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Linux Package Manager (top)--rpm detailed

Tags: Linux RPM package ManagementIn the process of using the Linux operating system, some of the services we need (such as nginx) are not provided and require the user to install the appropriate packages to use the appropriate services. This

Distributed concurrency testing and Web API interface testing using JMETER3.0 combat

Tags: badboy BSP targe capability fail param website Architecture phoneBrief introduction:This document is based on Apche JMeter-3.0 as an example, through the online learning materials and official documentation of the instruction manual after

Chapter 10-02

Label:Please indicate the Source: to my Github: Rules for the use of header documents in engineering projects10.4. The harm of 1 header files? I think the harm of the

installation, configuration of LNMP

Label:First, the local installation of the virtual machine, installed on the virtual machine centos6.5, due to the habit of the problem, do not like to operate the Linux system directly on the virtual machine, accustomed to SSH in the past, directly

One of the technical engineers growing up

Recently, there are friends in the industry with me to discuss some of the methods of work, chat to break some, today idle to no matter, simply again in the way of words, simple description of my working methods (Alien style). Of course, every

Linux Package management tool (Rpm/dpkg,yum/apt,alien)

Tags: action solution err MIS i386 successfully verify key dataSummarized:Rpm/yum RedhatDpkg/apt DebianAlien ConversionIn the Gnu/linux (Linux) operating system, RPM and DPKG are the two most common types of package management tools that are applied

Methods and practices of agile testing

Label:Wen/Zhu ShaominOnce, after the developer completes the code for the current sprint task, the testers, developers, and product managers come together to browse the product and go through it, and the product manager discovers the problem and

Upgrade python, install Pip,django

Tags: django pipcentos6.6 The system default Python version is python2.6.6. Currently this version is very low, the mainstream is the use of python2.7 or python3.0, python2.6.6 can only support to Django1.3.7, this Django version is too low, many

Red Hat Reds add Yum Epel source

Tags: Linux program package Enterprise version Yum Epel sourceWhat is an enterprise Linux add-on package (EPEL)?The Enterprise Linux add-on package (hereinafter referred to as EPEL) is a special interest group created, maintained, and managed for

NGINX + TOMCAT7 + MEMCACHED for session sharing

Label:tomcat7.0+ NGINX + MEMCACHED + Memcached-session-manager for session sharing; Reference BlogHttp:// package download, including the required Jar package

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