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90-minute QuickStart Linux--linux Guide for Developments Learning notes

in and then execute the command, in practice every time this is cumbersome. You can write a script locally to execute the relevant commands in the script on the server.Confirm executionLet the program pause during execution, report some information, the user according to the information provided by the program to determine whether to allow the program to continue to do the following operations, this is the confirmation of execution. 123456789 #!/usr/bin/env bashecho-n"Do you wa

90-minute QuickStart Linux--linux Guide for Developments Learning notes

execute in the current shell, execute $ source, and you can find that the directory is switched to Mydir, while the output of the echo $Direct is/home/xpjiang/mydir.Loop control Write script, change mode to executable:CD echo I am in ' pwd ' # ' PWD ' will take out the output of the command for the file in the ' ls ' do mv $file $file. txt done  Added to ~/bin to make it a system command. Perform:$ mkdir Mydir $ cd mydir; Touch a b C;  Cd.. $ mydir I am in/home/x

Python Deep Learning Guide

following: Basic Mathematics, Resource 1: "Mathematics | Khan Academy "(in particular calculus, probability theory and linear algebra) Python Basics, resources: "Getting Started with computer science", edx course Statistical basis, Resources: "Introduction to Statistics", Udacity's curriculum Machine learning Basics, resources: "Getting Started with machine learning", Udacity's Course Time: 2-6 months recommended Step 1: Set up your machine. Before p

SPHINX Document Writing Tools Installation Brief Guide-Windows edition-based on Python

This tutorial is based on the local installation of PYTHON and configuration of global variables, there must be a corresponding basis for re-operation;Upload pictures to avoid misleading, the following is a text description, as follows: Download the script; Python tutorials, execute this file, just use PIP.) In fact, you need to configure the global variables of the PIP;

Python performance Analysis Getting Started Guide

In Lingnan six less blog found good things. Note: The original author of this article is Huy Nguyen, the original address is a guide to analyzing Python performance While not every Python program you write requires a rigorous performance analysis, it's reassuring to know that the Python ecosystem has a variety of tools

VS Code installation and use, Python top IDE Programming Guide!

others are similar, click the menu:Jump to the following page, VS code will open two files:Introduction to Toolbars1. Resource ManagerOn the file, click the right mouse button, there is a copy path, you can copy the physical path of the file.2. Search3. Git version controlRight-click Folder can be opened directly, after opening, we continue to seeEnter the following contentThen press CTRL + S to save the file, and then look at the changes in the Git toolbar4. CommissioningThis function is simpl

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