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Python quiz and python quiz

Python quiz and python quiz A colleague asked a friend a small question and question. As I was learning python, I wanted to write this question in python to practice my hands and work hard, and I was inspired by my colleagues.

Python Basics ===python Basics Quiz

same as a normal function.What is the docstring in 20.Python?The python Chinese file string is called DocString, and its role in Python is to generate documents for functions, modules, and class annotations.21. How do I copy an object in Python?If you want to copy an object in Pyt

Python practice exercise: Generate random quiz paper files

parameter is the number of values you want to select. Wronganswers = Random.sample (wronganswers, 3) answeroption = Wronganswers + [Correctanswer] Random.shuff Le (answeroption) # writes the problem Quizfile.write ('%s ') in the file. What's the capital of%s?\n '% (questionnum + 1, States[questionnum])) for I in range (4): Quizfile.write ('%s.%s\n '% (' ABCD ' [i], answeroption[i])) quizfile.write (' \ n ') # write an answer in the answer volume Answerkeyfile.write ('%s.%s\n '

Python Interview Quiz Top 25

copied.What is a negative index in Python?The sequence index in Python can be either positive or negative. If it is a positive index, 0 is the first index in the sequence, and 1 is the second index. If it is a negative index, (-1) is the last index and (-2) is the second-lowest index.23) How do I convert a number to a string?You can use the Self-function str () to convert a number to a string. If you want

Development of the second-grade mental arithmetic automatic quiz program in Python

). Rjust (2) +')'+' / '+ STR (third). Rjust (2) PrintAthstrreturnAthstr#Basic Questionsfunction ()#Type 1 QuestionsPlus1 =func1 () plus2=func1 ()#Type 2 questionsPLUS3 =Func2 ()#Type 3 questionsPLUS4 =func3 () PLUS5=func3 ()#type 1, 2 print one lineline =[Plus1, Plus2, Plus3]lines=' '. Join (line)PrintLinesfobj.writelines (lines+'\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n')#Type 3 questions print one lineline =[PLUS4, Plus5]lines=' '. Join (line)PrintLinesfobj.wr

Python Daniel Special Mess Hall, one-to-one quiz

CSDN Knowledge Small TableDaniel Special Mess HallSmall range, high quality, online communication QAParticipating guests Knowledge Base Guest editor Ihaibo, Didi travel engineer, former Dragon Graph Dragon Chart Game data Analysis Department technical director. CSDN Blog expert, senior Python/golang back-end engineer, familiar with network programming, focus on data analysis, web development and web security.

Python (day1)-Variable Quiz

Here is a topic: A = 3 b = A A = 5 Print (A, B) What is the value of the last output of the program, A/b? Think about it first, and then we'll take a look at the correct answer: The value of correct answer a is 5, the value of B is 3, why doesn't the value of B change with the value of a? Let's analyze Why: Here we first introduce a function ID (), which can look at the memory address of the variable; OK, here's the analysis: Split the program, assign 3 to

[Python]threading Local Thread variables Quiz

ConceptThere is a concept called thread-local variables, generally we are in multi-threaded global variables will be locked processing, this variable is a shared variable , each thread can read and write variables, in order to maintain synchronization we will do the yoke processing. But after some variables are initialized, we just want them to exist in each thread, equivalent to shared variables within a thread, and the threads are quarantined . A class called local is provided in the

Python Ai Road-third: Pyaudio realization of recording automation interactive implementation Quiz

Python is very powerful because of its large three-way library, the resources are very rich, of course, there is no lack of audio libraryAbout audio, Pyaudio This library, can enable the microphone recording, can play audio files and so on, at this moment we do not understand the other functions, only to understand how it realizes the recordingFirst of all, Pip a PyaudioPip Install PyaudioI. Pyaudio realization of microphone recordingThen create a py

2016.8.21 quiz game, 2016.8.21 quiz

2016.8.21 quiz game, 2016.8.21 quiz 1 import random 2 secret = random. randint (1, 99) 3 guess = 0 4 tries = 0 5 print secret 6 print "Alex, I have a secret, It is a number from 1 to 99, you have 6 tries. "7 while guess! = Secret and tries 1. About tries + = 1, in python, the statement block will not introduce new scopes separately. tries is still a global var

Database quiz question 2 and database quiz question 2

Database quiz question 2 and database quiz question 2 Questions on Century jiayuan Network 1. count the number of persons in each category (type: Select type, count (type) from tab_user group by type; 2. Count the total score of five people: Select sum (score) from tab_user; 3. Select the top three according to the score, and sort them in reverse order: Select * from 'tab _ user' order by score des

Mysql quiz and mysql quiz

Mysql quiz and mysql quiz 1. the user logon log table xes_user_login_logs is as follows: (1) retrieve user IDs that have been logged on more than twice (SQL statement) Select user_id from vvt_ceshi group by user_id having (count (user_id)> 1; HAVING is like the WHERE condition, used to retrieve a dataset according to specified requirements. However, the WHERE clause is generally used to specify condit

Expert Quiz Highlights: Go language-C language in the era of cloud computing (similar to a FAQ)

storage. There are many libraries on GitHub, especially in terms of mining and storage. (There are many domestic, such as: Pholcus (Reptile), TIDB (storage), etc.). There are a lot of mass storage, such as Infuxdb, Cockroachdb, Tidb. Other aspects of GitHub also have a lot of open source projects, not listed. However, commercial projects are rarely present. In the big Data World, Go and Python are also very good combinations. Go a

Olympic gold Big quiz, win college good Gift

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 710-420.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1etmtkr6j7eaaj3f9apqj8826.jpg "/>The four-year-old Olympic Games are Rio in full swing, and Chinese Olympic athletes are vying for the highest glory of the Olympic Games. In this 8 months of national Carnival , in addition to the Chinese Olympic athletes refueling, applause, of course, there is a passionate prize quiz! P

[Gevent]gevent Network Crawl Quiz

I've heard that the Gevent event-based asynchronous processing feature is highly efficient and the project has been rarely used, and today is nothing to learn some simple use of.There is a very good tutorial in the official writing of the Chinese version of the address: gevent very good information.The detailed theory here is not how to say, just a little understanding. The detailed principle cannot be explained very clearly.It's just that the concept

Devstore's World Cup quiz topic is coming soon ~

Out-of-number ~ Devstore "World Cup Quiz" will be in the wild on September 11, July 4 《World Cup, Are all weak ~ Dare not try anything more exciting? Dare not guess the World Cup? If you dare ~Come on baby! DavidI am afraid to reveal too many rules for the activity. I am afraid that the boss of the activity is not happy with David's gossip ~ This activity will be carried out in the form of daily guesses, which is very common to David ~ You can make a

11-14 building a quiz Engine

Building a quiz Engine 1 In this lesson, you will begin in to see the creation of the quiz engine. This will allow you to exercise the skills developed in the earlier videos. Duration 22 minutes, 32 seconds Watch video Visual Basic Visual C # Download video Visual Basic Visual C # Download Project Visual Basic Visual C #

ZOJ 3864 Quiz for Exo-l

Title Link: Quiz for exo-lSurface:B-Quiz for Exo-lTime limit:$ MS Memory Limit:65536KB 64bit IO Format:%lld Amp %llu SubmitStatusPractice ZOJ 3864DescriptionExo (Korean:??; Chinese: Love cough; Often stylized as EXO) is a chinese-south Korean boy band based in Seoul, South Korea. Formed by SM Entertainment in, the group consists of twelve members separated into and subgroups, Exo-k and Exo-m, PE Rforming

2010 "Architect Solitaire" quiz--Yang Weihua vs Allen

the "sub-process" level of abstraction, what object-oriented design, functional programming almost impossible to talk about. People in the production and learning process will cause a number of needs, thus need to produce some tools to support learning and production, and "language" is one such tool. Only by using high-level languages can people effectively abstract the real world into things that computers and machine boxes recognize.Today, there are a number of mainstream languages that can b

Java String Ten Quiz backup

How do I repeat a string?In Python, we can repeat a string by multiplying it by a number. In Java, we can repeat strings through the repeat () method of the StringUtils class in the Apache Commons lang package.? 123 String str = "ABCD"; String repeated = Stringutils.repeat (str,3); AbcdabcdabcdHow do I count the number of occurrences of a character in a string?Use the StringUtils class in the Apache Commons lang package.How do I convert a string to an

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