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Quick implementation of Python-based WeChat chatbot Sample code

This article describes how to quickly implement the Python-based chatbot sample code. developed based on itchat, you can use it as a chatbot. if you are interested, you can take a look. Recently I heard that a very interesting Turing Robot api can be used as a chatbot. The f

Copy and paste Python program

Next, because I think it is too painful to manually copy and paste the 29000 insert statements, I plan to use Python to do this. This is the first time that I write Python code myself. it feels quite smooth. Today, because BeauBeau's lucky draw number was used as an SQL file

Python program for copy-and-paste functionality

Today because of the lottery numbers provided to Beaubeau to do SQL files, initially received ZIP file decompression compression was frightened--29 CSV files, each file saved 1000 lottery ID and number-_-! As before, open each CSV file to do a separate SQL file, with 1000 inserts in each SQL, and then copy and paste all the SQL statements from the 29 files into the same total SQL file. The structure in th

Java Simple implementation copy paste cut feature code sharing _java

Nonsense not to say, directly on the code, the small friends carefully read the note. Copy Code code as follows: /* Simple copy-cut-paste feature Operation: Copy test: In

Website content is forbidden to copy and paste, save as JS code

Do you have any web text or pictures that you have encountered in your life or work that you can't copy and paste? When I first started working, I thought my computer was broken. That's ridiculous! Forgive me for my ignorance.So today to share with you about how to use JS code to prohibit the site content is copied, pasted, save as. Have the necessary small partn

JavaScript prohibit copy and paste implementation code _javascript tips

triggered when the user pastes text into the element. Note: Although the HTML element used supports the Onpaste event, it does not actually support all elements, such as the Tip: The Onpaste event is usually used to type= the Tip: There are three ways to paste content in an element: • Press CTRL + V• Choose "Paste" from the browser's Edit menu• Right-click the mouse button to select the "

Code for disabling the right-click and copy-and-paste functions in the JS input text box

codeThe Code is as follows:1. the right mouse button will be completely shielded Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Oncontextmenu = "window. event. returnValue = false"Function click (){If (event. button = 2 ){Alert ('Sorry, right-click this page to disable it! ')}}Document. onmousedown = click 2. Cancel selection and prevent ReplicationCopy codeThe

Code for disabling the right-click and copy-and-paste functions in the JS input text box

message will be garbled. Page reference:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: 1. the right mouse button will be completely shielded Copy codeThe Code is as follows: oncontextmenu = "window. event. returnvalue = false"Function click (){If (event. Button = 2 ){Alert ('Sorry, right-click this page to disable it! ')}}Document. onmousedown = click 2. Cancel selection

Android EditText prohibit copy and paste full code

) {Super. OnCreate (Savedinstancestate);//call the OnCreate method of the parent class//set the current page's layout file to Activity_main by using the Setcontentview methodSetcontentview (R.layout.activity_main); Et=(EditText) Findviewbyid (; Et.setcustomselectionactionmodecallback (NewActionmode.callback () {@Override Public BooleanOnprepareactionmode (actionmode Mode, menu menu) {return false; } @Override Public voidOndestroyactionmode (Actionmode mode) {} @Override Public BooleanOnc

Web site development of the most commonly used code, feel can learn the reference under the copy paste over

characterif (/[^\x00-\xff]/g.test (s)) alert ("contains Chinese characters");else alert ("All characters");22.TEXTAREA Adaptive number of lines of text23. Date minus number of days equals second date24. Which radio are selected25. Get the Request.ServerVariables ("") collection of this page's URLResponse.Write "For each OB in Request.ServerVariablesResponse.Write "NextResponse.Write "26.Native IpServer name Server IpServer Port Server Time IIS version Script Timeout Time This file path Number o

Resolve Eclipse copy and paste JS code card Dead Problem

Locate the. project file at the root of the project, such as:Open to delete one of the rows:You can do it.If this is not a problem, refer to the following method:。。。。Using the official website of the standard version of the eclipse3.9 for Java EE does not install any plug-in, write JS when the card is simply unbearable, try to remove all the validate, including menu and item properties are not in effect, later in the project root directory: Project found the following red Line incredibly validat

JS input text box disables the right key and copy paste function code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: function Click (e) { if (document.all) { if (event.button==1| | event.button==2| | EVENT.BUTTON==3) { Oncontextmenu= ' return false '; } } if (document.layers) { if (E.which = 3) { Oncontextmenu= ' return false '; } } } if (document.layers) { Document.captureevents (Event.mousedown); } Document.onmousedown=cli

JS Click to copy the text to the Paste Pad code Summary

How to copy IE browser Example 1 The code is as follows Copy Code Text CopyCopyText = function (str) {if (Browerkernel.isie ()) {Clipboarddata.setdata (' Text ', str);Alert ("Site link has been copied to your Pasteboard" n you can use Ctrl + V paste

Android Classic Code collection (copy, paste, browser call, toast Display, custom dialog, etc.) _android

The examples in this article summarize the classic code snippets for Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1, copy, paste Clip = (Clipboardmanager) getsystemservice (context.clipboard_service); Clip.settext ("copy"); Copy cl

Copy and paste the Python program _python

Today because the lottery number provided to Beaubeau to do the SQL file, a first received zip file to untie the compression was scared--29 CSV files, each file saved 1000 lottery IDs and numbers-_-! As last time, open each CSV file to do a separate SQL file, each SQL has 1000 INSERT statements, and then copy all the SQL statements of 29 files to the same total SQL file. The structure in the CSV file is the structure of "Id,number", where the ID is

Current page prohibit copy and paste screenshot code small set _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows:

The beauty of Python [from cainiao to masters]-full interpretation of shortest copy and deep copy (copy source code analysis)

Sadly, I always thought that the copy module was written in C. Sometimes I need to have a deep understanding of deepcopy. It is too simple to describe the document or refer to cloud. For example, I have some questions about AttribDict's _ deepcopy _ in sqlmap Source Code recently, def __deepcopy__(self, memo): retVal = self.__class__() memo[id(self)] = retVal for attr in dir(self):

Bulk download with Python paste image attached source code

Environment: Windows 7 64-bit; Python2.7;ide pycharm2016.1Function:Batch download Baidu paste bar Some of the pages of all the posts in all the picturesHow to use:1. Install the python2.7, install the RE module, install the URLLIB2 module2. Copy the following source code to save as file3. Open a post and c

Use python to batch download and paste pictures with source code,

Use python to batch download and paste pictures with source code, Environment: windows 7 64-bit; python2.7; IDE pycharm2016.1 Function: Batch download all images in all posts on a certain page of Baidu Post Bar Usage: 1. Install python2.7, re module, and urllib2 module. 2. Copy the following source

0 Basic Writing Python crawler crawl Baidu paste code share _python

Here will not give everyone nonsense, directly on the code, the interpretation of the code in the comments inside, do not understand do not ask me to learn the basics to go! Copy Code code as follows: #-*-Coding:utf-8-*- #---------------------------------------

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