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Install selenium in python and python selenium

Install selenium in python and python seleniumInstall python Go to the Python official website, find "Download", and select your own platform (Windows/Mac) from the drop-down menu. Generally, you do not need to install Python on t

Python + Selenium notes (11): Configure selenium Grid and pythonselenium

Python + Selenium notes (11): Configure selenium Grid and pythonselenium (1)Preface Selenium GridTests can be distributed on several physical or virtual machines to perform tests in a distributed or parallel manner. This link is an official description. Https://

Selenium Ultimate Automated Test Environment Construction (ii) Selenium+eclipse+python

SeleniumThe Ultimate Automated test Environment Setup (II.)Selenium+eclipse+pythonThe previous example of the selenium+eclipse+junit+testng Automated test environment, on the basis of the previous article, the following example Selenium+eclipse+python test Environment Setup. First step: InstallPythonAccording to the fo

Python+selenium Note (11): Configuring the Selenium Grid

) - Cls.driver.maximize_window () +Cls.driver.get ("") - + defTest_search_by_look (self): ASeach_class = Self.driver.find_element_by_xpath ('//li/a[@href = "/cate/2/"]') at #Small class Python in the Location programming language -Seach_small =self.driver.find_element_by_xpath ('//li/a[@href = "/cate/python/"]') - actionchains (self.driver). Move_to_element (Seac

Selenium (1): selenium installation in Python, seleniumpython

Selenium (1): selenium installation in Python, seleniumpythonAbout selenium Selenium is also a tool for Web application testing. The Selenium test runs directly in the browser, just as the real user is operating. Supported browser

Python data capture with selenium, and introduction to selenium resources

interpreter,selenium can be downloaded according to my first blog's practice. PHANTOMJS, you can directly through the link I gave to download. When the two are all installed, you can start data capture formally. Of course, the example is my blog ~First on the sample code!#-*-coding:utf-8-*-# fromSeleniumImportWebdriverdefcrawling_webdriver ():#get local session of PHANTOMJSDriver = Webdriver. PHANTOMJS (executable_path='/users/yirugao/phantomjs/bin/p

Python + Selenium + pycharm environment deployment details and Selenium Brief introduction

First, Test System: Python + Selenium + pycharm + Jenkins/dockerEnvironment Construction:1. Install python 3.4/3.5 2/3.6/3.72. Configure Environment variables3.pip Install selenium== version number 3.3 (frame with the latest in mature language)4. Install editor Pycharm, Project path cannot contain Chinese, name is mean

Python+selenium Automated Software Testing (13th): Selenium face Test

ObjectiveRecently saw a group of small partners posted a set of interview questions, and recently job-hopping gold season, small series can not help but take a moment to summarize the nextHow do I determine if an element exists in selenium?The Expected_conditions module provides 16 ways to determine the existence of an element in the DOM:presence_of_element_located"" "an expectation for checking this an element was present on the DOM of a page. This d

Python+selenium Automated Software Testing (6th): Selenium PHANTOMJS page parsing using

='mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1)applewebkit/537.36(khtml, like Gecko) Chrome/29.0.1547.66 safari/537.36'#path of the PhantomusPjs_path ='Xx/node_modules/phantomjs/bin/phantomjsDcap = {"": User_agent,'Marionette': True}driver= Webdriver. PHANTOMJS (executable_path=pjs_path,desired_capabilities=dcap)#5 Secondswait = webdriverwait (Driver, 5)#Get HTML login pageLogin_page_url ='http://xxx'driver.get (Login_page_url)#wait until the page loadswait.until (ec.presence_of

"Selenium learning Note one" Python + Selenium the way to locate page elements.

1, what is selenium, why Web test, everybody use it?Selenium is designed to re-develop the acceptance test for Web projects. The kernel is written in JavaScript language and is almost supported so that it can run JavaScript browsers and support various platforms such as Windows\linux\macos.Selenium scripts are written in one of several supported programming languages-Java, Ruby, and

Python crawler accumulation (i)--------the use of SELENIUM+PYTHON+PHANTOMJS

Recently, as requested by the company, crawl related sites, found no JS package address, I use selenium to crawl information, related actual links: Python crawler combat (a)--------China crop germplasm Information NetworkI. Introduction of Selenium  What is Selenium ? In a word, automated testing tools. It supports a v

Install selenium steps (use selenium in Python)

Pre-condition: Python pip is already installed in the system.Step One: Enter the PIP installation directory in cmd, such as: D:\python34\scriptsStep Two: Execute the installation command: Pip install selenium after the installation of the browser-driven configurationStep three: Download browser drivers on the Internet (Google, IE, Firefox, etc.)Fourth step: Place the downloaded browser driver in the root di

Python crawler accumulation (1) -------- use of selenium + python + PhantomJS and phantomjspython Crawler

Python crawler accumulation (1) -------- use of selenium + python + PhantomJS and phantomjspython Crawler Recently, as per the company's requirements, when I found that I did not find the js package address, I used selenium to crawl information. Link: python crawler practice

Python+selenium Automated Software Testing (5th): Selenium gird

5.1 Distributed (Grid)The Selenium grid is a tool for distributing test case scripts, such as testers who often test for multi-browser compatibility, and then use the grid. Here's how to run the same script on multiple browsers.Files required to use the grid: 1. Selenium server (i.e. Selenium-server-standalone-x.xx.x.jar); 2.grid configuration file (which is resp

"Selenium+python" a few questions about using Selenium 1

Problem: selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException:Message: ' chromedriver ' executable needs to being in PATH. Please see Https:// The hint was not added to the PATH environment variable and Webdriver was not foundSolution: Win10 used to add Chromedriver directory to the PATH environment variable, but still reported the same error, after searching, found to put Chromedriver.exe in the same directory as the

Python selenium--must be used selenium wait, three kinds of waiting way to interpret

as XX time, whether the bump can keep up with the speed, or has been early, must wait xx time.Look at the code:# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-from selenium import webdriverfrom time import sleepdriver = webdriver.Firefox()driver.get(‘‘)sleep(3) # 强制等待3秒再执行下一步print driver.current_urldriver.quit()This is called forced wait, regardless of whether your browser is loaded, the program will have to wait 3 seconds, 3 seconds to continue t

Python+selenium the operation of shortcut keys in Primary (5)-selenium

The keys () class provides a way to shortcut keys Frequently used shortcut key operations Send_keys (keys.backspace) Delete key Send_keys (keys. Enter) enter Send.keys ( space key Send.keys (Keys.control, ' a ') shortcut key Control+a Send.keys (Keys.control, ' C ') shortcut key Control+c #coding =utf-8 from Selenium import webdriver #导入Keys () class from Selenium.webdriver.common.keys import keys Driver = Webdriver. Firefox ()

Python (i) |selenium + Python automated test environment setup

Selenium is a web of automated testing tools, many learning function automation students began to prefer selenium, compared with QTP because it has many advantages:* Free, no need to crack QTP and big headache* Small, for different languages it's just a package, and QTP needs to download and install 1 + G programs.* This is also the most important point, whether you are more familiar with C, Java, Ruby,

Python Test series Tutorials--python+selenium automated test framework __python

Full Stack Engineer Development Manual (author: Shangpeng) The Python tutorials all solution needs Environment browser (firefox/chrome/ie. Python Selenium Selenium IDE (if using Firefox) FireBug, Firepath (if using Firefox) chromedriver, Iedriverserver, Phantomjs.exe IDE (Pycharm/sublime/eclipse.. ) 1, browsers suggest

Python crawler tool: Selenium usage

This article and we share the main is python crawler Sharp weapon selenium related content, together to see it, hope to you learn Python crawler helpful. What is selenium? In a word, automated testing tools. It supports a variety of browsers, including Chrome,Safari,Firefox and other mainstream interface browser, if

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