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Qt creator series tutorials

Qt creator series tutorials In order to enable more QT beginners to get started with QT as soon as possible, and to make QT and QT creator more popular, we spent a lot of energy writing this series of tutorials. Although the knowledge of the

QT full Platform settings icon, full platform static compilation good

1. OverviewWhen we use QT to write a software, to share your program, it is impossible to copy the compiled directory to others to run. The compiled program should be a main program, add some resource files, add some dynamic link library, some of

About QT, you need to know these basics

QT was first developed by caused by parity, who was later acquired by Nokia and then bought by Digia. So some people would mistakenly think that Qt was born for the Symbian system, which is a product of backwardness. But many embedded software and

Porting QML applications to Qt 5

When porting qml-related code from QT 4.8 to QT 5, application developers should is aware that the QML infrastructure have Undergone considerable changes in Qt 5. The sections below describe these changes and the impact they has on your existing

Using QT or MFC? (Transfer)

I have used QT and MFC to develop software. I 'd like to share with you the differences I have experienced when using them. I am not a professional writer. This article may seem less organized than professional magazines and websites. However, I

Build the ARM development environment of QT creator under fedora9 and port qt4.6.3-books to mini2440

I have tried it many times in ubuntu10.10 and Red Hat Enterprise 6, and there are compilation errors! The final change is to miniora 9 in the mini2440 user manual, which indicates that the establishment of the development environment is related to

What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK?

What makes Ubuntu choose Qt instead of GTK? A fact that is happening, Ubuntu is constantly qt!I've been complaining about the software Center,Today a look at the source code, unexpectedly have SOFTWARECENTER/UI/QML branch,Even though it's kinda ugly

Qt vs MFC (war between QT and MFC)

Qt vs MFC (war between QT and MFC)Classification: Other articles qt mfc 428 people read comments (0) collect reportsI can see it on the Internet and discuss it with you. All Blue text are reprintedI have used QT and MFC to develop software. I 'd

Qt vs MFC

I can see it on the Internet and discuss it with you. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of QT and MFC are not listed one by one. The fact that I used QT before using MFC may affect my objectivity. (MFC is highly efficient, but a

QT Version Music player

QT Version Music playerReprint please indicate the source: Muni column http://blog.csdn.net/u012027907first, about QT1.1 What is QTQT is a cross-platform application and UI development framework. Using QT is a one-time development of applications

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