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Python interview questions (2) and python interview questions

Python interview questions (2) and python interview questions Print the 9-9 multiplication table Train of Thought: output results using a string connection and a trapezoid >>> Def st (num ):... l = []... for x in xrange (1, num

5 excellent answers and Analysis of Python interview questions, and python questions

5 excellent answers and Analysis of Python interview questions, and python questions The main content of this article is to share with you several T questions in the Python

Python pen questions (2017 Latest) Python interview questions

Introduction do you want to find a Python development job? Then you may have to prove that you know how to use Python. The following questions involve many Python-related skills. Want to find a Python development job? Then you may have to prove that you know how to use

You must prepare the Python programmer interview questions in advance! (Answer and resolution), python programmer

You must prepare the Python programmer interview questions in advance! (Answer and resolution), python programmer You must prepare for these questions before releasing "Python programmer inter

Python advanced programming tips based on Python projects and interview questions

A selection of 50 python development and interview FAQs as a training task, each task to ask questions first, then analyze the problem, and give efficient solutions, finally take you to solve the problem, and comprehensively improve the ability to quickly solve problems and efficient programming with Python.-----------

The interview questions for Python engineers are related to the basic Python syntax.

The interview questions for Python engineers are related to the basic Python syntax. I hope that this article will help you smoothly pass the Python interview, and you will be welcomed to read another article on

You must prepare the Python programmer interview questions in advance !, Python programmers

You must prepare the Python programmer interview questions in advance !, Python programmers In recent years, as the Python language has become increasingly popular, more and more people have chosen the Python language as their car

Some recent interview questions Python has encountered (iii)

Some recent interview questions Python has encountered (iii)Sort out some of the high-frequency interview questions that were recently asked. Summarize the convenience of future review and consolidation, and hope to help some friends.First two points this ↓Some recent

A complete set of Python Classic interview questions, strength, do not do the content of the title Party!

):Pass #please Implement this20: Describe the use of the range () function under Python?If you need to iterate over a sequence of numbers, you can use the range () function, and the range () function can generate arithmetical progression.As an example:For I in range (5)Print (i)This code will output 0, 1, 2, 3, 45 digitsA range (10) produces 10 values, or you can have range () start with another number, or define a different increment, or even a negat

Selenium2+python Automation 39-Questions about the interview "reprint"

ObjectiveRecently saw a group of small partners posted a set of interview questions, and recently job-hopping gold season, small series can not help but take a little time to summarize the next, the answer is not appropriate place to welcome you master Pat Brick pointing. How do I determine if an element exists in selenium? First of all, there is no such method in selenium, judging elements exist to write a

Common Python crawler interview questions, called the interviewer to sing the conquest

memory, can be controlled by the parameter max_heap_table_size the memory table size, set this parameter, you can limit the memory table maximum size.2. If the data is temporary and required to be immediately available, it can be stored in the memory table.3. Data stored in the memory table, if suddenly lost, will not have a substantial negative impact on the app service.What kinds of data structures are there in the Redis database? 5 Types of data structuresStringWhen using string, redis** doe

Python Interview Questions Summary

1 Why did you leave the company?2 What are your best skills?3 What have you solved so far to make yourself feel valuable?4 Basic python issues?5 most familiar frameworks, like Django?6 What do you know about processes, threads, and co-routines?7 understanding of MySQL, common query, index understanding, Federated query, classification usage, design and optimization?8 usage scenarios for non-relational database Redis?9 How to use Message Queuing, under

15 questions to see in Python interview

you are really perfect, that's too bad, you may be a little creative when you answer this question.Question 15Have you ever implemented a personal project?It's true?If you have done a personal project, it means that you are willing to do more than the minimum required to update your skill level. If you have a personal project that you maintain, and you stick to coding outside of your job, your employer is more likely to see you as an asset that will add value. Even if they don't ask this questi

Some interview questions (Python) and summaries of test engineers

(i) Description1. document Some of the programming questions (Python) that you encounter when interviewing a test engineer. 2, review the interview process, do a summary.(ii) title1. Input: JSON {"A": "AA", "B": "BB", "C": {"D": "DD", "E": "EE"}} output: Dictionary {' A ': ' AA ', ' B ': ' BB ', ' d ': ' DD ', ' e ': ' EE '}1 defconversion (n,the_dict):2 for

Python programmer interview, these questions you must prepare in advance!

with the Python language becoming more and more popular in recent years, more and more people choose the Python language as their career direction. How to get good results in the right company's interview, and finally successfully get an offer is every Python developer to be careful of things, the following is the auth

Translation 8 required questions in a Python interview

) appends the entire new element to the list, resulting in:[[10, 20], [10, 20], [10, 20], [10, 20], [10, 20], 30].7, Given a list of N numbers. Given a list that contains n numbers.Use a single list build to produce a new list that contains only values that meet the following criteria:(a) even values(b) The element is an even slice of the original list.For example, if LIST[2] contains an even number of values. Then this value should be included in the new list, because the number is in the even

Some recent interview questions from Python (ii)

.x:sorted (iterable,/, *, Key=none, reverse=false), python2.x and sorted are somewhat different, with fewer CMP parameters.Key accepts a function that accepts only one element, the default is NoneReverse is a Boolean value. If set to True, list elements are sorted in reverse order and default to FalseFocus on how key works:key specifies a function that receives a parameter that is used to extract a keyword from each element for comparison. The default value is None.(2). The. Sorted () function s

What's the Python iterator object, iterator, and generator (with interview questions)

fromRange (3)Print(List (Gen2 ()))#[' A ', ' B ',------] list derivation and generator expressions:(Here is a small story to explain the knowledge points)#in order to show the essence of high-rich handsome, bought 10 tea egg, and they line up and numbered, photos sent to the circle of friendsegg_list=['Tea Egg%s'%i forIinchRange (10)]#List Parsing#but these 10 tea egg can not finish the breath, to eat is also a eat, then eat a picture of itEat=('Tea Egg%s'%i forIinchRange (10))#Builder Express

Python interview questions: List expressions

[Process () forItem1inchIterable1ifCondition1 forItem2inchIterable2ifCondition2 for Item3inchIterable3ifCondition3] equivalent to: Res= [] forItem1inchIterable1:ifCondition1: forItem2inchIterable2:ifCondition2: forItem3inchIterable3:ifCondition3:res.append (Process ())returnRes>>> L = [18,'ABC', 20,'Yliu','Liu']>>> [[S.lower (), S.upper ()] forSinchLifisinstance (S, str)] [['ABC','ABC'], ['Yliu','Yliu'], ['Liu','LIU']]>>>Res=[] forSinchL:ifisinstance (S, str): A=[S.lower (), S.upper ()] Res.appe

Python Numpy array initialization and basic operations, pythonnumpy

: If you only want to traverse the entire array, you can directly use: >>> for row in b:... print(row)...[0 1 2 3][10 11 12 13][20 21 22 23][30 31 32 33][40 41 42 43] However, if you want to operate on each element, you need to use the flat attribute, which is an iterator for traversing the entire array. >>> for element in b.flat:... print(element)... Summary The above section describes the initialization and basic operations of the Python

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