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How to add online QQ chat/QQ group code in web page

This article to recommend two online QQ chat/QQ group code on the Web page users just click on can realize chat with us or directly add QQ group, you need to refer to friends. The first type of simplicity, look at the effect of i

C # Registration URL protocol, using a browser to open a local program, similar to the point on a Web page QQ chat open local QQ client program

: protocol name://such as: jun://hit Enter (many browsers can not directly input, to use a tag jump, ie can be directly input, the proposed use of IE test)Open the program from the browser has been implemented, then the parameters, how to pass the parameter, in fact, it is quite simple, then we take the Main method parameters (through args):Change the Main method to: Static voidMain (string[] args) { if(args. Length >0) {Console.WriteLine (args[0]); } Console.WriteLine ("Input: 1 Regi

Why not surf the web online but you can use QQ Chat _ Web surfing

The author of the school campus network through optical fiber Internet, with a wave NP50 do Internet Connection Sharing server, the server's network card IP address as a gateway to other computers. As a result of the recent virus killing, the electronic preparation room has several computers infected with the virus, Internet upgrade anti-virus software, anti-virus, found that the infection is the same virus. Antivirus finished, there has been a strange phenomenon, that is, the killing of these f

Two words jump QQ chat interface through the web way

NSString *qq=[nsstring stringWithFormat:@"Mqq://im/chat?chat_type=wpauin=%@version=1src_type=web",@"11027037153"]; Nsurl*URL2 =[Nsurl URLWITHSTRING:QQ]; if(![[UIApplication sharedapplication] canopenurl:url2]) {[[UIApplication sharedapplication] openurl:url2]; }Else{Uialertcontroller*alertcontroller = [Uialertcontroller alertcontrollerwithtitle:@"Tips"Message@

17. How to initiate QQ chat on Web page

1 QQ needs to be launched QQ online status http://shang.qq.com/v3/widget.html2.html CodeHTML> Head>Head> ahref= "Tencent://message/?uin=xxxxsite=menu=yes">imgBorder= "0"src= "http://wpa.qq.com/pa?p=2:2319267665:52"alt= "Click here to send me a message"title= "Click here to send me a message"/>a> HTML> Where UIn fill in the need to fill out the QQ tha

JavaScript-Want to do a similar to the QQ Web version chat function, how to achieve??

When making web chat tools, how do you usually use real-time message delivery? All I know: Ajax polling (all say wasted resources, bad ...) ) EventSource (support is not good, IE is not supported at all.) ) Websoket (not very well known ...) ) Moreover, Baidu after the search learned that in the browser does not support WebSocket case, incredibly there is a third-party library to achieve We

Web page automatically pop-up QQ customer Chat window code (no click)

In the afternoon opened a website, a few seconds after my local QQ window automatically pop-up, display and the other Site Customer Service Chat window. More shocking, I wondered how it was achieved. Finally found in the source code is as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code Because the code was encrypted, it failed to analyze its implementation principle. Try to

Tencent QQ can chat, but unable to open the solution of the Web page

Failure phenomenon: QQ and other communication software can be opened, unable to open the Web page. Reason Analysis: This problem is due to a DNS problem. Solution: First, reset the DNS method as follows: 1. Reset DNS, open start---attachment---run cmd as Administrator; 2. Reset DNS using the IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS command. Second, check IE proxy settings (general home Internet to cancel t

QQ online chat code and qq chat code

QQ online chat code and qq chat code Many commercial websites have a fixed or floating layer on the right to display the QQ online chat or consultation button. When a viewer clicks, a corresponding dialog box is displayed. There

QQ Chat record How to delete QQ Chat Record deletion method

The specific process is as follows Delete QQ chat record in computer 1. Login QQ, then click on a chat, we will see a chat record, and then click to enter, 2. Now Chat Record Management page We can see the

How to check QQ chat record how to restore deleted mobile phone QQ chat record skill? _ Security Related

In real life we have a lot of these stories, Mr. Liu once for such a tangle, was entangled in this matter he is difficult to work with normal heart, things are from the national day after the period of time began, his lover during the national day with some old classmates about to travel, After coming back for a period of time every time he never landed QQ chat, after he went out to work to see her online,

QQ can not open chat window QQ can not open chat window solution

As shown in the following figure.        Page content does not always show this, the general meaning is to tell you can not open the Chat window, you want to "initiate web chat." Before you can eliminate the reason, you must set up a temporary session first, which is required. There are two aspects to this cause: One, your

QQ Chat record in which folder QQ Chat record folder location share

QQ software users to the detailed interpretation of the sharing of QQ chat records in the location of the folder. Location sharing: Method One: Chat record folder is to save on the computer hard disk, as long as you know the chat record in which folder in the c

QQ Chat Room How to enter the QQ chat room approach

Users of QQ software to the detailed analysis to share the QQ chat room to enter the method. Method Sharing: Step 1: Login QQ. Step 2: At the bottom of the QQ Panel button midpoint "QQ Game" button. Step

Look at others how to check QQ Chat record more detailed query QQ chat record method? _ Security Related

Want to see or export each other's QQ chat record, need to use specialized hacker software? A lot of people will say it's necessary! In fact, it is not so, as long as the main file to change the QQ, we can not need its hacker software, also do not need to know the other's QQ password, you can login in the offline state

How to back up QQ chat record QQ Chat record backup

Specific methods 1. Login QQ and then we click the following figure "Settings" icon to enter 2. Then in the Setup Panel, we click on "message Management" as shown in the picture 3. Then we in QQ Chat record message manager has some chat record, select a you want to save the

QQ Chat record How to remove QQ Chat record Delete text tutorial

Users of QQ software to the detailed interpretation of the sharing of the QQ chat record deleted graphics and text tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Method One: System settings Delete 1, first login to their QQ account, and then click the window below the Open Message Manager button

Mobile phone QQ Group Anonymous chat function how to use? QQ group Anonymous Chat method

Mobile QQ group Anonymous chat How to use-open method: 1 guarantee to upgrade the QQ after we click on "Contact" to find the inside of the "group" and then open. 2 Then we find our own group, that is, the administrator, and then click on the upper right corner of the "head sign" 3 after entering the "management group" we just have to "allow anonymous

Implement QQ chat bubbles and QQ chat bubbles

Implement QQ chat bubbles and QQ chat bubblesToday, I used HTML/CSS to create a chat bubble similar to QQ. below is:Next, let's talk about the style settings in the key areas, and then paste the html and css Code (not much ).Step

QQ Chat Hall How to find people chatting in QQ chat Hall to talk about people skills

QQ Chat Hall How to find the people who talked? Language Chat Hall is from all over the country so we only add friends, otherwise we can not find the OH. Mobile phone QQ Chat Hall how to play? 1, in the mobile phone QQ i

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