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Cross-platform Gui-install and configure QT windows Development Environment (eclipse CDT + mingw + QT)

started. 3. Download and install eclipse Currently, eclipse + CDT can be integrated and downloaded. It seems that it has been optimized, and the speed is still relatively fast. The download address is http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/. select export Eclipse IDE for C/C ++ developers. 4. Integrate QT and mingw into eclipse.Download Eclipse plug-in address: http://trolltech.com/developer/downloads/qt/eclip

Why Does QT used Moc for signals and Slots (QT official explanation: GUI can be dynamic)

with templates. For example, we can have object properties. And we can have overloaded signals and slots, which feels natural when programming in a language where overloads is a key Concept. Our signals add zero bytes to the size of a class instance, which means we can add new signals without breaking binary com Patibility.Another benefit is so we can explore an object ' s signals and slots at runtime. We can establish connections using Type-safe call-by-name, without have to know the exact typ

The GUI scheme of the Go language, which can be bound to Qt and QML, also has the gxui of writing from scratch

of the mobile GUI. The following answers come from my blog: GUI programming Using Go; I want to collect and summarize some information.The go language has an interesting topic of how to write GUI programs in the Go language. Because go standard packages is not used to write GUI program, so many people ask, can have a

Embedded Linux QT Development (iii)--gui principle analysis

embedded linux QT Development (III.)--GUI principle Analysis First,command-line programscommand-line programs are process-oriented programming.Features of the command-line program:A. Execution based on sequential structureB, the program execution process does not need to interact with the userC, program execution end gives the final running resultCommand-line Application occasions:A, single-task occasionsB,

Qt to keep the GUI responsive

BrieflyQter often encounter problems with GUI blocking due to time-consuming operations. In fact, this problem is not difficult to overcome, can be used in many different ways, below I will list some of the optional range, according to the use of processing. Briefly Perform time-consuming operations Manual Event handling Use a worker thread Wait for local event loop To solve the problem gradually Parallel programming

C + + Gui QT4 Programming Learning Road (1)--QT Environment construction

PrefaceBecause the company needs to do a Linux under the development of QT, coupled with direct contact with some QT, then began to cramming.Previously useful Qt wrote a 2048 game, about 3 April, that will be 2048 positive fire, think of oneself in the computer also did a ~ then silently wrote a, the interface is ugly, but perfectly formed ~ next time thinking an

Use Qt and KDevelopDesigner to develop a Linux Gui

Int main (int argc, char * argv []) { QApplication app (argc, argv ); QLabel * label = new QLabel ("Hello worl! ", 0 ); App. setMainWidget (label ); Label-> show (); Return app.exe c (); } [Root @ localhost feifei] # Example 3: Compile and run KDevelop: KDE/C ++: 1. Open Qt3 Designer 2, File ---> New ---> C ++ project, save to/root/qt2 3. File ---> New ---> C ++ Main File (main. cpp). Save the File according to th

QT GUI Summary

an icon to the QT project generated executable file1. Find an ICO file, which is the appropriate name. such as Exeicon.ico.2. Manually create a corresponding RC file. such as exeicon.rc:Idi_icon1 ICON discardable "Exeicon.ico"3. Put the above two files in the current directory and add the hdssmap.rc to the project. Regenerate.Add an icon to the Qt formIn the main function:Qapplication A (argc, argv);A.setw

Qt embedded and common GUI systems in Embedded Linux

Due to hardware restrictions in embedded systems, the huge and bloated X Windows in Embedded Linux systems are not suitable. We need a high-performance, lightweight GUI system. Generally, the GUI suitable for Embedded Linux systems has the following features: 2. It is small in size and occupies less flash and ram. When installing the GUI system, you should be abl

QT GUI @ Create a new project

Development environment:Qt 4.5Qt Creator 1.3.0New Project Creation steps:1. Click Run QT Creator to enter the Welcome page. Select "File", "New file or Project ...";2. In the pop-up window select "Qt4 Gui Application", click OK, next;3. Select the path to save the project and define your own project name (the path does not have Chinese and white space), the next step;4. The "Select Required modules" interfa

The Qt platform keeps the GUI in a smooth response

How to keep the GUI in the Qt platform in a smooth response? Generally time-consuming operations are divided into compute-intensive operations and IO-intensive operations to improve response times for these two types of operations.And from the operational nature, the operation can be divided into non-decomposition operations, such as in the third-party library time-consuming operations, as well as the decom

Gui Main Loop Design and Its Implementation in MiniGUI, GTK, and QT

implemented through the wake_up_pipe pipeline. When mainloop is in poll, it will wait for the wake_up_pipe pipeline in addition to all the sources. To wake up poll, call g_main_context_wakeup_unlocked to write the letter A to the wake_up_pipe. Main cycle of QT Qt uses the select-based main loop. The main loop uses the select function to listen to event sources. when an event occurs, it is processed. If no

How to ensure smooth GUI response (QT platform)

Introduction Generally, operations that take a long time are divided into computing-intensive operations and IO-intensive operations. How can these two types of operations increase the response speed? In essence, operations can be divided into non-decomposed operations, such as operations that take a long time in a third-party library and operations that can be decomposed, among them, decomposed operations can be subdivided into serial operations and parallel operations. How can we improve the r

"Golang-gui development" QT Signal and Slots (ii)

. Use of Slots As mentioned earlier, to use slots, you have to connect to it first, which is one of the important differences with QT: //Init initialization object, automatically called by Newhexspinbox func (H *hexspinbox) init () {h.setrange (0, 255)//We validate the input with regular, guaranteed only 16 input System digital RegExp: = Core. NEWQREGEXP2 ("[0-9a-fa-f]{1,8}", Core. Qt__casesensitive, Core. QREGEXP__REGEXP) H.validator =

Three __linux of security programming using QCA in C + + GUI qt

longer introduced, it is the basic programming of some QT GUI), as shown in the following figure: (Figure IV) The program displays a main form and a OK button, and clicking the OK button displays the encrypted string in the text box (clear: "Hello world!" ), as shown in the following illustration: (Figure V) At this point, our application development is complete, overall QCA development is not very diffi

Implementation of GUI development on QT

1. Directory Using ODBC Excel files (xls) from input data Gui entry-level design Qfile usage in QT Solve Chinese garbled characters in QT 2. Use ODBC Excel files (xls) from input data Main website reference: http://blog.csdn.net/u010780613/article/details/51151448 Main Code:Qstring STR; STR = qstring: fromlocal8bit ("select an Ex

"QT" C + + GUI QT4 Learning Note 1

(textChanged (ConstQString )), This, SLOT (Enablefindbutton (ConstQString ))); Connect (Findbutton, SIGNAL (clicked ()), This, SLOT (findclicked ())); Connect (CloseButton, SIGNAL (clicked ()), This, SLOT (Close ())); Qhboxlayout* Topleftlayout =Newqhboxlayout; Topleftlayout-addwidget (label); Topleftlayout-AddWidget (LineEdit); Qvboxlayout* Leftlayout =Newqvboxlayout; Leftlayout-addlayout (topleftlayout); Leftlayout-AddWidget (Casecheckbox); Leftlayout-AddWidget (Backwardcheckbox);

Qt 5.3 under OpenCV 2.4.11 Development (3) Simple GUI project

Create a new GUI project, QT4 for Qt4 GUI application,qt5 for Qt Widgets application, base class Select QmainwindowProject implementation features: Two buttons, one for selecting a picture in a folder and previewing a picture, a button to invert the picture. The project code is as follows:. Pro code snippet, the code for adding OpenCV header files and library fun

Show console after running non-GUI-QT program (easy to use)

~ ~ ~ My life, my little drops!!There are times when we add a good debug message to the program to make it easier for the program to print out some of the information we need during the run or to use it to display some of the necessary information.Then console is too important, once I always thought GUI program can not console parallel, later search is can, although can only display information, but that is enough,Since I'm using

C + + GUI QT4 programming ( -1.1hello) Qt

1. According to C + + GUI QT4 Programming (second edition) finishing2. System: CENTOS7; QT version: 5.5.13. Procedure: Hello.cpp#include 4. Qmake using aliases: $ alias qmake= "/opt/qt/qt5.5.1/5.5/gcc_64/bin/qmake"5. Build platform-Independent project files: $ qmake-project6. Generate platform-related makefile files: $ qmake 1.1.pro7. Build the program to generat

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