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[QT Configuration Guide-5] QT 5.4.2 Configure Options---qt for embeded Linux embedded Linux__linux

If there is a mistake, please criticize ... Qt for embeded Linux Here, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/embedded-linux.html.QT no longer contains its own windowing system (QWS) implementation since the release of QT 5.0. For single process use cases,

Embedded Linux QT Development (ii)--QT development environment Construction

embedded linux qt Development (ii)--qt Development environment Construction First,Windows system QT development environment Building Operating System: Windows 7QT creator:qt-creator-win-opensource-2.4.1QT Sdk:qt-win-opensource-4.7.4-mingw1. Installing

Qt embedded and common GUI systems in Embedded Linux

Due to hardware restrictions in embedded systems, the huge and bloated X Windows in Embedded Linux systems are not suitable. We need a high-performance, lightweight GUI system. Generally, the GUI suitable for Embedded Linux systems has the following features: 2. It is small

Embedded Linux QT Development (iv)--QT creator project Management

embedded linux qt Development (iv)--qt Creator project Management First,QT Creator project Management Qt Creator manages the source code in the form of a project, and a QT project conta

Linux Software Installation using (9) Qt embedded installation (embedded GUI experimental environment) __linux

QT /embedded 2.3.10 (or higher, but always a 2.3 version) QT 2.3.2 for X11 (for emulated desktop) development E 1.13 (or higher) Tmake version 1.13 or higher; (makefile file for generating qt/embedded application engineering)Qt

Build and port the embedded development environment of QT 4.6.0 in Linux from the blog of Zixia

Qt: qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.6.0.tar.gzEmbed platform: 2440Arm-Linux-GCC: 4.1.2, download (when I use 4.3.2 and 4.4.1, there is a segment error during porting. I put it in:/Usr/local/ARM/4.1.2/.) Convert QT-Everywhere-Decompress the opensource-src-4.6.0.tar.gz package in three copies to compile PC,

Design of touch screen Driver Based on QT/embeded in Embedded Linux

Summary: This article mainly introduces the design of the touch screen Driver Based on QT/embeded in the embedded Linux system, and introduces the working principle and mechanism of the driver interface of the Linux device and the QT/emb

Transplantation of qt-embedded-linux-opensource-src-4.5.2 touch screen edition based on MIPS

Reprinted please describe the link to this article 1.download qt-embedded-linux-opensource-src-4.5.2.tar.bz2 : Http://get.qtsoftware.com/qt/source/ Qt-embedded-linux-opensource-src-4.5

Methods for installing tslib-1.4 and qt-embedded-linux-opensource-src-4.5.3

My development environment is VMware and fedora14. Recently, the environment for configuring QTE needs to compile tslib and QTE. A lot of problems have been encountered in the middle, and it was finally completed after a day of preparation. I use a tslib-1.4 and my cross-compilation tool is arm-None-Linux-gnueabi (note that this is not commonly used arm-Linux-GCC ). So the methods are different. I wil

PinYin Input Method for Qt keyboard input in Embedded Linux

"); } That is to say, you can get ev_key.code without stopping reading. I didn't realize the ability of the input structure before. In fact, the USB keyboard also uses the input structure. Do applications need to keep reading it? Obviously, this is impossible! Later, in actual use, it is found that as long as you press the button, some characters will appear in the text box. That is to say, some numbers I have defined correspond to numbers recognized by computers. That is, you do not need to

Embedded Linux QT Development (iii)--gui principle analysis

embedded linux QT Development (III.)--GUI principle Analysis First,command-line programscommand-line programs are process-oriented programming.Features of the command-line program:A. Execution based on sequential structureB, the program execution process does not need to interact with the userC, program execution end gives the final running resultCommand-line App

Misp version of embedded QT compilation appears MIPS-LINUX-GCC command not found

There's nothing wrong with configure.My configure is:./configure-prefix/opt/qt-jz-xplatform qws/linux-mips-g++-embedded MIPSConfigure passed, but when make, there was mips-linux-gcc:commond not fount!I'm MIPSL-LINUX-GCC, and I've cross-compiled a Hello world.The errors that

Environment Variables of QT in Embedded Linux

1.Pointercal_file:Specifies a file that contains data for the calibration pointer device. You can view qwscalibratedmousehandlerAnd QT for Embedded Linux pointer handling.2. qt_onscreen_paint: If this option is defined, the application will present its components directly on the screen. The affected area of the screen will not be modified by the screen driver, un

Using embedded QT under Linux

Steps1 Compiling and installing arm-qte-4.8.5 under Linux2 Modify the configuration file, set the path of the QTEVim/etc/profileExport Qtdir= 's own QT installation directoryExport path= $QTDIR/bin: $PATHExport ld_library_path= $QTDIR/lib: $LD _library_pathVim/etc/bashrcDitto3 Create a QT project in Qt-creater, copy to Linux

Implementation of QT standard keyboard input in Embedded Linux

Author: Liu Hongtao,Hua Qing vision embedded college lecturer. When running QTE on an embedded platform, the keyboard is usually not a standard keyboard, but a general button for external expansion of the embedded device. There are two methods to implement the QTE keyboard input: (1) Write a general key driver, then open up a

The Chinese display of Qt under embedded Linux

In general, the embedded QT interface needs to be displayed in Chinese, and the following summarizes the possible methods used in the project1, download a simplified Chinese character, for example, I use the "square quasi-circle", the font file placed in the ARM Development Board system of the QT font, that is, under the/usr/lib/fonts2, add the environment variab

Build an embedded QT Development Environment 1 (it seems good !!! Blog is also quite good !!)

++ application development framework. It contains a class library and a tool for cross-platform development and internationalization. Qt APIs are the same on all supported platforms, and QT tools are used in the same way on these platforms. Therefore, the development and deployment of QT applications are irrelevant to the platform. 2. What is qtopia? Qtopia is a

Turn: Qt Embedded development environment Construction

Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/lishixian/articles/3013897.html lsx_007Here is the main record of their own embedded development environment to read some of the valuable reference documents, the document is mainly from the network, because it is downloaded from the library, so do not know where the document? Because the personal feel that the summary is better, I take it for the record, of course, on this basis will also add my own understanding! This

Build an embedded QT Development Environment

same way on these platforms,Therefore, the development and deployment of QT applications are not related to the platform. 2. What is qtopia? QtopiaIs a comprehensive application development platform for Embedded Linux. It is also used for Linux-based PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), smart phone (smartphone), and othe

Install and use the embedded tool QT

QT is a product of trolltech. Trolltech is a Norwegian software company that mainly develops two types of products: a cross-platform application interface framework and an application platform for Embedded Linux development, can be applied to PDA and various mobile devices. QT and qtopia are two representative examples

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