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Conversion of qstring cstring char

From: http://hi.baidu.com/koko200147/blog/item/7e3cad828c9b9bb66d8119cb.html Thanks to the original author! Qstring is Unicode. UTF16 in qt4. Qstring fromascii (const char * STR, int size =-1)Qstring fromlatin1 (const char * STR, int size

Use of the Qstring class (all-encompassing, extremely convenient)

The Qstring class of QT provides a convenient interface for string manipulation. Causes a character to fill a string, meaning that all characters in the string are replaced by the equal-length ch. Qstring::fill (Qchar ch, int size

Qstring and Chinese, qstring and std::wstring conversion (using fromstdwstring and U8 keywords)

QT Version: 5.5.1Qt's qstring is rich in functionality, and support for non-English languages is not a problem, but not directly supported. For example, like? 1 QString str("死亡使者赛维"); This is directly constructed with

Qt learning path (50): QString

This time I went home and had no time to write it. Today I found that my blog editor has a new version. Let's try the new editor function first! Today we are talking about QString. The reason why QString is taken out separately is that string is a

Conversion between qstring and char *

This article from: http://blog.csdn.net/lanmanck/archive/2009/07/05/4322656.aspxHow to convert qstring to char * or vice versa Note: The following method should be qt3.0. Some methods are similar. For more information, see qt4 Class

QT under qstring turn char*

Under QT, strings are used qstring, which is really convenient for developers. QT re-use of third-party open source libraries, because the type of library is basically a standard type, the number of strings encountered is the char* typeQT re-use of

Conversion between CString, QString, char* (including VC compilation switches)

A const char* (LPCTSTR) pointer passed to unallocated memory.CString CStr (ASDD);CONST char* ch = (LPCTSTR) CStr;Ch points to the same address as the CStr. However, because the use of const guarantees that CH will not be modified, it is safe. 2.

Conversion between qstring, Int, Char, and qbytearray in QT

  Http://blog.csdn.net/ymc0329/article/details/7284514     Convert int to qstringInt M = 1;Qstring B;B = qstring: Number (m) Convert qstring to intQstring A = "1111"Int B;B = A. toint () Char to qstringChar A = 'B ';Qstring STR;STR = qstring

Conversion between QString and numbers in Qt

Convert QString to double typeMethod 1: QString str = "123.45 ";Double val = str. toDouble (); /// val = 123.45 Method 2. Suitable for scientific notation form conversionBool OK;Double d;D = QString ("1234.56e-02"). toDouble (& OK); // OK = true; d;

Std: conversion between wstring and QString

Recently, I was working on a project where someone else's program was used, and the interface of this program gave std: wstring type, while processing the string, QString in QT is much more powerful than wstring, so the conversion between these two

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