qa testing basics

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Software Testing Career Planning

Label:Software Testing Career PlanningThe following is the content of the reprint.Development error of software Testers "4" The company developed a strong product expertise, software testers need to have a strong professional knowledge,

Agile Testing (6) based on story Agile Basics

Agile basic knowledge----demand management based on story (III.) (3) Daily station meeting The purpose of the station will be three: (1) Known progress Progress is known only from the level of user stories and tasks, and there are only two stat

Agile Testing (4) based on story Agile Basics

Agile basic knowledge----demand management based on story (I.) Demand management based on story (1) Using story mode to manage requirements, the large MRD is divided into a suitable granularity, and can be independently delivered story (usually eac

Agile Testing (3) based on story Agile Basics

Story based Agile basic knowledge----story writing Why use story? Software industry for more than 40 years, demand analysis technology has been very mature, but the MRD-driven process is overwhelmed. Since MRD often takes up a lot of time, MRD revi

A collection of basic text tools for Shell programming basics

Tags: awk, grep, sed, cutA Shell introduction: 1 descriptionThe shell is a program written in C that is a bridge for users to use Linux. The shell is both a command language and a programming language.A Shell is an application that provides an

LUnix Shell Basics often use grooming

Label:1 Ps-ef shows the process being executed, PID and other informationUID PID PPID C stime TTY time cmdroot 1 0 0 03:45? 00:00:02 Init [5]root 2 1 0 03:45?00:00:00 [Migration/0]root 3 1 0 03:45? 00:00:00 [Ksoftirqd/0]root 4 1 0 03:45? 00:00:00

Learning process to find some good articles and some of my thoughts recorded

Label:How do I remove the focus dashed box when I click the button in C #? The 12 floor is bright.Drag the Borderless form formSite template sitetemplate parameter codeC # Various ways to end a process in detailTest suggestions when you test the

Agile Testing (5) based on story Agile Basics

Agile basic knowledge----demand management based on story (II.) (1) Periodical release Regular release of the line, the whole project divided into iterations, each iteration time size fixed (basic fixed), the end of the iteration on line delivery.

PHP official website and PHP manual

Label:Everyone knows, we will come here sooner or later and constantly visit it. It is Phper's main reference website and has a lot of useful information, but it's not that obvious.More useful official PHP resources:PHP official function

Unity Official Tutorial Learn

Tags: Nav module http using tip ICA lis sel bugInterface & EssentialsUsing the Unity Interface1.Interface Overview Scene View https://unity3

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