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[Python] Coding statement: coding: UTF-8 or coding = urf-8?

We know that the encoding method should be declared in the header file of Python source code. If you don't just use ASCII code, many people may write a little different: # Coding = UTF-8 # Coding: UTF-8 #-*-Coding: UTF-8 -*- So how can we effectively write data? What advantages are ineffective? For more info

C Security Coding Standard: the development of a safe, reliable, stable system of 98 rules (Original book 2nd edition)--Interactive Publishing network

This article is a computer class of high-quality pre-sale recommendation >>>>C Safety Coding Standard: the development of safe, reliable, stable system of 98 rules (Original book 2nd edition)Partial catalogsTranslator SequencePrefaceContributors ' profile1th Preprocessor (PRE) 11.1 pre30-c. Do not create a universal character name from a connection 11.2 pre31-c. Avoid side effects of unsafe macro Parameters

Summary of python coding best practices and python coding Best Practices

Summary of python coding best practices and python coding Best Practices I believe that many of you have used python, and I have always had a special liking for python. There is no doubt that as an interpreted Dynamic Language,

Python coding (14) and python Coding

Python coding (14) and python CodingI. Knowledge of character encoding 1. How the text editor accesses files (nodepad ++, pycharm, word) Open the editor and start a process, which is in the memory. Therefore, the content written in the editor is also stored in the memory. After power failure, data is lost and therefore needs to be saved to the hard disk, click th

A good book titled the mysteries of coding

I recently read a book "The mysteries of coding" and a book with more than 270 pages. It took me over a dozen hours to finish reading it, and I also bought one. I feel like I am a classic! I found this book by accident. I found it when I searched other books on the e-commerce website. I found such a

Python implements simplified address book modification and python address book modification

Python implements simplified address book modification and python address book modification Description: I wrote a simple address book in my previous blog, but I still think it is not perfect: You need to enter the ID. Although the ID is the primary key, the auto-increment f

Use Python to implement the book expiration reminder, and use python to implement the book expiration reminder

Use Python to implement the book expiration reminder, and use python to implement the book expiration reminder 1. Simulate login to the Library Management System Let's take a look at the login page (many schools have these management system pages that are very low ): Two methods are used to simulate the login to the L

Concise Python Tutorial--book a book--recommend to novice python

Original title: A Byte of PythonAuthor: Swaroop, C. H.Translator: Shen JieyuanPublisher: UnknownAdvantages1. The explanation is very detailed, very basic, is suitable for the introduction, has also made the simple introduction to the compiler2. The explanation of the __name__ attribute is more detailed, while the other books do not talk about this piece of knowledge3. There is the knowledge of class, inheritance, for me without Java Foundation, the explanation is very popular, but this

Python Book recommendation, python book

Python Book recommendation, python book Python Book recommendation list: Tip: Learn how to obtain the file name under the directory on the windows platform. (My python

Python crawler Bean-book Express-book Analysis

(), bookname) -Authors = map (LambdaX:x.strip (), author) +Infos = Map (LambdaX:x.strip (), info) AURLs = map (Lambdap:p.values () [0], URL) at -With open ('/home/freyr/codehouse/python/dbbook.txt','w+') as F: - forBook, author, info, urlinchZip (booknames, authors, infos, URLs): -F.write ('%s\n\n%s\n\n%s'% (Book.encode ('Utf-8'), Author.encode ('Utf-8'), Info.encode ('Utf-8'))) -F.write ('\n\n%s\n'%URL) -F.write ('\ n \--------------------

Where is the Python address book and foxmail address book?

Where is the Python address book and foxmail address book? 1 #! /Usr/bin/python 2 # coding = UTF-8 3 # FileName: address. py 4 # Python Address Book 5 import cPickle as p; 6 import OS;

In your opinion, Python Daniel should have this book

Development popular programming language web development and backend engineers reference guide written based on Python3.5 Edit recommendations Python is a dynamic programming language that is simple and powerful and suitable for many fields. Despite the ease of writing Python code, writing highly efficient, easy-to-maintain, and reusable code is a challenge. The focus of this

Python book search and book cover download __python

I usually like reading, so I made a catalogue of books, and recorded the list of books I read:This is a XSLX file. The following code, query each of the above books, and download the book cover. What needs to be stated are:1. Query the platform of the book is a watercress reading2. The Chinese name of the book is embedded directly in the request link, because it

2018 Latest Python Book list

, Python package authoring, deployment code, extender development, code management, document writing, test development, coding optimization, concurrency programming, design patterns, and more.This book is suitable for readers who want to further improve their Python programming skills, as well as reference learning for

"Python advanced" 02, Python coding problem

byte is set to 0, and the next 7 bits are the Unicode code for the symbol. so for the English alphabet, the UTF-8 encoding and ASCII code are the same. 2) for n-byte notation (n>1), the first n bits are set to 1, the n+1 bit is set to 0, and the first two bits of the subsequent bytes are set to 10. The rest of the bits are not mentioned, all of which are Unicode codes for this symbol.Now: ASCII encoding is 1 bytes, and Unicode encoding is usually 2 bytes, Utf-8 is one of the implementations of

Company Python big man summed up to the new code principle, read thoroughly understand the Python coding principle

about the historical evolution of the code, UTF-8 is how to develop, why Windows still keep GBK encoding ... And so on, online a search a lot of, most of them are forwarded, share after the same content, still can not solve my inner doubts ... Coding is a matter of egg pain, if not clear, how to mix in China? I have set a basic world view of coding by looking through multiple documents and in-depth

Learn python to handle Python coding problems _python

To summarize, you can handle Unicode characters from the python1.6 start. one, several common coding formats.1.1, ASCII, expressed in 1 bytes. 1.2, UTF-8, with 1 to three bytes, representing ASCII code for only 1 bytes, ASCII encoding is a subset of UTF-8. 1.3, UTF-16, in 2 bytes, in Python, the meaning of Unicode is UTF-16. Second, the Python source file encod

Python Route 3 "knowledge points" vernacular Python coding and file manipulation

Python file Header TemplateLet's start with a little bit of knowledge: How to automatically add file header information when creating a file !By: File--settings each time through the file--setings to open the settings page too troublesome! You can select the toolbar toolbar by: view--The modified effect:The first line of the Python Script templateThis is very simple to tell the system with what explanation

PYTHON--PEP8 Python Coding Specification Collation

Decided to start the Python road, using spare time, for more in-depth study of Python. Programming languages are not art, but work or tools, so it is necessary to organize and follow a set of coding specifications. So this afternoon I made a copy according to Pep 8, and I'll follow this code, and I'll keep updating it.PEP8 Py

Python pros and cons analysis and Python types, coding-class notes and after-school summaries

: Universal code, a standard encoding, Python2 the encoding that is used by default. At least 16 bits are required to store. Other encodings are optimized for this encoding, such as UTF-8,GBK.UTF-8: Compression and refinement of Unicode (numbers, letters and ASCII codes using 8-bit encoding to store), Python3 default encoding used, European characters: 2 bytes, 16-bit storage; Chinese characters: 3 bytes, 24 bit storage  Summary: Python3 default encoding is UTF-8, encoding conversion principle:

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