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"Programmer's skill Level" learning a scripting language Python (ii) traverse the local file system

This article will tell you how to use Python to traverse the local file system, and a small example of how to sort files from small to large by file sizeIn this example, the main use of Python built-in and the OS module of several functions: This method is used to traverse the specified file directory, returning a

In earlier versions, Python division is a small algorithm skill.

In earlier versions, Python division is a small algorithm skill. The first thing to talk about is the division operation in python. in python 2.5, there are two Division operations, namely the true division and the floor division. When division is performed in the form of x/y, if both x and y are integers, the result

Variable, immutable object and assignment skill sequence unpacking in Python

Mutable objects and immutable objects All objects in Python. There is no so-called value-passing call in Python, all passing is a reference to the object, or it can be considered as a pass-through.In Python, objects are divided into variable (mutable) and immutable (immutable) types, tuples (tuple), numeric (number), string (strings) are immutable object

What is the Python popitem function? Example parsing

In this article we learn about the Python Popitem function in the python dictionary, what the python popiteme function means, and what the function will do in the next article. Description of the Python popiteme function The Python Dictionary Popitem () method randomly

Example of how to read and write csv files using Python,

Example of how to read and write csv files using Python, This example describes how to read and write csv files in Python. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Create a csvdata.csv file with the following data: The Code is as follows: # Coding: utf-8import csv # Read csv file met

Python pop function definition and how to use it (example shows)

In this article we learn about Python pop functions in Python dictionaries, what the pop function means in Python, and what this function does will be answered in the next article. Python pop function description The Python dictionary pop () method deletes the value of

[Python] web crawler (12): The first reptile example of the reptile Framework Scrapy tutorial __python

(Suggest everyone to read more about the official website tutorial: Tutorial address) We use the site as a small grab to catch a show of skill. First you have to answer a question. Q: Put the Web site into a reptile, a total of several steps. The answer is simple, step four: New Project (Project): Create a new reptile project clear goal (items): Define the target you want to crawl (Spider): Make crawler start crawl Web page storage content

[Python] web crawler (12): Crawler frame Scrapy's first crawler example Getting Started Tutorial

" allowed_domains = [" "] start_urls = [ " languages/python/books/", "" ] def parse (self, Response): sel = Selector (response) sites = Sel.xpath ('//ul[@class = "Directory-url"]/ Li ') for site in sites: ti

Python example tutorial for building an XML tree structure

This article mainly introduced the Python constructs the XML tree structure the method, unifies the example form to analyze the Python creation and the print XML number structure implementation step and the related operation skill, needs the friend can refer to the next The exampl

Example of a Caesar cipher algorithm implemented by Python

This article mainly introduced the Python implementation of the Caesar cipher algorithm, briefly introduced the Caesar cipher concept, the principle and combined with the example form analysis Python to realize the Caesar cipher algorithm related definition and the use Operation skill, needs the friend can refer to the

Python module psutil obtains the system status example

can also be very good operation, down we look at a practical example to show how to use the Psutil module: #!/usr/bin/env python#coding: Utf-8Import PsutilImport timeImport SysFrom Optparse import OptionparserParser = Optionparser ()Parser.add_option ("T", "--time", dest= "time",help= "This parameter to view the current download bandwidth,-T is Test time", metavar= "10")Parser.add_option ("D", "--deamon",

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