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Using Python for data analysis (7)-pandas (Series and DataFrame), pandasdataframe

Using Python for data analysis (7)-pandas (Series and DataFrame), pandasdataframe 1. What is pandas? Pandas is a Python data analysis package based on NumPy for data analysis. It provides a large number of advanced data structures

Python captures financial data, pandas performs data analysis and visualization series (to understand the needs), pythonpandas

Python captures financial data, pandas performs data analysis and visualization series (to understand the needs), pythonpandasFinally, I hope that it is not the preface of the preface. It is equivalent to chatting and chatting. I think a lot of things are coming from the discussion. For example, if you need something, you can only communicate with yourself, only

Small meatballs stepping into Python's path: python_day06 (another structure series in the Pandas Library)

write in front: by yesterday's record we know, pandas.read_csv (" file name ") method to read the file, the variable type returned is dataframe structure . Also pandas one of the most core types in . That in pandas there is no other type Ah, of course there are, we put dataframe type is understood to be data consisting of rows and columns, then dataframe is decomposed to take one or more of the rows

Python Pandas time Series double axis line chart

Time series PV-GMV Double axis line chartImport NumPy as Npimport pandas as Pdimport matplotlib.pyplot as Pltn = 12date_series = Pd.date_range (start= ' 2018-01-01 ', Periods=n, freq= "D") data = { ' PV ': [10000, 12000, 13000, 11000, 9000, 16000, 10000, 12000, 13000, 11000, 9000, 16000], ' GMV ': [+-------------- DataFrame (data, index=date_series) ax = df.plot ( secondary_y=[' GMV '), x_compat

Python traversal pandas data method summary, python traversal pandas

Python traversal pandas data method summary, python traversal pandas Preface Pandas is a python data analysis package that provides a large number of functions and methods for fast and convenient data processing.

Pandas Array (Pandas Series)-(4) Processing of Nan

The previous Pandas array (Pandas Series)-(3) Vectorization, said that when the two Pandas series were vectorized, if a key index was only in one of the series , the result of the calculation is nan , so what is the way to deal wi

"Data analysis using Python" reading notes--fifth Chapter pandas Introduction

pandas import Series,dataf The Rame#numpy element progression group method also applies to pandas object frame = DataFrame (Np.random.randn (4,3), columns = List (' abc '), index = [' Ut ', ' Oh ', ' Te ', ' Or ']) print frame# The following is the absolute value: #print Np.abs (frame) #另一种常见的做法是: Apply a function to a row or column, using the Apply method, like

Pandas Array (Pandas Series)-(5) Apply method Custom function

Sometimes you need to do some work on the values in the Pandas series , but without the built-in functions, you can write a function yourself, using the Pandas series 's apply method, You can call this function on each value inside, and then return a new SeriesImport= PD. Series

Pandas Array (Pandas Series)-(2)

The pandas Series is much more powerful than the numpy array , in many waysFirst, the pandas Series has some methods, such as:The describe method can give some analysis data of Series :Import= PD. Series ([1,2,3,4]) d = s.describ

Pandas Array (Pandas Series)-(3) Vectorization operations

This article describes how the pandas series with the index index is vectorized:1. Index indexed arrays are the same:S1 = PD. Series ([1, 2, 3, 4], index=['a','b','C','D']) S2= PD. Series ([ten, +, +], index=['a','b','C','D'])PrintS1 +s2a11b22C33D44Dtype:int64Add the values corresponding to each index directly2. Index

Pandas Array (Pandas Series)-(1)

Import Pandasimport Pandas as PDCountries = ['Albania','Algeria','Andorra','Angola','Antigua and Barbuda', 'Argentina','Armenia','Australia','Austria','Azerbaijan', 'Bahamas','Bahrain','Bangladesh','Barbados','Belarus', 'Belgium','Belize','Benin','Bhutan','Bolivia']life_expectancy_values= [74.7, 75., 83.4, 57.6, 74.6, 75.4, 72.3, 81.5, 80.2, 70.3, 72.1, 76.4, 68.1, 75.2, 69.8, 79.4, 70.8, 62

Tutorials | An introductory Python data analysis Library pandas

First of all, for those unfamiliar with Pandas, Pandas is the most popular data analysis library in the Python ecosystem. It can accomplish many tasks, including: Read/write data in different formats Select a subset of data Cross-row/column calculations Find and fill in missing data Apply actions in a separate group of data Reshape da

Python Data Analysis Library pandas------Pandas

Data conversionDelete duplicate elements  The duplicated () function of the Dataframe object can be used to detect duplicate rows and return a series object with the Boolean type. Each element pairsshould be a row, if the row repeats with other rows (that is, the row is not the first occurrence), the element is true, and if it is not repeated with the preceding, the metaThe vegetarian is false.A Series obje

Python Data Analysis Library pandas basic operating methods _python

The following for you to share a Python data Analysis Library Pandas basic operation method, has a good reference value, I hope to help you. Come and see it together. What is Pandas? Is it it? 。。。。 Apparently pandas is not so cute as this guy .... Let's take a look at how Pandas's official website defines itself:

Python Pandas simple introduction and use of __python

The pandas of Python is simply introduced and used Introduction of Pandas 1. The Python data analysis Library or pandas is a numpy based tool that is created to resolve data profiling tasks. Pandas incorporates a large number of

"Python Data Analysis" Note--pandas

PandasPandas is a popular open source Python project that takes the name of panel data and Python data analysis.Pandas has two important data structures: Dataframe and seriesThe dataframe of PANDAS data structurePandas's DATAFRAME data structure is a tagged two-dimensional object that is very similar to Excel spreadsheets or relational data tables.You can create

Python Pandas simple introduction and use (i)

I. Introduction of PANDAS1. The Python data analysis Library or pandas is a numpy-based tool that is created to resolve data analytics tasks. Pandas incorporates a number of libraries and a number of standard data models, providing the tools needed to efficiently manipulate large datasets. Pandas provides a number of f

"Quantifying small auditorium-python, pandas tips" how to get started quickly using Python for financial data analysis

How to quickly get started using Python for financial data analysisIntroduction:This series of posts "quantitative small classroom", through practical cases to teach beginners to use Python, pandas for financial data processing, hope to be helpful to the big home." must -read article": "10 400 times-fold strategy shari

Detailed analysis of cdn logs using the pandas library in Python

This article describes how to use the pandas library in Python to analyze cdn logs. It also describes the complete sample code of pandas for cdn log analysis, then we will introduce in detail the relevant content of the pandas library. if you need it, you can refer to it for reference. let's take a look at it. Preface

How to use Python pandas framework to operate data in Excel files

This article mainly introduces how to use Python pandas framework to operate data in Excel files, including basic operations such as unit format conversion and classification and Summarization. For more information, see Introduction The purpose of this article is to show you how to use pandas to execute some common Excel tasks. Some examples are trivial, but I t

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