well, the above is a small series for you to organize an article on Love An

Public welfare APP (360 special tutorial APP source code + tutorial sharing)

Provides various official and user-released code examples and code reference. You are welcome to learn how to care for autistic children. Public welfare APP (360 special tutorial APP source code + tutorial sharing), based on APICloud Platform Scan the QR code to install the SDK. Download link + vid

IOS app publishing to App Store tutorial

IOS app publishing to App Store tutorial To publish a certificate, you must first publish the certificate. The basic process for obtaining and installing the certificate is the same as that for debugging a real machine. Now Xcode7 can debug a real machine without a real machine debugging certificate. To obtain a certificate and publish an

Photoshop design technology-rich APP software APP icon-PS tutorial

This tutorial is intended to introduce my friends to the APP icon method of Photoshop design technology. the icons designed in this tutorial are very cool. the tutorials are very detailed and recommended, let's take a look at it. this tutorial introduces the APP icon method

IOS 9 app development tutorial-custom app icons and real-machine testing

IOS 9 app development tutorial-custom app icons and real-machine testingIOS 9 app development tutorial-custom app icons and real-machine test custom iOS 9 app icons In Figure 1.12, you

Android Real-time Easy tutorial-64th gun (Android App boot page implementation-load on first app entry)

, enter the time to judge whether there is no value, if no value is the first time to enter, then jump into the Application Guide page, otherwise, jump into the main page.2.ViewPager to achieve page turn effect:Package;import Java.util.arraylist;import Java.util.list;import;import Android.content.intent;import Android.os.bundle;import;import;import

iOS in-app purchase development history Tutorial iOS IAP In-app Purchases

The following questions were tested in July 2014. There's no guarantee it's going to be different.1. Add app in itunes Connect, title//description/keyword cannot be changed, icon and package name can be changed. The app cannot be deleted after it is added.2. Add a product in In-app purchases, there are no 4 types of options. Reason: "Contracts, tax, and Banking"

[Web API series tutorial] 3.10-practice: process data (publish an App to Azure App Service)

[Web API series tutorial] 3.10-practice: process data (publish an App to Azure App Service) In the last section, you will release the application to Azure. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project and select Publish. Click Publish to open the Publish Web dialog box. If you select HZ runtime when creating a project? Http:// "target =

Web API Series Tutorial 3.10-Combat: Process data (advertise app to Azure app Service)

Cloud when you set up the project. So now you need to configure a new Web App. In Solution Explorer. Right-click the project and select Publish.Select the Profile panel and click Microsoft Azure Websites. Assuming you're not signed in to Azure now, you'll need to log in first.In the existing Websites dialog box. Click New.Enter a site name. Choose your Azure subscription and region.Under Database server, select Create New server, or the server that a

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