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Linux System Tips | For Linux system administrators useful sudoers configuration | How to configure the sudo command to not enter a password at run-times

password at run- times Related reading: Aaron swartz– The internet genius of the life course: every moment asked himself, now the world what is the most important thing I can participate in doing? "Related reading: " site environment Apache + PHP + mysql xampp, how to implement a server on the configuration of multiple sites?" " Related reading: What is the engineer culture? Why are the engineers alive? Why do I need an engineer culture as an IT or internet company? " Related r

Basic tasks for Linux system administrators

As a system administrator to monitor the system in real time, prevent and timely solve the system failure, maximize the performance of the system and always keep an eye on the system security.Basic tasks for Linux system administr

Monitoring tools for more than 80 Linux system administrators

uses two charts and some other useful data like the amount of data transferred to visualize inbound and outbound traffic. You can install it using the following method:Yum Install nload orsudo apt-get install nloadSmokeping.Smokeping can keep track of your network latency and visualize them. There are various delay measurement plugins developed for the smokeping. If the graphical user interface is important to you, there is now a plug-in being developed to implement this functionality.Mobaxterm

Linux commands commonly used by system administrators

can use history to record commands that are used to troubleshoot applications. The history command is used to display a specified number of command commands, to read the directory from the historical command file to the history command buffer, and to write the directory in the history command buffer to the command file.$ historyThis command can be used to view a list of history commands, and use! Specify the sequence number of the command to execute the corresponding command:$ ! 288Executes the

Compile a simple FUSE File System tutorial in Python,

Compile a simple FUSE File System tutorial in Python, If you are a long-term reader of mine, you should know that I am looking for a perfect backup program, and finally I wrote my own encryption layer based on bup. When writing encbup, I am not satisfied with the practice that only one file is restored and the entire huge file must be downloaded, however, we stil

Tutorial on setting up the Nginx + Python + MySQL environment on a Windows system,

Tutorial on setting up the Nginx + Python + MySQL environment on a Windows system, 1. Install nginxDownload the latest nginx version on windows at the package.After running nginx.exe, open http: // localhost locally and you will see the welcome page. This proves that nginx runs well locally. If no welcome page appe

[Python 3.x Official document translation] The Python Tutorial python tutorial

standard Library, as well as binary forms of various platforms, can be obtained from the official Python website: of charge, and you are free to spread these things.The site also contains suggestions from many people about the modules, programs, and tools that face Python 3, as well as a variety of additional documentation. The Python

Development History of the programming language Python-Python tutorial

This article mainly introduces the development history of the programming language Python. This article describes the development history of the Python language in detail. For more information, see Python as my favorite language. it is concise, elegant, and easy to use. Two days ago, I was excited about the benefits of Python

Python quick tutorial end _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

The Python quick tutorial is complete. I wrote a quick tutorial on Python over the past two years, and it finally took shape. This series of articles includes Python basics, standard libraries, and Django frameworks. The previous and later articles include the most important

Python installation tutorial-Windows, python tutorial-windows

corresponding to drive C. You can install it in the specified directory as needed. 6. After installation, add the Python running program to the system environment variable. Right-click "computer" --> "properties" --> "Advanced System settings" --> "environment variables" --> "system variables" --> "path" --> "edit" at

2017 latest Python tutorial and others Python tutorial

2017 latest Python tutorial and others Python tutorial With the prevalence of Data Science, Python is more and more popular with programmers because it is easy to read and write. Python ranked first in the 2017 programming languag

Python getting started tutorial (2), python getting started tutorial

Python getting started tutorial (2), python getting started tutorialMy life is so short that I play with snakes 0.0! Python is an object-oriented, interpreted computer programming language, invented by Guido van rosum at the end of 1989, the first Public release was released on July 15, 1991. The

Python quick tutorial Python standard library 13 itertools)

interface, you can directly program the socket. In addition, various advanced packages can implement different network functions. However, the biggest advantage of Python network applications lies in the advantages of Python integration, such as simple syntax, high readability, and powerful script functions, these enable Python developers to quickly develop exce

Zero basics Python (1) Python environment installation-Python tutorial

you understand? You are indeed my reader: zero base. Let me know, whether it's joining the QQ group or Weibo.If you want to practice the power of your work, you can use your own tools. The power of God is a prerequisite. To learn python, you do not need to learn it yourself. Python does not need to be so cruel, but it also requires installation of something for use. All the things to be installed are on th

Python tutorial, Python Getting Started tutorial

This set of Python learning roadmap for everyone, follow this tutorial step by step learning, will certainly have a deeper understanding of Python. Maybe you can enjoy python 's easy-to-learn, streamlined, open-source language. This set of tutorials, not only video tutorials, as well as source sharing, so that everyon

Python Quick Tutorial Epilogue _php Tutorial

relatively strong practicality. Advanced syntax, context Manager, list derivation, functional programming, decorators, special methods, etc. These syntaxes are not necessary, and you can do so with the syntax of the previous comparison. The main reason to learn these advanced grammars is that they are too convenient. For example, a list of what can be done in a row, with a loop structure to several lines. The best reference book for learning Python s

Tutorial on system management by writing scripts in Ruby, and ruby System Management

Tutorial on system management by writing scripts in Ruby, and ruby System Management Introduction Ruby is an extremely rich, free, simple, scalable, portable, and object-oriented scripting language. Recently, it is widely used in the Web field. To a certain extent, this is attributed to the very powerful Web application development framework Rails, Which is exact

Python installation tutorial and python tutorial

Python installation tutorial and python tutorial According to the course of "Liao Xuefeng", we plan to take 1-2 hours every day for charge. Python is the famous "Uncle turtle" Guido van rosum during the Christmas of 1989, a programming language written to pass the boring C

Python basic Date and Time Processing tutorial, python tutorial

Python basic Date and Time Processing tutorial, python tutorial Python programs can process dates and times in many ways. Converting the date format is a common task. Python has a time and calendar module for help.What is Tick?The

Python simple tutorial, python simple tutorial

Python simple tutorial, python simple tutorialUse source files Now let's start programming again. When you learn a new programming language, the first program you write and run is usually a "Hello World" program, which has become a tradition. When you run the "Hello World" program, all it does is say "Hello World ". As Simon Cozens [1], who proposed the "Hello Wo

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