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The relationship of X-window/gnome/kde

Tag: Configure the LIS boot host to implement Port + + architecture Name Developers Development year License Language Description X-window MIT 1984 X-window is a

Linux Application Packaging

Label: Original Address: http://blog.solrex.cn/articles/packaging-1-src.html1. One of the application packaging Technologies (source code)I believe many friends have written their own small program for the convenience of doing something (like I

RPM Package Management Basics

Tags: RPM package Managementrpm Full name RPM Package Manager1.rpm query for packagesCommonly used are:Rpm-qa # Lists all the installed rpm PackageRpm-qi zsh # Enquiry zsh the specific informationrpm-qf/bin/ls# Enquiry /bin/ls which package was

What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK?

Label:What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK? A fact that is happening, Ubuntu is constantly qt!I've been complaining about the software Center,Today a look at the source code, unexpectedly have SOFTWARECENTER/UI/QML branch,Even though it's

Package Management: RPM

Tags: package management: RPMPackage Management: rpm/usr/share/man/ etc,/bin,/sbin,/lib, operation of the system itself to run and start the required path, these directories can not mount additional partitions must be on the root/usr/ operating

Linux Chapter Fifth installation and management procedures

Tags: Linux Liumingyuan operating systemLinux Chapter Fifth installation and management proceduresEnjoy Life Love the Challenge                  

Linux Package Management

Tags: Linux program source code open source software operating system software packageThe software management mechanisms commonly used under Linux systems are in the form of source code and the rpm (Redhat Package Manager) packet management

LINUX6 basic Commands

Tags: Model paging rest cal/tmp for load create commonShut down the system's Firewall: (1) Close iptables chkconfig iptables off(2) Close selinux:vim/etc/sysconfig/selinux Modify ' selinx=disabled ', save and exit.(3) Reboot system: Reboot or Init

Linux Software Management rpm

Tags: linux rpm1. OverviewFor a software installation to Linux, in general, you need to pay attention to some post-installation locations, such as executable binaries, configuration files, Help files, library files are stored separately, because

Linux BASIC Commands--rpm Package management tool

Tags: application management Tools version upgrade database package rpmWhat is RPM?RPM is a package format with a file extension of ". RPM", and its management mechanism was first suggested by Red Hat, and later as the version was upgraded to

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