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QT Mini game development: Minesweeper

Go ahead and write a little QT game ~PreviewStepsThe whole code structure, the game logic class and the game interface class separate, adopt the idea of MVC. 1 defining game data StructuresThe game map is actually a two-dimensiona

Qt + OpenGL game development materials

Qt + OpenGL game development materials Beginning in December 29, 2012, I finally ushered in the last winter vacation of the University. This winter vacation is really long. There are nearly four months in total. During this period, the school asked us to create a graduation project and write a preliminary paper. Graduation Design is still good, because I have don

Solutions to some problems when using Qt for game development (1)

From: http://blog.csdn.net/wsrlyk/article/details/5631573 Qt is a good library. Therefore, in some cases, you can build programs and game frameworks based on Qt. The following describes the problems and solutions of Qt as a game framework. (1) buttons Reload the keyPressE

Chess game development, network game development, game development small expert, game app development, entrepreneurship project

promising career. Today as a veteran chess game developers will be a broad have the desire to engage in chess game operation of novice operators to share a little experience.Network chess game development The innovative ideas of the company should be can be used to support. Because chess

[Qt] shortcut key summary in mobile development tool Qt, development tool qt

[Qt] shortcut key summary in mobile development tool Qt, development tool qt[Qt] Summary of shortcut keys in mobile development tool Qt

Qt Quick implements the crazy arithmetic game

wrong, the game is over, you can see the figure below.At the end of the game show the current correct number of questions, history of the best results. Below the interface is a two button, click "Again" can replay, click "Exit" to end the entire game. The end of the game interface, using the Spring Animation (sprintga

Build and port the embedded QT development environment to the Development Board -- QT learning notes

After many days of QT transplantation, we finally got it out today. Record the learning process, but it makes me sad. Let's talk about the QT source code package. I was very confused when I first installed QT, And I had X11, embedded, and everywhere. Now I understand that X11 can be installed to develop applications running on a PC, and some

Mac Book Pro macOS10.13.3 installs Qt, QT creator C + + development environment, qt5.11.1, and resolves CMake build: qt mac This file was not part of any project the code

Because the previous use of Ubuntu under the Qtcreator development, now want to install a system on Mac, because it has not been installed, or spent a little time, rather than write a blog, the next time installed faster. With QT development under Mac OS X, QT libraries and compilers need to be configured. The compiler

Embedded Linux QT Development (ii)--QT development environment Construction

embedded linux qt Development (ii)--qt Development environment Construction First,Windows system QT development environment Building Operating System: Windows 7QT creator:qt-creator-win-opensource-2.4.1QT Sdk:qt-win-opensource-4.7

Qt-qml mobile development-Overview of app development and deployment process on ios, qt-qmlios

mini-game "do not step on the white block" as an example. The project code is as follows: The UI logic is mainly implemented in qml. Some business logic is processed in the C ++ code. Here, the business logic is also very simple, and you don't even need to process it in C ++, however, in order to pass the entire process, C ++ and qml communication processes and mutual calls are required. For details, refer: Http://www.seanyxie.com/qmland c, uiand b

[Android game development 22nd] (graphic details) Flexible animation playback in the game! Briefly describe the development of the game library and android game of j2_m2!

Li huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link: http://www.himigame.com/android-game/361.html Due to writing a book, blog posts are updated slowly and we are considerate. Today, we will give a detailed explanation of the problem of animation implementation in the group; This chapter is suitable for those who have not developed games! When learning about game

QT Indie Game II as "10th exorcism" released

QT Indie Game II as "10th exorcism" released2015 is coming, according to my release schedule, today I solemnly announce to you, my QT Indie game II as the "10th Drive Ghost" finally released!As in the last indie game, by this time I was always laughing and feeling. This expe

Configuration and development environment of Qt memoirs and Development of qt memoirs

Configuration and development environment of Qt memoirs and Development of qt memoirs It has been more than a year of development with Qt. The most common GUI development in Windows is

Chapter 1 build the Qt development environment, Chapter 1 build the qt Development

Chapter 1 build the Qt development environment, Chapter 1 build the qt Development Chapter 1 build a Qt Development Environment 1.Ftp://ftp.qt-project.org/Download the source code package of Q

Unity3D game development from & quot; resurrection & quot; and & quot; pause/restore & quot; about game data configuration management, unity3d Game Development

Unity3D game development-from "Resurrection" and "Pause/restore"-about game data configuration management and unity3d Game Development With the continuous development of game productio

Introduction to QT and how to configure QT using VS2010 for development __QT Learning

Introduction to QT and how to configure QT using VS2010 for development Qt is a god horse thing. qt– a cross-platform application and UI development framework It includes Cross-platform class libraries, integrated

Silverlight music game expert game development (2) demo demosilverlight music game expert game development (1)

Silverlight music game expert game development (2) demo Following the previous releaseSilverlight music game expert game development (1) Work is not very busy! I want to develop and play this

3D Battle Network Game C + + framework based on C/s architecture _03 Client detail design with OpenGL, QT Basics

This series of blog mainly on the background of the game to introduce 3D PvP Network game Common Development technology and C + + advanced programming skills, with this knowledge, you can develop small and medium-sized game projects or 3D industrial simulation projects.The author will be divided into the following thre

Ubunntu 12.04 installs Qt 4.5.3 (build for QT 4.5.3 development environment) __ubuntu12.04

windows: Refer to the following documentationhttp://download.csdn.net/detail/trustguan/4943897 ex-continued The following is the establishment of QT development platform, my platform is Ubuntu 12.04, the need for the QT version of two (started online, Tmake, but later from 3.0 Qt since bring the Make tool, there is

Unity3d Shooting game-unity3d software development, game development, Unity3d game development

Unity3d Shooting game-unity3d software development, game development, Unity3d game developmentShanghai Gentlemen Information Technology Co., Ltd. is based on Oculus, unity, virtual reality as the core business of private high-tech enterprises, adhere to lean research and

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