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PyPI China Mirror How many and domestic Python users how to use PyPI mirror source __python

First, PyPI China mirror As an upgraded version of Easy_install, PIP provides great convenience for Pyhton package management. One-line command to complete the installation of the required modules: Pip Install Pandas But the official image of the access speed is very slow, almost unusable. Therefore, it is very necessary to modify the mirror source to improve access speed, Modify the mirror source in different operating systems, the location of the

Build a private PyPI warehouse source

1. Official PyPI sources and private pypi sources We usually install the Python package using PIP, which will be conveniently installed by default from the Https:// But some of the company's internal projects, inconvenient to go online, this time we will build their own intranet PyPI source server,

Python Open source package submitted to the PyPI community

Why submit to PyPI? Since the submission is successful, you will want to use your own module, as long as the PIP install a bit.So how to submit? See this tutorialFirst of all to determine what your package name, such as my bag called XLUTILS3, since it is OK, then create the name of the folder, and then put the source into the folder, and then check the folder inside the file of each import library is written to the path, Like Xlutils.copy, you have t

[Python practice 02] sharing Python code to the PyPI community

I learned the Python list and wrote a function to output the list. This time, I will continue to learn how to share the code we have compiled with the PyPI community, the print_lol function written in the above article is used as an example. To share the print_lol function, we first need to encapsulate this function into a module. The so-called module is actually an object. the file at the end of py. Here we put the print_lol function in the previous

[Python practice 0] modify the Python code uploaded to PyPI

In the previous article, we have uploaded a wukong module to the PyPI website, which contains a print_lol function, which can be used to output the list, but this function has a problem, that is, the nested list output is not indented, as shown below: >>> import wukong>>> movies = ["The Holy Grail",1975,"Terry Jones Terry Gilliam",91, ["Graham chapman",["Michael Palin","John cleese","Terry Gilliam","Eric Idle Terry Jones"]],

Use a domestic image source to accelerate the installation of Python PyPI packages

with [global] HOST = foo A command Specific section in the config file [host = bar ove Rrides the option with same name in the [global] config file section Command completionPip comes with the Support-command line completion in bash and zsh.To setup for bash:$ pip Completion--bash >> ~/.profileTo setup for zsh:$ pip Completion--zsh >> ~/.zprofileAlternatively, can use the result of the completion command directly with the Eval function of your shell, e.g . By adding the followin

Build a local pypi source using pip2pi

When a team develops a project, the required Python third-party packages are basically fixed. Every time we build a new environment, it is always caused by various Intranet and Internet resources, HTTPS issues take a lot of time to install the runtime environment. Therefore, you can build a local, small, and only contain the package source, or cache, which can save a lot of time to build the environment. Pip2pi is used here. You can specify a download source, which is officially available in

Python uses setuptools to package and upload it to the PyPi library.

lele_scripts is the command line program generatedO gui_scripts is a graphical interface program generatedThe format of o equals to the right is as follows: "[executable program name] = introduced package name. Sub-package name. Module name: entry function"Use setup. pyInstallAfter setup. py is written, the installation becomes very simple. Directly run the python setup. py install command to complete the installation.Debug/uninstallI have not found a method to uninstall using the python script

Python pip installs the non-PyPI official website third Party library method

This article mainly introduces the Python pip installed PyPI official website Third-party Library method, pip the latest version (more than 1.5 version), for security reasons, the PIP does not allow the installation of PyPI URLs, this article gives two solutions, the need for friends can refer to the There are three different ways to install a non-Self Python module in Python: 1.easy_install 2.pip 3. Do

Publish Python code to PyPI so others can be installed with PIP __python

', ], entry_points={ ' console_scripts ': [ #如果你想要以Linux命令的形式使用 ' bword = Bword.bword:main ' ] }, ) Go to PyPI to sign up for an account to create a hidden file named. Pypirc under your user's home directory, and fill in your account password: [Server-login]Username =Password = $ python setup.p

Python Upload code to PyPI

1. Register account by Brower on Register your Moudle "Nester" to PyPI via CMDC:\users\eric\documents\python\nester>c:\users\eric\appdata\local\programs\python\python35-32\python.exe registerrunning registerrunning Checkwe need to know who is, so please choose Either:1. Use your existing L Ogin, 2. Register as a new user, 3. The server generate a new password for you

How to publish your own Python library on PyPI

BackgroundRecent interest has written several Python libraries, also published on the PyPI, although no one to download, but they are used on other machines will be very convenient. Here I will show you how to publish your own Python library on PyPI.Prepare to register your accountIt is obvious to register an account with PyPI.Install the necessary library SetuptoolsThe environment in which PIP is installed in principle has setuptools, but does not af

The number of modules in PyPI is wildly large

Pypi-the Python Package IndexThe Python package, Index is a repository of software for the Python programming language. There is currently 53841 packages here.To the PyPI admins, please use the support or Bug reports links.Https:// registered an account, after comparison, or Love Python, concise, can let you learn quickly, without having been delayed in the complicated grammar was

Accelerating the online installation of Third-party libraries using the PyPI mirror source

To specify mirrors manually It is convenient to install a Third-party library with Easy_install and PIPThey are actually downloaded from the official source of Python to the local and then unpack the installation.But for some reason, the official pypi is unstable, slow or even inaccessible.Like Ubuntu's apt and CentOS's yum have each mirror source,

How to install third-party libraries on the official website of non-PyPI using pip in Python

This article mainly introduces how to install third-party libraries of non-PyPI official website by pip in Python. The latest version of pip (version 1.5 or later) is out of security considerations, pip does not allow installation of non-PyPI URLs. This article provides two solutions. you can refer to the following three methods to install a non-built-in python module in python: 1. easy_install2. pip3.down

PIP command accelerates online installation using a domestic pypi image source

Reference: third-party libraries with Easy_install and Pip is convenientThey are actually downloaded from the official Python source to the local, then unpacked and installed.But for some reason, access to the official PyPI is unstable, slow or even inaccessible.As with Ubuntu's apt and CentOS's yum, there are various image sources l

Python uploads package to Pypi (simple code) and pythonpypi

Python uploads package to Pypi (simple code) and pythonpypi If you don't talk much about it, You can directly post code to everyone. After setup. py is compiled $ Python setup. py register $ python setup. py sdist upload The above is all about uploading a package to Pypi (simple code) in Python. This article is not well written. Please give me some advice and I wish you a happy New Year. Articles you m

Use a domestic pypi source to install Python packages

Domestic source University of Technology University of Technology University of Science and TechnologyHow to useManually Specify:Manually specify the source, you can follow the PIP and-I to specify the source, such as the source of the watercress to install Slinter (remember to add simple after the source address):$sudoPip3Install-I.

Use a domestic image source to accelerate the installation of Python PyPI packages

The default PIP is to use the official Python source, but because the foreign official source is often the wall, resulting in unavailability, we can use the domestic Python image source, to solve the problem of Python installation not on the library.There are many sources available online, for example: Watercress: Https:// that there is a/simple directory behind!!!1, temporary use, only use the specified source when inst

The Windows system sends the Cloth Python module to PyPI

1. Register a user on the website, remembering the user name and password.2. Write the source code that needs to upload the module, the file name is: skyersfirstpythonmodule.py3. Create a new folder with the name Skyersfirstpythonmodule (optional), copy the above file into it, and under that folder, make the file, author and author_email The information you filled in the first step of registration.4. Open the DOS window in the Skyersfirstpythonmodule directory and enter

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