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Python exception handling and assertion assertion is a sentence that must be equivalent to a Boolean truth; In addition, the occurrence of an exception means that the expression is false. These work similar to the Assert

Python Error and exception summary __python

Mistakes happen almost every day in a programmer's life. In the past period, errors were either fatal to the program (and possibly the machine), or they produced a whole bunch of meaningless output that could not be identified by other computers or

Python basic tutorial _ Study Notes 10: exception

Exception what is exception Python uses an exception object to indicate exceptions. An error occurs. If the exception object is not processed or captured, the program terminates the execution with the so-called trace (Traceback, an error message: >>>

Python Exception handling detailed

This section focuses on the principles and main forms of exception handling in Python. 1. What is an exception Python uses exception objects to represent exceptions. An exception is thrown when the program encounters an error during run time. If

Python's exception

8.1 What is an exceptionPython uses an exception object to represent an exception condition. An exception is thrown when an error is encountered. If the exception object is not processed or snapped, the program terminates execution with the

Python thread Learning Record

Introduction & amp; motivation consider this scenario. we have 10000 pieces of data to process. it takes 1 second to process each piece of data, but it takes only 0.1 seconds to read the data, each piece of data does not interfere with each other.

Python BASICS (11): errors and exceptions, 2015 python

Python BASICS (11): errors and exceptions, 2015 python During the execution of the program, exceptions may occur, and errors may be fatal in the previous period. Later, with the development of the program, the handling methods of some errors will be

Python Data Analysis 1

Summary of this section  Basic EnvironmentIpython FoundationObjectiveThis is the first blog in 18, because boss for some of my job expectations, need to start doing some data analysis work, so began to write this series of blog. The main content of

How to dynamically obtain object attributes and methods in Python

This article describes how to dynamically obtain the attributes and methods of objects in Python and run and use them, for more information, see the following example. # Coding: UTF-8 import sys # module, sys points to this module object import

A tutorial on dynamically fetching objects ' properties and methods in Python _python

First, take a look at the objects and concepts that might be used in this article. #coding: UTF-8 Import sys # module, sys points to this module object import inspect def foo (): Pass # function, Foo points to this function object

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