python exit with error

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First knowledge of Python

1 Python Introduction 1.1 What is PythonPython is an object-oriented, interpreted computer programming language, invented by Dutchman Guido van Rossum (Guido van Rossum) in 1989, and the first public offering was released in 1991. The latest version

CENTOS7 installation Mysql--python module appears environmenterror:mysql_config not found and Error:command ' gcc ' failed with exit status 1

To enable Python to operate MySQL requires the Mysql-python driver, which is a necessary module for Python to operate MySQL.: directly after downloading the file. Enter the mysql-

Install Mysql-python error Error:command ' gcc ' failed with exit status 1

[[email protected] mysql-python-1.2.3]# python installfunction...._mysql.c:133:error: ' Er_syntax_error ' undeclared (first use of this function)_mysql.c:380:error: ' _mysql_connectionobject ' has no member named ' Connection

Starting with Python doing zoj1011 non-zero Exit code error.

Recently did the Zhejiang University OJ 1011th problem, met a strange thing. This problem I use C + + and PHP do, after the submission is correct. However, after rewriting the Python code with the same logic, the result of the Non-zero Exit code was

Python error when installing module Error:command ' gcc ' failed with exit status 1

CaseWhen writing Python code, the Psutil module needs to be installed.However, when installing, error: Error:command ' gcc ' failed with exit status 1"Resolution Steps"According to experience, it should be that the GCC module is missing, so operate [

Python pcapy installation Error link.exe failed with exit status 1120

Win7 64-bit installation pcapy pack times wrong:Error:command ' "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Programs\Common\Microsoft\Visual C + + for python\9.0\vc\bin\ Amd64\link.exe "' failed with exit status 1120After the installation process is

Install Python module error error:command ' GCC ' failed with exit status 1

Recently when installing the Paramiko module, always error: Error:command ' gcc ' failed with exit status 1, began to compare scratching heads. Find a lot of information, said most of the lack of python-devel package, but not!At last it was hard to

Mac installation Python module encounters "Error:command ' CC ' failed with exit status 1" solution __python

Turn from: System environment: MAC OS X 10.9.2 Python version: 2.7.5 The RMBP of the new beginning, with the Python environment, but put it into the production environment, there are a variety

First: A beginner's knowledge of Python

Compiled vs explanatory typeCompiled typePros: Compilers typically have pre-compiled procedures to optimize code. Because the compilation is done only once, the runtime does not need to compile, so the program execution of the compiled language is

About the Python installation module appears error:command ' GCC ' failed with exit status 1 error resolution __python

When using the PIP install # # #时, sometimes there will be problems like the title, and the problems I have encountered are as follows: _posixsubprocess.c:3:20:fatal error:python.h:no such file or directory #include "Python.h"

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