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Python encapsulation of C + + classes using SIP

into a directory. Then enter the directory in the terminal, entering the Python linux-g++;make;make install in turn.A function written in C + + is used in Python.1, first, write a C file , the function is to add two numbers and output, named ADD.C, this will become the module name in Python, as

Freeswitch kernel-based SIP module

I created a freeswitch kernel research and exchange group,45211986. welcome to join us. In addition, we accept the SIP-based communication server and client solutions. Freeswitch supports cross-platform, and the underlying library uses Apache Portable Runtime lib (APR). The author has been familiar with Apache in his previous work.In swith_apr.c, all the tool library interface functions provided by APR are referenced by freeswitch for the purpose

Py2exe ImportError: No module named sip

Simple Solution: c: \ Python26 \ python.exe setup. py py2exe -- extends des sip It is very convenient to use pyqt to complete the form interface, but there will be problems after packaging it into exe. The solution on the internet is as follows:Another Solution to the same problem: from distutils.core import setupimport py2exesetup(windows=[{"script":""}], options={"py2exe":{"includes":["sip"]}})

Using SIP to encapsulate C + + as Python

SIP is a tool for generating C + + interface code for Python, similar to SWIG, but using a different interface format. The idea originated in Swig, primarily to create the QT package for Python, which was used to create PyQt and Pykde , and to support the QT Signal/slot system. This article mainly introduces the compilation and installation of

Python/c++ Interface Library Comparison (Swig,boost.python, Pycxx, py++, sip, Weave, Pyrex)

using tools:Although the extension process is not complex, you can use many known tools to simplify the scaling process.(1) SWIGCreated by David Beazley, is an automatic extension construction tool. It reads in the commented C + + header file and generates wrap code for a variety of scripting languages, such as Python, Tcl, and Perl. Swig can wrap a lot of C + + features into Python's extension modules. Please refer to for details

Python graphical interface Development programming: WxPython (SIP)

, has been completely attracted by WxPython , can not wait to practice, hereby record the individual learning process (Windows system):First, Wxpython environment installationThe most realistic and practical way to install Pip, and must be used in a manner that will synchronize the installation of dependent packages: pip install-u wxPythonsecond, Wxpython tastedAs a beginner, must not blindly directly into the subject, it is necessary to go through this stage, can be very good to help understand

A detailed description of SIP authentication algorithm and Python encryption

'Uri= ' sip: 'Response= ' ae850ee2184aa88e3b79200f08284095 'Reference article: MD5 encryption Python implementationImport Hashlib#md5加密32位def MD5 (str): m = Hashlib.md5 () M.update (str) Return M.hexdigest ()HASH1=MD

Time module of python module, time module of python Module

Time module of python module, time module of python ModuleTime Three Forms of time Timestamp: Generally, the timestamp indicates the offset calculated in seconds from 00:00:00, January 1, January 1, 1970. We run "type (time. time ()" and return the float type. Fo

Python's logging module, OS module, commands module and SYS module

format, same as Time.strftime ()Stream: Specifies the output stream that will log, can specify output to Sys.stderr,sys.stdout or file, default output to Sys.stderr, stream is ignored when stream and filename are specified simultaneouslyLogging.getlogger ([name]): Create a Log object:Returns a logger instance that returns root logger if no name is specified. As long as name is the same, the returned logger instances are the same and only one, that is, the name and the logger instance are one by

Sys module and serialization module (instance description) of the python module, and python serialization

Sys module and serialization module (instance description) of the python module, and python serialization Sys module The sys module is an interface for interacting with the

python--regular expression, re module, Collections module, Random module, time module

(3000000000))Print (Time.gmtime (3000000000)) Struct_time = Time.localtime (3000000000) # Print (Time.mktime (struct_time)) ret = time.strftime ('%y/%m/%d%H :%m:%s ', struct_time) Print (ret) s_t = time.strptime (' 2028-5-21 ', '%y-%m-%d ') Print (s_t) Print ( Time.mktime (s_t)) #结构化时间 time stamp #time. Mktime (structured time) Time.mktime (time_tuple) #结构化时间--string time #time. strftime ("format definition", "structured Time") if the structured time parameter does not pass, the actu

Python Foundation 13th day--sys module, logging module, JSON module, pickle module

one, sys module1. Definition:A module that interacts with the Python interpreter2, sys module commonly used methods(1) sys.argv methodDefinition: Command line Arguments list, the first element is the path of the program itselfCases:Import Sysprint (SYS.ARGV) # SYS.ARGV just reflects the current module name, with a list

Python Learning (6) module-third-party module, python third-party module

Python Learning (6) module-third-party module, python third-party modulePython third-party module Install third-party modules In Python, third-party modules are installed through the setuptools tool.

Python module and package, python Module

Python module and package, python Module 1. The. py file can be viewed as a module, which is similar to the class library encapsulated in other languages. Module category:Built-in modulesCustom ModuleThird-party

Python: sequence and module; python: sequence Module

Python: sequence and module; python: sequence Module I. serialization Module What is serialization? the process of converting the original dictionary, list, and other content into a string is calledSerialization. For example, if a piece of data we compute in

Python module-logging, serialization module, re module

(), logger.warning (), Logger.error (), logger.critical () output different levels of logging, Only logs with log levels greater than or equal to the set log level will be output. Only the output 2014-05-06 12:54:43,222 - root - WARNING - logger warning message2014-05-06 12:54:43,223 - root - ERROR - logger error message2014-05-06 12:54:43,224 - root - CRITICAL - logger critical message From this output you can see that logger = Logging.getlogger () returns the logg

The path to Python (18th) shutil module, ZipFile module, Configparser module

Configparse module is used to generate and modify, parse (read analysis, get data) Common configuration documents, most of such configuration file name format is Xxx.ini, for example, MySQL configuration files.The name of the current module is changed to Configparser in the Python 3.x version. (Python2 initial capital letter)configuration File Sample Description

Python BASICS (12)-module, python basics-Module

Python BASICS (12)-module, python basics-Module URL: Introduction If you exit the Python interpreter and re-enter, all previously created definitions (variables and fu

"Python standard library module four" JSON module and Pickle module learning

JSON module There was an eval function that could extract a corresponding data type from a string, such as "{" "Name": "Zhangsan"} "to extract a dictionary." JSON modules can do the same thing, but more powerful, Eval can only recognize the data structure of the Python language. JSON can recognize multi-language data structures Import of modulesImport JSON Encapsulates a data type in JSON

Python module--os module, sys module

One, OS module 1 os.getcwd () Gets the current working directory, that is, the directory path of the current Python script work 2 3 os.chdir ("dirname") changes the working directory of the current script; equivalent to the Shell CD 4 5 Os.curdir returns the current directory: ('. ') ) 6 7 Os.pardir Gets the current directory string name: (' ... ') 8 9 os.makedirs (' dirname1/dirname2

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