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[Term] Another QPL open-source license from: LinuxAid)

Qpl, an open source code license This includes the following versions of this License for free version 2.0 of QT. This license is known as the Q Public License (or "qpl") and has passed open source code authentication. Therefore, it applies to those

Differences between various source code software licenses

Summary 1: Obligation to release-re-release the obtained original code2: Requirements for released source code-ensure that the source code is complete and can be obtained3: modification is allowed-deductive works can be generated based on the

Open-source protocols (Conversion and Collection)

Source: http://mixiaobo.cnblogs.com Indirect Source: http://www.juntuan.net Open source is already widely used in today's software industry, but does it mean that users canCodeWhat do you want? The answer is no. Open-source sports also have

Open-source Protocol [Reproduced] (2)

Open source protocol list License Approval process License information * Academic free license * Adaptive Public License * Apache Software License * Apache licensing, 2.0 * Apple public source license * Artistic license * Attribution assurance

GNU and Linux give GNU parsers a history lesson

Article title: GNU and Linux give GNU split members a history lesson. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

Linux Application Packaging

 Original Address: http://blog.solrex.cn/articles/packaging-1-src.html1. One of the application packaging Technologies (source code)I believe many friends have written their own small program for the convenience of doing something (like I wrote

RPM, a package management tool in Linux

RPM, a package management tool in Linux Lab environment: One CentOS release 6.6 (Final) IP Address: RPM is the abbreviation of Red Hat Package Manager. It is intended to manage Red Hat software packages. As the name suggests, it is

Rpm course details

Installation package: Rpm-I full name Delete: Rpm-e name (not the package name) Parameters: -IVH gets a detailed installation process-nodeps ignore dependency-Force installation-u package name: upgrade and install-F update -- replacepkgs will ignore

Linux Chapter Fifth installation and management procedures

Linux Chapter Fifth installation and management proceduresEnjoy Life Love the Challenge                                                                                                                                                                   

What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK?

What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK? A fact that is happening, Ubuntu is constantly qt!I've been complaining about the software Center,Today a look at the source code, unexpectedly have SOFTWARECENTER/UI/QML branch,Even though it's kinda ugly

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