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Python data table merge (Python pandas join (), merge (), and concat () usage)

join and specify Keys (row index) \ r \ n ', concat ([df1,df2],keys=[' A ', ' B ']) # Here are the duplicate data print ' go back \ r \ n ', concat ([df1,df2],ignore_index=true). Drop_duplicates ()The output is:Internal connection by Axis City rank City rank0 Chicago 1 Chicago San Francisco 2 Boston New York City 3 Los Angeles 5 outer Joins and assign keys (row index) City Ranka 0 Chicago 1 1 San Francisco 2 2 New York City 3b 0

Getting Started with Python 5 (parameters in merge in Pandas how)

1 ImportPandas as PD2DF1 = PD. DataFrame ([[1,2,3],[5,6,7],[3,9,0],[8,0,3]],columns=['X1','X2','X3'])3DF2 = PD. DataFrame ([[1,2],[4,6],[3,9]],columns=['X1','X4'])4 Print(DF1)5 Print(DF2)6DF3 = Pd.merge (df1,df2,how =' Left', on='X1')7 Print(DF3)8DF4 = Pd.merge (df1,df2,how =' Right', on='X1')9 Print(DF4)TenDf5 = Pd.merge (df1,df2,how ='Inner', on='X1') One Print(DF5) ADf6 = Pd.merge (df1,df2,how ='outer', on='X1') - Print(DF6)Getting Started with Python

Python traversal pandas data method summary, python traversal pandas

Python traversal pandas data method summary, python traversal pandas Preface Pandas is a python data analysis package that provides a large number of functions and methods for fast and convenient data processing.

"Data analysis using Python" reading notes--fifth Chapter pandas Introduction

Http:// is the preferred library for subsequent content in this book. The pandas can meet the following requirements: Data structure with automatic or explicit data alignment by axis. This prevents many common errors caused by data misalignment and data from different data sources (indexed differently). Integrated time series capabilities Data structures that can handle time series data as

Pandas data merging and remodeling (Concat join/merge)

1 concat The Concat function is a method underneath the pandas that allows for a simple fusion of data based on different axes. Pd.concat (Objs, axis=0, join= ' outer ', Join_axes=none, Ignore_index=false, Keys=none, Levels=none, Names=None, Verify_integrity=false)1 2 1 2 1 2 Parameter descriptionObjs:series,dataframe or a sequence of panel compositions lsitAxis: Axis that needs to merge links, 0

Python Data Analysis Library pandas basic operating methods _python

The following for you to share a Python data Analysis Library Pandas basic operation method, has a good reference value, I hope to help you. Come and see it together. What is Pandas? Is it it? 。。。。 Apparently pandas is not so cute as this guy .... Let's take a look at how Pandas's official website defines itself:

"Python Data Analysis" Note--pandas

PandasPandas is a popular open source Python project that takes the name of panel data and Python data analysis.Pandas has two important data structures: Dataframe and seriesThe dataframe of PANDAS data structurePandas's DATAFRAME data structure is a tagged two-dimensional object that is very similar to Excel spreadsheets or relational data tables.You can create

Pandas Merging multiple dataframe (MERGE,CONCAT)

At the time of data processing, especially in the big data contest, often encounter a problem is that multiple forms of merging problems, such as a form has user_id and age two fields, another form has user_id and sex two fields, to merge these two tables into only user_id, Age, sex three fields of the table what to do, the ordinary stitching is not possible, because user_id each row is not the corresponding, like the building blocks of horizontal sti

Tutorials | An introductory Python data analysis Library pandas

First of all, for those unfamiliar with Pandas, Pandas is the most popular data analysis library in the Python ecosystem. It can accomplish many tasks, including: Read/write data in different formats Select a subset of data Cross-row/column calculations Find and fill in missing data Apply actions in a separate group of data Reshape da

Using Python for data analysis (12) pandas basics: data merging and pythonpandas

Using Python for data analysis (12) pandas basics: data merging and pythonpandas Pandas provides three main methods to merge data: Pandas. merge () method: database-style merge;

The dataframe of Python data processing learning Pandas

']df_obj[' user number '].isin (alist) #将要过滤的数据放入字典中, uses Isin to filter the data, returns the row index and the results of each row filter, and returns if the match is turedf_obj[df_obj[' user number '].isin (alist)] #获取匹配结果为ture的行Filter data using Dataframe blur (like in sql):df_obj[df_obj[' package '].str.contains (R '. * Voice cdma.* ')] #使用正则表达式进行模糊匹配, * match 0 or unlimited, match 0 or 1 timesData conversion using Dataframe (post-supplemental instructions)df_obj[' branches _ Maintenance

"Quantifying small auditorium-python, pandas tips" how to get started quickly using Python for financial data analysis

How to quickly get started using Python for financial data analysisIntroduction:This series of posts "quantitative small classroom", through practical cases to teach beginners to use Python, pandas for financial data processing, hope to be helpful to the big home." must -read article": "10 400 times-fold strategy sharing-video-line-guided code""All series article

How to use Python pandas framework to operate data in Excel files

This article mainly introduces how to use Python pandas framework to operate data in Excel files, including basic operations such as unit format conversion and classification and Summarization. For more information, see Introduction The purpose of this article is to show you how to use pandas to execute some common Excel tasks. Some examples are trivial, but I t

Python data processing: Pandas basics

The source of this article:Python for Data Anylysis:chapter 5Ten mintues to Pandas: Pandas IntroductionAfter several years of development, pandas has become the most commonly used package in Python processing data. The following is the beginning of the develop

Methods of dataframe type data manipulation functions in Python pandas

This article mainly introduced the Python pandas in the Dataframe type data operation function method, has certain reference value, now shares to everybody, has the need friend to refer to The Python data analysis tool pandas Dataframe and series as the primary data structures. This article is mainly about how to oper

Python Data Analysis-day2-pandas module

1, Pandas IntroductionThe Python data analysis Library or pandas is a numpy-based tool that was created to solve the data analytics task. Pandas incorporates a number of libraries and a number of standard data models, providing the tools needed to efficiently manipulate large datasets.

Detailed analysis of cdn logs using the pandas library in Python

This article describes how to use the pandas library in Python to analyze cdn logs. It also describes the complete sample code of pandas for cdn log analysis, then we will introduce in detail the relevant content of the pandas library. if you need it, you can refer to it for reference. let's take a look at it. Preface

Preliminary study on pandas basic learning and spark python

Abstract:Pandas is a powerful Python data Analysis Toolkit, Pandas's two main data Structures series (one-dimensional) and dataframe (two-dimensional) deal with finance, statistics, most typical use case science in society, and many engineering fields. In Spark, the Python program can be easily modified, eliminating the need for Java and Scala packaging, and if you want to export files, you can convert the

Python pandas usage Daquan, pythonpandas Daquan

Python pandas usage Daquan, pythonpandas Daquan 1. Generate a data table 1. Import the pandas database first. Generally, the numpy database is used. Therefore, import the database first: import numpy as npimport pandas as pd 2. Import CSV or xlsx files: df = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_csv('name.csv',header=1))df = pd.DataFra

Use the Python Pandas framework to manipulate the data in Excel files tutorial _python

Introduction The purpose of this article is to show you how to use pandas to perform some common Excel tasks. Some examples are trivial, but I think showing these simple things is just as important as the complex functions you can find elsewhere. As an extra benefit, I'm going to do some fuzzy string matching to show some little tricks, and show how pandas uses the complete

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