python validate hostname

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Defining the Data Model & accessing the database

Defining the data ModelOne, the Django definition data model in the app's file, the database table name is defined in the form of a class:[Email protected] web]# cd/opt/python/django/web/blog/[[email protected] blog]# vim models.pyfrom

Python Automation Development Learning 22-django (Form)

Form form ValidationThis is not to verify the username password is correct, this part of the content has been mentioned before. Here is the data format to verify, which is the validation that is performed first after the request is received. Only

Use ISO files to create CoreOS images for OpenStack

Use ISO files to create CoreOS images for OpenStack This article uses the CoreOS ISO file to manually create the qcow2 image file used by openstack. For more information about CoreOS, see here. Servers used: CentOS6.5 1. Download The CoreOS image

Python2.7 Fabric Theory Learning

There is a tool in Python that allows you to manage your servers in bulk: Fabric, which provides basic operations on local and remote machines, and can upload/download files, execute sudo, and more.Learning Environment: Ubuntu 12.10+python2.7Install

Black more than 70 surveillance cameras are so simple

Black more than 70 surveillance cameras are so simple     Recently, a security researcher found that surveillance cameras sold by more than 70 vendors are vulnerable to Remote Code Execution (RCE) attacks. According to the Rotem Kemer study by

C # HTTPS requests

When encountering HTTPS websites, C # HTTP requests are always reported as SSL connection errors. Later, after searching, we found a solution:. NET 2.0 requires the introduction of a third-party component:BouncyCastle.dll, This is an example I wrote:

OpenStack-grizzly installation record in CentOS6.4

Refer to the official documentation. as some documents and steps are not listed in the official documentation, they have been completed. No problem after testing. Forget it. Youneedatleastthreemachines, virtualorphysical, withFedora18installed.

iOS Platform App Security checklist

#1. ObjectiveiOS platform app security risk-related general checklist to ensure the quality and efficiency of the iOS Client Security assessment.#2. Data security# #2.1 Transport SecurityA review scenario for this type of vulnerability: The app

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