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Key technology of real-time video transmission--full analysis of H.

Wen/Xu Jianlin In the field of real-time multimedia, real-time visual and perceptual display will have more extensive development space, while the basic core technology for real-time video transmission is the coding standard of H. In this paper, the

How to compile ffmpeg in UBUNTU14 and build an Eclipse project __ffmpeg

For a person who studies video processing, if you haven't used ffmpeg, it basically means driving but not knowing what the engine is. However, ffmpeg compiler installation and use of the work is not a worry, almost every step will be a lack of

H.264 Analysis of QoS characteristics of video encoding transmission (II)

III. H. 264 of the video encoding layer error recovery [] In H.261, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, many error recovery tools have been well applied: different formats of image segmentation (slices and block groups), I-mode macro blocks, slices and image

H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 white paper translation (5) reconstruction filter

H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 white paper translation (5) reconstruction filter Recreate Filter   1. Introduction The Joint Video Working Group (JVT) is finalizing a new natural video image encoding (compression) standard. The new standard is referred to as

The block filter of H.

Block effect and its causeWhen we watch the video, in the scene of vigorous motion, we can often observe that the small squares appear in the image, and the small squares show discontinuous effect at the boundary (such as), this phenomenon is called

Video coding and decoding 4: Video Processing and coding standards

Chapter 4 Video Processing 1. Video Processing Operations on video image quality enhancement before and after video compression The subjective image quality output by the video codec system is not only related to the compression algorithm

[Reprint] use of FFMPEG

ArticleDirectory Use FFMPEG to convert Avi to 3GP command line parameters Reproduced from: Video Technology Forum China video network FFMPEG Engineering Group http://bbs.chinavideo.org/archiver? Fid-10.html Start with FFMPEG.

Part of H.264 paper records

Author: Wang qiwen, Huang dongjun At present, the research on intra-frame prediction has made many achievements, such as the Quick three-step method [1]. This algorithm uses the correlation of adjacent prediction directions to selectively calculate

Using FEC to improve UDP (RTP) audio and video transmission effects _ audio and video codec

Real-time audio and video domain UDP is the king In the Internet, audio and video real-time interaction using the Transport Layer Scheme has TCP (such as: RTMP) and UDP (such as: RTP) two kinds. The TCP protocol can provide a relatively reliable

Deep Learning (deep learning) Study Notes series (3)

9. Common models or methods of deep learning 9.1 autoencoder automatic Encoder One of the simplest ways of deep learning is to use the features of artificial neural networks. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) itself are hierarchical systems. If a

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