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Temporary social workers perform openfire decryption during Linux Server penetration

The starting point is the weak password of the Tomcat/manager/html administrator page.By the way, you can use google hack to search for tomcat pages.Enter intitle: Apache. Tomcat "Congratulations in the browser! "It indicates that the title Keyword

Linux upgrade OpenSSH and Problems summary __linux

the need to upgrade the OpenSSH to OPENSSH_7.1P2 as a result of third party monitoring software scanning Linux SSH vulnerabilities System version: [Root@db ~]# Uname-aLinux db 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Sun Nov 22:19:54 EST 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_

Generate a password in the/etc/shadow file,

Generate a password in the/etc/shadow file, The format of the shadow file is not mentioned. Let's talk about its second column-Password column. Generally, passwd can directly specify the password for the user. However, in some cases, you need to

94 of the best priceless Software

Peter note: the original article named 94 free software that is better than paid software. I did not fully agree after reading the full text, so I did not follow the original title. However, as free software, they are definitely the best, and some

94 free software better than paid Software

Best Web Browser Firefox. Firefox is a very popular browser with higher security and user customization than IE. It can be automatically upgraded, fast tag browsing, and better privacy and confidentiality settings, an integrated search box

[Encryption/Decryption] compilation of the C ++ Encryption Algorithm Library Botan in Windows and Linux

Compilation of C ++ Encryption Algorithm Library Botan in Windows and Linux (1) Botan Introduction Botan Official Website: Botan is a C ++ encryption algorithm library that supports AES, Des, SHA-1, RSA, DSA,

Ubuntu Configuration New Installation configuration toss a good freshman

-------------------------------------To set the root administrator account password:sudo passwd rootEnter the normal user password and then modify it.After the change, log out with rootTo install Remote services:$ sudo apt-get install Openssh-server$

Ubuntu 16.04 Build Lamp development environment

1.Http:// installing the Ubuntu16.04, it is a blank Ubuntu. My goal is to build a lamp environment, and by the way, a Python django environment.Basic Settings 1. Configure the network environmentThe

CentOS6.5 yum quick fix OpenSSL heartbleed Vulnerability

The OpenSSL Heart Bleed vulnerability has been confusing for the past two days. Please read this article to analyze and diagnose the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug. Currently, we can see that the versions that can exploit this vulnerability are:OpenSSL 1.0.1

Configure Apache, MySQL, and PHP manually in Windows

Lamp (short for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/perl/Python) is now popular. It is also similar in windows, such as Wamp (Apache, MySQL, PHP on Windows ). This article describes how to manually configure Apache, MySQL, and PHP in a Windows environment.

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