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"Interpreter" PHP with text encoding transforms using Sjis-win instead of Sjis, using Eucjp-win instead of EUC-JP

"Translate" PHP with text encoding transforms using Sjis-win instead of Sjis, using Eucjp-win rather than EUC-JP Using Sjis-win instead of Sjis, use Eucjp-win instead of EUC-JP From:http://pentan.info/php/sjiswin_eucjpwin.html In the designation of the text encoding transformation, if you want to use Shift_JIS, use Sjis-win instead of Sjis. If you want to use EUC-JP

PHP uses SJIS-win instead of SJIS for text encoding conversion, and uses eucJP-win instead of EUC-JP.

PHP text encoding transformation using SJIS-win rather than SJIS, using eucJP-win rather than EUC-JP using SJIS-win rather than SJIS, use eucJP-win instead of EUC-JPFrom: pentan.infophpsjiswin_eucjpwin.html to specify the text encoding transformation. if you want to use Shift_JIS, use the SJI text encoding in PHP to convert the use of SJIS-win instead of SJIS, use eucJP-win instead of EUC-JP Use SJIS-win in

The fashion channel design of Yahoo jp! Japan

Relatively speaking, the electric business people should be more familiar with the U.S. market, but in fact, Asia, Europe and even Latin America and Africa now have a large number of e-commerce companies in the positive development, the birth of a lot of reference to learn the creative, ignoring the pity. Previously wrote a project on the Japanese electric business giant Lotte, today, this is another company in Japan's electricity market leading position-Yahoo

Win32 Compilation-Jump instructions: JMP, JECXZ, JA, JB, JG, JL, JE, JZ, JS, JC, JO, JP, etc.

Tag: instruction equals Win32 html WWW htm greater than lag strongJump instructions are divided into three categories:First, unconditional jump: JMP;Second, according to the value of CX, ECX Register jump: JCXZ (CX is 0 jump), JECXZ (ECX for 0 jump);Three, according to the EFLAGS register flag bit jump, this too many.Instructions to jump according to the flag bit:JE or equal to the jumpJNE ; not equal to the jumpJZ ; for 0 then Jumpjnz ; not 0 jumpsJS ; jump to a negativeJNS ; not a negative

JP Robinson of NYTimes on Go Kit, Gizmo, and Marvin

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. JP Robinson, principal engineer at the New York Times, had "drunk Peter's Koolaid" with respect to Go kit. Github.com/nytimes/gizmo adapts Go kit for use inside a production ecosystem with a bunch of existing legacy services. The NYTimes uses it across almost all their production Go services. About the New York Times Engineering Traffic increasing (#trumpbump)

[Tool] JP game Resource Extraction Tool crass and source code

Crass Introduction Crass is a collection of crage and assage tools. Crage is a game resource extraction generator extended using the Cui plug-in, while assage is a game resource encapsulation program extended using the AuI plug-in.You can use the

JSON Extractor/jp@gc-json Path Extractor Example 2

Test descriptionUse JSON to return results for validationTest steps1. Configuring HTTP Requests2. Based on the JSON returned by the result tree, take the value{"Status_code": 200,"Message": "Success","Data":{"Current_page": 1,"Data":[{"id":

Coj 1287 to find the number of occurrences of a matching string in a pattern string

This is to maintain a total number of strings that appear from the current location in the node of the suffix automaton1#include 2#include 3#include 4 5 using namespacestd;6 #defineN 2000107 #defineM 268 9 structsamnode{TenSamnode *son[ -] , *F; One intL, SC; A voidinit () { -f =NULL; - for(intI=0; i -; i++) Son[i] =NULL; theL = SC =0; - } -}*root, *Last , Sam[n]; - + intCNT, N, M, K, ret; - CharS[n]; + A voidinit () { atsam[0].init (); -root = last = sam[cnt=0]; -RET =0;

[Linux] basic lvm operations

[Linux] basic lvm operations Two new hard disks are added for the experiment: [Root @ jp ~] # Fdisk-l Disk/dev/sda: 107.3 GB, 107374182400 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 13054 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065*512 = 8225280 bytes Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /Dev/sda1*1 255 2048256 83 Linux /Dev/sda2 256 777 4192965 82 Linux swap/Solaris /Dev/sda3 778 13054 98615002 + 83 Linux Disk/dev/sdb: 5368 MB, 5368709120 bytes 255 heads, 63 sect

When installing php, Which path is specified by -- with-mysql?

Mysql is installed with rpm. After installation, the files are scattered in several directories, and you do not know which directory to specify when installing php. The following is the result of rpm-qlmysql-community-server. {Code...} mysql is installed with rpm. After installation, the files are scattered in several directories, and you do not know which directory to specify when installing php. Below isrpm -ql mysql-community-server. /etc/logrotate.d/mysql/etc/my.cnf/etc/my.cnf.d/usr/bin/inn

HDU 4622 Reincarnation

Main topic:Given a base string, and then multiple strings, the number of different substrings that can be obtained in the underlying string does not appear in the following multiple stringsIt's okay to build the suffix from the base string here.Multiple substrings in the back are constantly matched on the suffix automaton, and each time a state point is reached, it is necessary to update the other string reached by the current point to reach the maximum length mx, then the length of the mismatch

Spoj LCS suffix automaton to find the largest common substring

Here, after the completion of the suffix automaton with the first stringContinuously use the second string from left to right along the suffix automaton to go forward, if found, then the current matching number plus 1If you can't find it, continue along the suffix tree to find the maximum length you can match to the current character, then move the CUR node to the current node and add 1 to the answer.Remember to keep updating the maximum value you can get1#include 2#include 3#include 4#include 5

Oracle ogg one-way replication configuration ____oracle

/u01/app/oracle/ogg/dirdat/pt Table scott.*; Ggsci (badly9) 14> Add extract Pump_so,exttrailsource/u01/app/oracle/ogg/dirdat/et EXTRACT added. Ggsci (badly9) 15> add rmttrail/u01/app/oracle/ogg/dirdat/pt,extract pump_so Rmttrail added. Ggsci (badly9) 16> info All Program Status Group Lag at chkpt time Since chkpt MANAGER RUNNING EXTRACT RUNNING EORA 00:00:00 00:00:02 EXTRACT RUNNING pump_so 00:00:00 00:00:07 To configure a target-side process: Because the target side is using Oracle 10

Linux kernel Debugging technology--jprobe use and implementation

pointer will be executed as the destination address (probe Handling code to jump to), so the user-specified probe function is executed.The relevant APIs are as follows:int register_jprobe (struct jprobe *jp) //to the kernel Register jprobe probe point void Unregister_jprobe (struct jprobe *jp) // Unload Jprobe probe Point int register_jprobes (struct jprobe **jps, int num) //register probe fun

[Oracle] OGG unidirectional replication Configuration

, compress Rmttrail/u01/app/oracle/ogg/dirdat/pt Table scott .*; GGSCI (badly9) 14> add extract pump_so, exttrailsource/u01/app/oracle/ogg/dirdat/et EXTRACT added. GGSCI (badly9) 15> add rmttrail/u01/app/oracle/ogg/dirdat/pt, extract pump_so RMTTRAIL added. GGSCI (badly9) 16> info all Program Status Group Lag at Chkpt Time Since Chkpt MANAGER RUNNING Extract running eora 00:00:00 Extract running PUMP_SO 00:00:00 Configure the target process: Because the target end uses oracle 10 Gb, an error is

Error notice:undefined offset: one

Error notice:undefined Offset:1 Include ("conn.php");if (isset ($_post[' text ')){$text =$_post[' text '];$t = Date (' Ymd ', Strtotime ("-$text Day")); }Else{$t = Date (' Ymd ', Strtotime ('-5 day ')); } Warehouse_mix.txt$HK _warehouse = Array ();foreach (Glob (' Download/hk_warehouse_mix*.txt ') as $hk _warehouse_fn) {if (substr ($HK _warehouse_fn, 8) > $t){$HK _warehouse[] = $HK _warehouse_fn;}}$JP _warehouse=array ();foreach (Glob (' Dow

Java Swing graphical interface

People who have learned Java should be very disgusted with the graphical interface of Java, especially in the short-lived Java people. If you want to drag with the mouse like other languages, you can use the Wondosbulider plugin. But it is not so convenient to use. Of course it's very happy for people who don't like to write code.However, it is not so troublesome to use code to implement the graphical interface of Java. Sum up is ~1. Define the panels, buttons, text, tags you need to use.2. Inst

Spoj Sublex K Boy string

Main topic:For a given string, find all of its different substrings in the row K small substringBuild the suffix automaton first, and then we can view the entire suffix automaton as a dag graph, then we'll sort the topology to get *b[n]A SC value is recorded for each node, indicating that the current node goes down to get the number of different stringsThen from the forward, each time to reach a node, the current node SC 1, and then each can go down the son node, the son of the SC added to the c

Two ways to implement the AOP implementation of the Spring series

Iusermanagerservice { //Find User public String finduser (); Add user public void AddUser ();}Business implementation:Package Com.spring.service.impl;import Com.spring.service.iusermanagerservice;public Class UserManagerServiceImpl Implements iusermanagerservice{ private String name; public void SetName (String name) { this.name=name; } Public String GetName () { return this.name; } Public String Finduser () { System.out.println

Zabbix Error Analysis

Zabbix Error AnalysisThe error message for zabbix error analysis is as follows: 3128: 20150429: 114455.871 history data from active proxy on "" failed: proxy "jinrong" not foundFind source code [Root @ monitor src] # grep "history data from active proxy" *-r | moreZabbix_server/trapper. c: zabbix_log (LOG_LEVEL_WARNING, "history data from active proxy on \" % s \ "failed: % s ", The result is trapper. c.Analyze trapper. c /***********************************************************

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