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QT QString very full use (turn)

Label:QString, Qbytearray, and qvariant these three classes and containers have many similarities, and in some cases can be treated as special containers. Similarly, like containers, these classes use implicit sharing to optimize memory and speed.We'

Conversion between CString, QString, char* (including VC compilation switches)

Label:A const char* (LPCTSTR) pointer passed to unallocated memory.CString CStr (ASDD);CONST char* ch = (LPCTSTR) CStr;Ch points to the same address as the CStr. However, because the use of const guarantees that CH will not be modified, it is safe. 2

Uncommon usage of qstring

Label:QString Str ("Hello");QString str = "Hello";static const Qchar Data[4] = {0x0055, 0x006e, 0x10e3, 0x03a3};QString Str (data, 4);QString str;Str.resize (4);Str[0] = Qchar (' U ');STR[1] = Qchar (' n ');STR[2] = Qchar (0X10E3);STR[3] = Qchar (0X0

Qvector<qstring> shows the conversion of elements in a dynamic array with QString and char *

Tags: androidQvector class is a template class that provides a dynamic array. Qvector <T> It is a kind of common container class of QT. It stores each of its objects in contiguous memory and can use the index number to quickly access them.

QString and char array conversions

Tags: qstring charThe Qstring class and the char array are often encountered during QT development and are recorded here:qstring-"Char ArrayQString str= "12FFF"; Qbytearray ba=str.tolatin1 (); Char *c=ba.data ();Char array-"QStringChar c[]= "12FF";

Assign a value to the char[] array with qstring

Tags: assignment bcf ems EAL qstring call array char* printTree_data. Desc//desc is a char[80] type of dataQstring Newdescstr;strcpy (Tree_data. Desc,Newdescstr.tolocal8bit (). data ());Attention:. Tolocal8bit () in order to make qstring into

Mutual transformation and network data transmission between int, Byte, Qbytearray and Qstring in QT

Qhostaddress ServerIP;Serverip.setaddress (QString (""))//This is a method of assigning IP addresses artificially Qbytearray Array;Array.resize (2);array[0]=0x00;array[1]=0x04;BOOL OK;Char byte1=qstring ("a"). ToInt (&ok,16);Char byte2

Conversion between Qstring,qbytearray and Qbitarray

Label:1:qbitarray2qstring: can also be converted to integral type,Test program: Test output is the same as the displacement results;[CPP]View Plaincopyprint? Qbitarray x; int bit; bit = 10; X.resize (32); X.fill (FALSE);

Conversion of QString unsigned char*

Tags: stat signed str with make call COM ASCII useQString-Unsigned char*: QString str = "ABCD"; int length = Str.length (); unsigned char* sequence = NULL;sequence = (unsigned char*) qstrdup (Str.toascii (). Constdata ()); Delete[

"Refactoring – Improving the design of existing code" reading notes----Replace Array with Object

Label:If you have an array where the elements each represent different things, such as you have aQlist<qstring> strlist;Where Strlist[0] represents the player's name, Strlist[1] represents the home address of the contestant, it is obvious that

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