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Conversion of qstring cstring char

From: http://hi.baidu.com/koko200147/blog/item/7e3cad828c9b9bb66d8119cb.html Thanks to the original author! Qstring is Unicode. UTF16 in qt4. Qstring fromascii (const char * STR, int size =-1)Qstring fromlatin1 (const char * STR, int size

Conversion between qstring and char *

This article from: http://blog.csdn.net/lanmanck/archive/2009/07/05/4322656.aspxHow to convert qstring to char * or vice versa Note: The following method should be qt3.0. Some methods are similar. For more information, see qt4 Class

Conversion between CString, QString, char* (including VC compilation switches)

A const char* (LPCTSTR) pointer passed to unallocated memory.CString CStr (ASDD);CONST char* ch = (LPCTSTR) CStr;Ch points to the same address as the CStr. However, because the use of const guarantees that CH will not be modified, it is safe. 2.

Uncommon usage of qstring

QString Str ("Hello");QString str = "Hello";static const Qchar Data[4] = {0x0055, 0x006e, 0x10e3, 0x03a3};QString Str (data, 4);QString str;Str.resize (4);Str[0] = Qchar (' U ');STR[1] = Qchar (' n ');STR[2] = Qchar (0X10E3);STR[3] = Qchar

Convert qstring to char *

In QT, qstring is equivalent to STD: String in C ++, or C style string in C. However, qstring is related to encoding. It is quite troublesome to send a qstring at the lower layer. In particular, when the other side is not using QT, it must first be

Precautions for converting qstring to char *

I recently wrote a QT program. Convert qstring to char * pointer. As a result, a serious program crash error occurs. With a lot of help debugging, we found that when converting qstring to char *, we must define a qbatearray variable.Cannot be

Mutual transformation and network data transmission between int, Byte, Qbytearray and Qstring in QT

Qhostaddress ServerIP;Serverip.setaddress (QString (""))//This is a method of assigning IP addresses artificially Qbytearray Array;Array.resize (2);array[0]=0x00;array[1]=0x04;BOOL OK;Char byte1=qstring ("a"). ToInt (&ok,16);Char

Qvector<qstring> shows the conversion of elements in a dynamic array with QString and char *

Qvector class is a template class that provides a dynamic array. Qvector It is a kind of common container class of QT. It stores each of its objects in contiguous memory and can use the index number to quickly access them. Qlist, qlinkedlist, and

Qstring-> char *

In order to convert a qstring to a char *, then you first need to get a Latin1 representation of the string by calling tolatin1 () on it which will return a qbytearray. then call data () on the qbytearray to get a pointer to the data stored in the

Qt notes -- qstring

Tag: QT qstringThe standard C ++ provides two types of strings: a c-style character array ending with "\ 0" and a string-like string. The QT string qstring function is more powerful.The qstring class stores 16-bit Unicode values and provides

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